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3 years ago, I built a wild scavenger hunt date for my reddit Secret Santa Giftee and created a business! Now I travel around the world building intricate scavenger hunts for clients! I’m the Architect! I'm back for another AMA!

Hey There!

A few years ago I founded Constructed Adventures after a scavenger/treasure hunt i built for my secret Santa hit the front page of reddit. Now I travel the world building seemingly serendipitous days, marriage proposals, and occasionally large group treasure hunts!


I'm back again to chat about starting a business or give tips to plan a wild day for a loved one (Just in time for all the people who might want to put together a valentine's day scavenger hunt for someone).

Here were the secret santa days:





Here are my shameless plugs:

If anyone lives in southern California and wants to come out for my big birthday adventure, sign up for the Grand Hunt 3! It's a big bar crawl treasure hunt thats a fundraiser for my favorite non profit! Outdoor Outreach!

If you check my instagram ama proof, there is an encoded message written in blacklight on the back of Declaration of Independence. Decode the message and solve the riddle. The answer is a promo code that will get you $10

If you ever want to to help me run an adventure (and get paid doing it) fill out this form! Whenever I travel to a new city, I check here first!

Finally, I created a subreddit r/constructedadventures. It’s a work in progress, but the goal is to create a community of people who are helping each other create memorable days. Want to kidnap a buddy for his bachelor party? Trying to figure out a memorable proposal? Come here! I can guarantee you I'm not the most creative person in reddit, I'm just lucky enough to make a business out of it. So subscribe if you'd like to share ideas or just need help!

Need any help and ideas past this thread, I have a blog which i do a mediocre job updating!

EDIT:I made a bingo card/drinking game based on common questions!

EDIT 2: Boom. Bingo card complete

Also, while i have you here, can any one tweet at Ellen? I really want to get on her show. It's literally a bucket list item of mine and i feel like her interns troll reddit.

FINAL EDIT: Ok guys! It's been a fun 12 and a half hours. I'm going to go log off and stare at the wall for a few hours. I'm literally always on reddit so don't ever hesitate to question, here or PM me. I'll always try to respond!

I'll do another one Next Year

This is me right now


-The Architect

January 24th 2019
interview date

What's the average cost to the consumer for one of your adventures if it's within the United States?


I was waiting for this one!

I charge a flat rate for myself that increases as I get better and book out. Right now it’s $2,100. Then the other costs are whatever it takes! Most people approach me with a budget. The average budget is around $5,000. The minimum I can usually manage is $4,000 unless it’s in San Diego and/or the client has ways to make things cheaper (often times, they might have hotel and flight points or have a spare car for me to use).

I like to stay HYPER transparent with costs. If someone’s budget is 5K and it ends up costing $4169.69 (heh), I charge them 4169.69(heh).

I always hate just giving flat numbers since there is so much conversation involved. Some people want more money to go to a limo while others want a nice dinner while others want something more grandiose that need a TON of hired help!

As far as the upcoming booked adventures, I’m working with budgets from $4,000 up to around $15,000. Regardless of the budget, I make the same amount


In your last gift things went wrong a bit (weather and what not). When you do these professionally do you have back up plans for things as they go awry?

Has anyone involved as a helper in one of these things every really messed things up?


OOOO GREAT question!

Yes, I made two grave mistakes in the last secret santa:

  1. I didn't realize that there were three different trails with the same name (seriously, why couldn't they think of more names?)
  2. I didn't have my giftee's phone number, nor did i encourage her to text me immediately. They went quite far before going all the way back to their car to get the page with my number. For the professional adventures, since someone hires me, I always have a communication mode if needed.

I've never had any help completely mess up, but a buddy of mine who helped early on just ALWAYS seemed to have strangers mess with the envelopes he'd drop.

Knock on wood, I'm still batting 1.000!

EDIT: To delve a little bit further, I use the reddit secret santas to test out gambits that might be risky. This was my first way to test out sending someone into nature. with every adventure, I always build out contingencies in case something isn't going how I expected!


You’re making my Parks and Rec scavenger hunt dreams come to life! I absolutely love scavenger hunts, and was wondering, how do you determine how difficult/challenging the puzzles are? Is it via the interview process or do you have people you run it by to test it out beforehand?



I love them too!

One of the first parts in the process is to send a pretty in depth survey to the client.

After that we have at least one more call before I'll even send a contract. It does take some time to figure out exactly what kind of day the player would want. Sometimes I'll get a client who wants me to build a "heist themed birthday surprise" for his wife. Turns out she'd probably rather have limos, brunch, and pampering with friends. He's the one who wants the heist adventure!


I'm guessing these adventures extend out into public space.

Ever run into interesting liability problems or have to shut down a good idea due to legal greyness?


oh for SURE!

every adventure is a bit of a liability in some form or another. I go to great lengths to mitigate risk and contain things.

I've never had to shut down an idea or gambit mid adventure, but I did have to wait for a better opportunity.

For example: I've been wanting to have someone snorkel/freedive in the ocean for a chest, but that's pretty risky. I live in san diego but i never got a good time/player. I finally got an adventure in Kauai, HI and found the perfect little spot!

I hired someone who was CPR/first aid certified to sit on a surfboard near the chest and intervene if it was necessary. Luckily everything went great!


Whats your favorite hunt or clue that you've created so far?


Love this!

My favorite clue was using semaphore flags to match hands on a clock (Look at the most recent secret santa) I thought i was original but it turns out it had been done before!

As far as recurring gambits, I LOVE using statues. Specifically if they're looking in a certain direction. I feel like thats such a cool experience!

I just did a big adventure in Kauai, Hawaii and it was AMAZING! The adventure basically built itself!

It was a large team game where groups had to hit certain checkpoints around the island. Once they found the checkpoint, they had to complete a challenge.

Land challenge involved one member hiking up beachside cliffs with a compass and walkie talkie while their team gave them directions

Water challenger involved snorkling and diving down for a chest,

Air challenge involved a zipline

Culture involved learning to play the ukulele!

once they completed all four challenges, they got the map to the finish line and treasure chest!

EDIT: I'm adding another to blow my own horn. I had a woman looking for her family on her anniversary (She woke up and they were gone). She walked outside and there was a black porche waiting for her. she ended up going to a helipad where a chopper took her to a wild animal park and an otter came out with a clue!


Hi!!! I've always wondered, where your inspiration for themes comes from? Also, how long had you been planning scavenger hunt prior to the big Reddit gifts hunt that got you so well known?



Some inspiration comes from location! I'll travel to a cool place and find an awesome bar or park or landmark that i just HAVE to use.

Other times I just think of a cool gambit or puzzle or fun way to propel my player forward.

Mainly, i just think "what would cause me to lose my mind if someone did this for me as a gift?" And then I try to pull it off

Before the first reddit secret santa, I really hadn't done anything like this! It's wild how quickly it all began and now three years later, I feel like I'm getting pretty good at it!


How do you convince clients that this is legit and not secretly an elaborate jigsaw-esque serial killer ruse?


BINGO - Take a drink.

It's not as hard as you might think. when it comes to hiring, I've got a good reputation so that's not the issue.

Regarding the actual participant who get's surprised, I have a LOT of conversation with whoever hires me. The goal is to make sure the day is fun and exciting, not terrifying.

I work to make sure when they get intercepted, there is something in place to put them at ease a bit.

for example: say they get intercepted in a grocery store. Someone will hand them a wax sealed envelpe with their name handlettered on it. That alone is more exciting than scary (as opposed to having it scribbled).

Usually my agent will say something to the effect of "____________, happy birthday! I've been instructed to give you this! Have fun!"

And then they walk off.

The initial instructions will say something like "Your day is going a little differently, you need to get in the limo that's pulling up outside. Don't worry about your car, we'll move it for you. You can ask your husband john about this but he'll just play coy"

Then she texts john and he responds with a winky emoji or something.

Hope that answers the question!

EDIT: I really suck at formatting


How much money are you making from this new business?

Obviously I'm not asking what your EXACT pay is, and if you'd prefer to message me your answer instead of reply, that's fine.

You DID say Ask you ANYTHING!

I just want to know how well you're doing with this awesome new business you've created!

I'm about to drop my first video game for PC, Android, and iOS, so I'm also starting a new company! (I'm not asking to compare... two totally different worlds! I'm just asking out of pure curiosity!)

Also, your new found job makes me think of this line from Westworld! "A RELENTLESS... FUCKING... EXPERIENCE!" =)


No worries! I'm an open book.

I quit my job and put everything in storage back in October 2017. Still crunching numbers on all of 2018 but it looks like my profit before taxes was mayyyyybe 20K. Not a ton, but REALLY great for a first year in business.

Looking at 2019, im hoping to get up to 40-50.

That being said, not having a home REALLY keeps costs down.

How's your business going?

EDIT: I don't know why I add spaces between every line....


My wife and I are opening up a VR arcade in Tahiti in a few months and a constructed adventure could be a fun way to get the marketing out there.

I would assume you are a pretty busy guy - especially after an AMA. How much of a heads up would you want before getting started on a new project?


At this moment, I'm getting close to being completely booked out through August 2019.

Also, I want to go to Tahiti very badly. Reach out through my site! I would LOVE if nothing else, then to chat about a VR arcade in tahiti!

That's such an awesome thing you're doing and I wish you the best!


Do you think your business is eventually just going to turn into Consumer Recreation Services from The Game?



well kinda. I oftentimes tell people that my business is like" The Game", scaled back, not creepy.

As i find clients with bigger budgets, it allows me to try bigger things ( i sent a woman on a private helicopter to a wild animal park where an otter came out with a clue.)

I did have one client mention "The Game". He arrived to the office one day with this waiting for him


Would you rather have penises for fingers or vaginas for ears?


asking the real questions. God i hope this makes it to the top.

Penis fingers for sure.

If i needed to, i could just wear gloves, pictures still look the same. Plus it could be practical if this desn't work out and i start a life in porn


What is your inspiration for finding riddles to use? Any websites or trainings to match them with your plans?


basic inspiration is just trying to figure out awesome things!

As far as puzzles, here's your jam:

the puzzlecache community (geocashing) does some REALLY cool stuff! My bible is This book.

I also love going to escape rooms to get ideas and I'm pretty plugged into the immersive community now. It's an extremely supportive group of professionals.

Also, if you have an iphone, there is an app called "Sidekick" That is great for decoding (and encoding) messages.

Hope that helps!!


Does the size of the treasure chest say anything about the size of the adventure? 😉 -adventurer #45


oh man, you ROCKED that kayak part.

I loved putting on your adventure!

And it's not the size of the chest, it's where you hide it.

Edit - Bingo. Take a drink


What advice would you want to give to inspiring business owners ?


Just. Start.

It's really easy to get up your own butt with "I need an LLC first, I'll get my first client after i trademark and get insurance and get a business account."

Just start trying to get customers. I got super lucky in the beginning, but for my first 10 adventures, i basically made no profit. it was all just to get better and get testimonials.

as you continue, the important things will present themselves (You'll definitely need to get business insurance and a trademark at some point in time)


Do you already film any part of the process?

Have you considered asking people to record their adventures, do some filming of your own of pre-production stuff, and then paying someone to edit it together for an additional cost to your customers?

I think you could maybe pitch this initially as a discount if people send you footage of their adventure and then use it as promotional material. Once you get the process down, start selling it as an add-on (Like when you pay for your picture on the roller coaster). You keep the rights to the footage, and you can make commercials for yourself and use them to pitch the concept as a vehicle for television.

Edit: Clarified my intent



Yes I do try to film as much as possible. I never like to make any promises because sometimes video doesn't come out. ( one of my gopros is currently sitting in the pacific ocean somewhere)

I like to keep my pricing super simple already and just have an understanding that we'll all try to get as much footage as possible and everyone can keep it.

I do occasionally work with very private clients who do not want anything filmed.

Past that, I'm lucky that I'm already booked out pretty far!I don't need a bunch of footage so I just get what I can@

I hope that answer makes sense!

EDIT: formatting


What is your favorite pen and paper combo for clues?


such a cool question!

I mainly use Faber Castel pens for the basic writing and elegant writer 3.0 pens for the handlettering.

As far as paper, i usually go to michales and just black out and buy a ton. I'll usually go purchase their dark-ish brown paper/envelope combo

Pro tip: I recommend going smaller. I would rather have one envelope with 3-5 small cards than 1 big one. The reason i do this is in case i mess up, then i don;t have to start ALLLLLLL over!


If you travel the world....does that not just mean you are on a scavenger hunt for your income?


Serious question: Do you need an apprentice? I love this

edit: just filled out the form


I do have a few protege's that I'm helping create a similar business! PM me! I'm always happy to help and I turn away a ton of business because I'm booked out so far!


Have you ever thought about setting up some sort of premade or DIY kits with a set of instructions where people on smaller budgets can run their own adventure for someone else?



working on something for christmas 2019. I want to create a puzzle box that is tricky to get open, but once you do, it contains all the materials and instructions you would need to create a mini hunt around the house!


Have you considered marketing yourself for corporate groups?

As someone in the corporate world, I can easily see companies absolutely loving to have this happen for sales, marketing, and finance teams. Build in a layer of synergy, team building, and those type of things and companies large and small would climb over each other to schedule you!


Not really!

I absolutely love the intimacy of the small linear adventure. I used a woman's tattoos as the key to the entire day and frankly thats badass.

Also, oftentimes there is a bunch of red tape with corporations so I can't get away with things I'd like to (Nothing deflates an adventure like signing a waiver)

That being said, if the company is in an awesome location, you better believe I'll play ball. I just spent most of january in Hawaii!


I asked before, will ask again. May I work for you? Also, do you have any tips to make your own adventure for first timers?


Yes and no,

unfortunatly, i definitely can't afford to hire full time help

that being said, I'm always happy to foster others to start a business like mine. We need more fun stuff in the world!

Here are my hierarchy or rules i follow:

  1. Know the player
  2. Always make it easier than you’d like
  3. Keep instructions clear and concise
  4. No open flame
  5. Plan & outline the day
  6. Double check everything the night before
  7. Test risky gambits
  8. Great presentation is unforgettable
  9. Mitigate risk
  10. Overpay your help

after that, if you check my blog, i detail my methods.

then you can join r/Constructedadventures. I'm trying to build a community of like minded individuals try to create magical moments!


Sir, you are running the craziest business activity in the world, or one of the craziest for sure.

1-How do you persuade helpers to engage themselves in the hunt while they are doing their normal jobs? You pay them, you pay their boss, they do it for free...

2-How often they refuse to participate?

3-Do you have to ask some kind of permit to the local police? Have you ever faced issues with authority or normal people that ask you "man, who are you and why the Fck are you hiding things here?"

#if you'll organize a hunt in Italy (Europe) PM me, if I can be a helper I sure will help this lovely craziness 100%.


Such a good question!

  1. I always approach a manager telling them exactly what I'm trying to pull off and how much money i need to throw at them to make it work. with restaurants i just say "Hey, can i send 2 people to your restaurant at noon next saturday, have a theatrical server hand off this envelope and tell them to order what they want and everything has been covered. Then you'll charge this credit card with an automatic 20% gratuity."
  2. Most places are totally down. they get a guaranteed customer with a guaranteed tip. plus there is a chance they get publicity from it! Every once in a while I get someone who doesn't want to participate
  3. One of my big rules is "No boxes dropped in public" but if I am going to stage a bachelor party kidnapping or something of the sort, I'll always reach out to the police to let them know that if they get any calls about a kidnapping at this time/location/date, that it's me and its fun. I usually get a chuckle.

Ill be in Italy in July and I need help big time! PLEASE email or PM me. I'll be hiring people to run individual threads in an adventure!


Do you play the Cones of Dunshire?


I refuse to play unless we use the expansion. Winds of Tremorrah. It really balances the game


To help with Bingo - You do not charge enough!!!

You are literally offering people once in a life time, bucket list-worthy experiences. I would be willing to bet with the aging baby boomers, there will be an increasing demand on these unique experiences, and it would not surprise me if they would be willing to pay 50K+. Someone has to organize it, so why not you. And you are worth it, right?



and yes. most clients I have tell me I'm not charging enough. This is fine. I love what I do and I have bigger aspirations that making money right now


This sounds incredible! I actually create an annual town-wide scavenger hunt in my little home town! I absolutely love creating puzzles, clues, and adventures! I haven't thought about how I would take it further or even turn it into a business, but I get sponsored every year it's it's great! How did you know you wanted to take it further then just a fun little scavenger hunt for people?


First, email me. I'm pretty plugged into the immersion community and I would LOVE to help however I can. []( I'll respond when the dust settles.

I really just got so tired of working a soul crushing job that I put up some safety nets and jumped. This biz was a side hustle for 2 years so I knew it had legs. I just had to take the risk and so far it's worked out!


Welcome back! Your last AMA inspired me to build an adventure for my son’s 9th birthday last year. My two favourite clues: I built an Alexa skill so that he could quiz our Echo for a clue; and I built a fake call-centre IVR that he had to navigate, complete with a live guy from Fivrr that gave him the final code when he presented the passwords. It was a blast.

Have you tried using tech clues like that or are yours mainly physical?



I personally looooooove to keep everything analog. I think the world is getting to digital and sometimes its fun to use pen, paper, wax, and seals.

Please head over to r/Constructedadventures and detail out your day! I'm sure people would love to hear about how you programmed alexa!

Exit- spelling


Has anyone been disappointed after the final reveal, or not understood that the adventure the real prize all along?

Also, has anyone shouted “Bing-pot!” yet?


great question.

I got to big lengths to set expectations. Almost to the point where I'll turn down potential customers if they don't have a good reason or ending in mind. My two favorite endings are surprise parties and marriage proposals.

If the adventure is on the smaller side, I'll definitely allude to that during the day.

Also, unfortunatly no. (and bingo)


Has there been a Cones of Dunshire themed scavenger hunt yet?


Not yet, but when it happens, It'll be punishingly intricate


What's the furthest you've traveled? Is there anywhere you're hoping to put on an adventure?


Furthest I've traveled is either to Kauai, HI or Costa Rica!

I'm hoping to eventually do an adventure in every US state. I also have a few international adventures coming up.

It's a dream to do an adventure in the great barrier reef before humanity destroys it.....


I'm a bit late to the party, but have you ever, or would you ever consider doing something a bit more elaborate or on a larger scale, assuming the client has budget for it? I'm talking about something that would span multiple days, maybe requiring some more significant travel as well, and having that all be part of it (for example, maybe one of the actors is a pilot, and the clue requires them to travel to some historical site or something)?


I want it sooooooo badly. I've been lucky enough to start finding people with bigger budgets so it's only a matter of time!

I really want to do one that spans multiple days and a few countries. Maybe plane tickets in a box and then something waiting in the hotel room when they arrive!


I used to do these kinds of "adventures" during birthdays and romantic anniversaries. I always had so much fun trying to put my own knowledge of the person "to test" by creating such experiences. I relied heavily on geocaching and landmarks (specific places that we've gone on dates or they've enjoyed). Never thought someone would capitalize on doing these.

Oh yeah, my question: What are some of your favorite "tools of the trade" when creating adventures?
For example, I noticed that you definitely rely on props and cryptology/puzzles from what I could see from your responses and Instagram post. If you had to look at all of the adventures you've created up until now, which tools are your "daily drivers"?


Firstly: you should start a business. I'm happy to steer you in the right direction. PM me.

as far a consistant gambits. this book is my bible. It has soooooo much cool ideas.

the puzzle sidekick app for iphone is a great tool as well.

I buy all my chests from hobby lobby (love or hate their practices, they have great stuff) and antique stores.

This cryptex is my favorite. It's reprogrammable and it has weight

as far as ciphers go, themexican army cipher is fun but usually needs explaining

hope that helps!


I love how creative your business is! This is amazing... Have you thought about franchising the business idea? Or how could you escalate operations without loosing quality and the personalized identity of the adventures?


Thank you so much for the kind words!

right now I love keeping it just me. My goal isnt to build some empire and lose the magic touch in the process. This business is a proxy for me to check off my bucket list and help others.

I already have a few proteges who i've encouraged to start similar businesses of their own. I had so much help with mine, who would I be if i didn't pay it forward.

I'm shooting for a different path. I would love to become more of a guru/D list celebrity who can help and inspire others to create wild days for friends and family


Are you familiar with MIT’s puzzle hunt? Do you do similar?


oh man what they do is so freaking cool!

I would say that my days aire on the easy. Everything is scheduled. So if it's too difficult and the player misses the marriage proposal thats supposed to happen at sunset, then I'm in big trouble!

that being said, try to decode the message on my instagram ama post!


In your last AMA, you mentioned that you use a gps unit to keep track of where they are in the game. I have been doing scavenger hunts for people in my area and think this would help the flow a lot. But when I was researching it, it was difficult to find a GPS. What do you use? Do you pay a monthly subscription for one to work?


I use Spytec GPS.

There is an upfront cost and a monthly subscription (I think the monthly amount is ($30)

I love it because i can set geofences to get pings when the player enters and leaves an area.

If you're on a budget, there are a bunch of apps like find my friends which can be used too but it takes away from the immersion if they have to fiddle with an app. Also they usually drain phone batteries


Is your home office a giant white room? Where you watch endless rows of TVs and look like colonel Sanders?


Firstly, Bingo - take a drink



Leslie Knope?


who, me?

Also, bingo. take a drink


How old are you?


32! alllllmost 33!

Come to my birthday party.

How old are you?


I love to see someone else doing adventures like this! What is the highest amount of money someone has spent on one of your adventures? What made it so expensive? Do you front all the cash up front, or take an initial payment from the players?


Biggest budget I've worked with is $15,000.

I take a deposit before the adventure to help cover costs (and lock in that calendar spot) then I just charge them whatever the rest of the cost is afterwards.

Honestly, the most expensive part is me (flat rate, plus travel/rental car/ room and board.

I'll work with some clients who have points or a place to stay or an extra car I can use. I'll always do what I can to make it affordable. Some locations like DC and seattle, I have friends who live there. I'll just stay with friends and then they client doesnt need to pay for an air bnb!

do you build adventures too? if so, email me. chris@constructedadventures. I like to train and encourage others to start similar business. I turn away so many clients because I'm booked so far.


What’s a normal day like for you?


oh god that varies DRASTICALLY from day to day.

if I'm getting close to an adventure, I'm on location, scouting around. I usually have 1-3 client or consultation calls a day (I work heavily our of my calendar).

The day of an adventure is a complete whirlwind. I'll be up very early prechecking all locations to make sure nothing is going to impede the day. Then the adventure kicks off and I'm all over town running the day. Finally it finishes, I play my victory song, and then usually eat for the first time that day.

The day after an adventure I'm usually in the air to the next location. I'll take a day to recover and lay in the hotel room before hitting the ground for the next adventure.

In between I just have so many calls and emails and social media and possible projects and clients to keep content.

It's extremely stressful but I absolutely adore my life.


Are you the guy from the Endless Thread episode?? Just listened to that not too long ago.

How did you get in touch with the hosts from that?


That was meeeeee!

I had an old friend from college that messaged me out of the blue who said. There is a podcast about all things reddit. I reached out to them to do a story about you. kill it.

After that, I coordinated for them to come to DC where I was already building an adventure! I love Ben and Amory! u/endless_thread


I'm the Architect

Do you say "ergo", "concordantly", and "vis-a-vis" a lot? Otherwise, I'm calling BS.


Care to share your favorite recipe?


oh for SURE!


1 cup melted butter

2 cup unpacked light brown sugar

1 1/2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

2 eggs beaten

3 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cups chopped dates

1 cup chopped pecans

Melt butter when cool stir in sugar. Let cool and then add whipped eggs and vanilla.

then add flour, salt, baking powder, dates and nuts...

bake in 9x13 greased and floured glass pan at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. DO NOT OVERCOOK !!!!!

toothpick comes out clean. cut while warm. roll in powder sugar. freeze well.

I personally don't like them rolled in powdered sugar because I always have a coughing fit but to each their own.

ps - these will make you fat


This is not a question, this is a statement: you are my new hero!!!

This is a question:

How did you came about loving scavage hunting games and riddles?

I read almost every mystery book available to humanity.

Then I started playing a ton of point and click escape games, thanks Internet!!

Nowadays I love real escape games and played almost every game available in my city.

I would love to try one of your experiences and I hope I will!

And you had a freaking awesome idea to monetize this! Freaking hell Sir! Kudos to you!


Awww thanks a bunch!

When I was a kid, my mom ALWAYS sent me on little hunts on birthdays and christmas. I was also a big fan of games and mysteries. Then it kinda melded into creating wild experiences for others! You should consider coming out for my big birthday adventure (the grand hunt 3)! It's the only open game that anyone is invited to!


Have you ever had to turn down a potential client because you weren't comfortable with their intent or ideas? Not merely the wrong client type (as in workplace teams), but something about that specific person/adventure just didn't sit right with you?


Not quite.

I've turned down a few marriage proposals because I just didn't think they were dating long enough. I'll also turn away people who put the money and budget as the primary focus (I.e - I wont have a conversation with you until you tell me how much this will cost.) Working with people like that really hamstrings the creative process. I'm super open abut cost and budget, but this is about creating an amazing day!


How does your scavenger hunt differ from GISH?

Just learned of this concept, well since I as a child anyway - so Im honestly curious?


oh man! GISH looks so freakin cool! I don't know how I've never heard of this!

GISH looks like a big team challenge. I focus on small intimate days for 1-5ish people. I like to dive into that persons life and create a day that they never saw coming yet are somehow compltely prepared for.

I'll put a GPS on my player and then have the day scheduled out so they're pacing correctly and everything fires at the right time.

My main goal is to create a day where the world seems to revolve around this person. GISH is about creating a large scale puzzle hunt for loads of people.


Have you ever heard of Fenn's gold ( r/findingfennsgold )? I feel like it's the ultimate nature scavenger hunt.


Yes I have and i think it's really stupid.

I set a lot of rules for myself and one of them is "keep instructions clear."

Anyone can just drive/hike out to some remote location and write some stupidely cryptic message about what they see.

My endgame goal is to create something similar. Except instead of one paragraph of "go somewhere in the state of wyoming until you see a mountain and a barn and a dog peeing on a fencepost" It'll be a long winding puzzle hunt spanning many countries (Think national treasure). I want mine to be beatable, just very very time consuming.

Plus I dont want anyone to die on my treasure hunt.

hope that answer isn't to snarky


Where do you get your cryptographs? I keep trying to find one but Google and amazon just give me books on cryptography!


what are you looking for? amazon and ali express are where I find everything.

Start here and look at related items


I love scavenger hunts and this idea! I can see where this could serve a few purposes; so what are your clients looking for? High quality fun experience/memory, team-building, a competition?

What's your experience/thoughts on creating those different experiences?


fantastic question!

It's evenly split for sure with probably a little more on the side of experience. Honestly you can find cheaper companies that have some preset team-building games but my specialty is trying to create big "wow" moments.

most of the time I'll send those potential clients to other organizations that are a better fit!


This is absolutely genuis, are you looking for a partner?!


But seriously, how did were you able to explode in popularity? Strickly through reddit?

Edit- Just in case I'm in rule violations, I am 100% joking about asking him/her for partners in the business.


unfortunately no!

im making just enough to keep me afloat! I tend to hit the front page of reddit 1-2 times a year which does it. Between that and podcasts/news stories, I stay booked out really far!

Because I'm booked out so far, it kinda of keeps the momentum going and compounding my success!


I'm trying to see if someone already asked how much it costs. I guess it depends on the location and many other things, but... What is the range?


Someone did a little higher up. Let me find it so I can copy/paste

EDIT. Boom here you go

I charge a flat rate for myself that increases as I get better and book out. Right now it’s $2,100. Then the other costs are whatever it takes! Most people approach me with a budget. The average budget is around $5,000. The minimum I can usually manage is $4,000 unless it’s in San Diego and/or the client has ways to make things cheaper (often times, they might have hotel and flight points or have a spare car for me to use).

I like to stay HYPER transparent with costs. If someone’s budget is 5K and it ends up costing $4169.69 (heh), I charge them 4169.69(heh).

I always hate just giving flat numbers since there is so much conversation involved. Some people want more money to go to a limo while others want a nice dinner while others want something more grandiose that need a TON of hired help!

As far as the upcoming booked adventures, I’m working with budgets from $4,000 up to around $15,000. Regardless of the budget, I make the same amount


Such a great AMA! I am originally from Tempe, AZ, so seeing all the cool places you used in Arizona for your adventures was like a mini adventure down memory lane for me. You have inspired me to try and put together something like this for my wife on our anniversary. The challenge will be, that she is about 95% visually impaired (she uses a cane, and can see shapes/shadows). Do you have any suggestions for resources to create puzzles/clues that involve senses other than sight? Thanks and good fortune!


OH hell yes!

Such a fun cool challenge! Please head over to r/Constructedadventures and write a help post with those parameters!

Depending on how challenging you'd like to make it, I have always wanted to do something with morse code. having everything in audio could be really fun. Maybe giving her a tape player in the beginning and everywhere she goes, there is another tape with instructions you've pre recorded.

Im always happy to hop on the phone and chat real quick to help come up with ideas!


Are you two lovers? Also you look like Micheal Rosenbaum and Kit Harrington


god I wish. u/MrRoyalScotsman is a FOX.

unfortunately we're both straight and he's also married. soooooooo....

By thank you for the look alike compliment!


When I was little, and we went to my grandparent's house, I would always create a small scavenger hunt for my little brother because we were both bored. It was always me making them, and I would always think about how cool it would be if there were scavenger hunts on a bigger scale ! Like I was in a video game !

I think it is so cool that something I did with my siblings when I was little is something that you made into a full fledged business !!

How did you first get into this ? When was the point when you said "I should make this into a business" ?


Thank you so much! I'm just like you!

The whole thing started with r/secretsanta. I got matched with a guy who lived 20 minutes away. I decided to build him an elaborate hunt. An acquaintance at the time (Now a dear friend) sat me down, looked me in the eye, and said " This is an awesome idea. People would pay money for this. Im going to build you a website. What's your business name?"

when my giftee posted the day, it hit the front page of reddit. That site got linked and the rest was history.

I did it as a side hustle for 2 year and got so sick of my soul crushing job that i jumped ship.

My gamble paid off and now I'm here!


Do you do these for Europe as well?


I'll be running a marriage proposal adventure in Italy in July!!


What would you do if your secret santa was day in New York or Florida? (So far you’ve had places decently close to you)


Yeah i've gotten super lucky that it's all on the west cost.

It's a boring answer, but i'd treat it all the same. There really wouldn't be a big difference between reno and another city on the east coast that I'm unfamiliar with!).

I kinda hope I get a small town in the midwest next year! I think it could be really fun to pull something off!


How do you acquire customers when you're basically creating a new service category?

My husband planned an elaborate (perfect!) scavenger hunt when he proposed to me. Despite having done way more research than I have on the topic he's also never heard of a custom scavenger hunt service. Making people aware that this service exists seems like a difficult obstacle.


Big time. I'm lucky that it's so niche that it turns heads. I get on the news quite a bit and I great featured in a lot of podcasts.

Also, it's just me. I do mayyyyyybe 3 a month and I'm booked out crazy far in advance so I don't need a bananas amount of publicity to stay successful!


Might be too late. But did you first get inspired to do this because of Nicholas Cages spirited performance in National Treasure?


You're never too late.

  1. National Treasure is the best move of all time.
  2. Every performance by Nicholas Cage is a spirited performance
  3. Fun fact. when I first made the website, all the pictures were just screen shots from the move.
  4. Yes

Sounds like a fun job. I hate being stuck in a cube, need any marketers? Lol


Always! I wish i could afford you!


What's your favorite song by Middle Class Rut?


I mean, everyone is always talking about "new Low." Don't get me wrong, it's catchy as hell, but I gotta go with "if you want it."

What's yours?


I know I'm late, but do you have any tips for setting up scavenger hunts for kids like age 5ish?


Never too late!

are they your kids or someone else's?

My big recommendation is to keep everything small and simple. Keep it in one specific spot (House, yard, park).

I did a family treasure hunt which involved a map of a park compasses, and vellum paper overlays.

5 is tricky because it's a bit of a turning point. Some 5 year olds can figure it out while others are still kinda developing. either way, clues that tell them to "go to the bookcase and find the red book" are perfect.

You tell them where to go, and then there is a slight barrier (locating the book) and then they check inside for the next clue!

I hope that helps!


Did you ever play an ARG called PerplexCity? It was amazing and I was obsessed. Just the other day my brother and I were discussing the prospect of creating something similar, because technology is amazing now and there are so many new directions to take it, and your name (well, moniker) came up. Would you be interested in something like that?


I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in participating, helping, investing.

email me [](

I love helping people start amazing businesses.

EDIT: I just realized i never answered your question. I haven't tried many ARGs but i love them all


Was that you on Shark Tank?? I absolutely love scavenger hunts and can't wait to book you for an event!


No! That was Adventure Hunt.

I LOVE what they're doing. What i do is much more personalized and single serving. Think of me like the etsy to their amazon.


Hi, my job involves planning special events on a military base for active duty, dependents, and civilians. A new program that is being implemented this year is planning events and activities for individual units and directly aimed at building unit cohesion. Sometimes these activities will involve a LOT of people at the same time and can be either on or off base. Have you done any large group adventures and what are some things that you had to adjust or take into consideration when planning for that many people?



I'll occasionally do a big group game. Doing one for my birthday coming up!

Your NUMBER ONE concern is crowd control. If you have 100 people in groups of 10. You really really really want to make sure they spread out. 100 people all hitting the same landmark or restaurant is a huge cluster.

In this case I recommend making it open ended. Oftentimes I'll give teams a map broken up into 4 quadrants. in each quadrant there is a thing, person, or checkpoint they need to find. Once they find that, they can go to the next location. if you do this, makes sure the start envelop forces teams to different spots. Now you have 25% of the entire group at each spot.

After that, it just mixes around. teams go that their own pace so it all kinda melds together.

I hope that helps! Dont hesitate to reach out via phone or email if you want me to go more in depth!

I'm happy to have a conversation with anyone free of charge if they just a have a few questions!


How do you typically approach the strangers in your hunts? Like the restaurant owners, bartenders, etc who have to be involved in some way. Are most usually excited? Have you ever had someone be like "nah I'm not doing that."

Also, how do you change up your approach of a hunt geared towards one person vs. a group or public event?

Love love love your work. As a huge Escape Room lover this is amazing.


perfect questions!

I'll alsways ask for the manager and then tell them what I'm hoping to accomplish! Most people are suuuuuuper receptive to it! It's always great seeing a smile creep across their face when they realize what I'm up to. Every once in a while a business doesn't want to participate and thats totally ok! Hunts for 1 are very different than hunts for many: For starters, you can pull off WAAAAAAY more with one person/group because you track them and steer them. With large groups it's all about containment and crowd control. You can't really do dead drops beacause you have no idea when various groups/teams will arrive. The biggest hurdle with big groups is making sure they're not just one big blob moving from one location to another. You can't make it linear. It has to be open ended to avoid bottle necking.


I tried to scroll through to see if you had answered this but I’m sorry if I missed it!

I love the thought of getting out there and making your creativity in game making your job and not being stuck in a passionless office.

I’m just so scared! Did you start and keep your job for a while while you built the biz?

How did you know it would be successful enough to quit the 9-5?

Edit: Also, what do you think about the demand for having a business like this located in one major city? I’m sure it changes from place to place but I’m curious as to whether or not it would be viable.


Great question!

I did this as a side hustle for 2 years before i jumped ship. I basically sacrificed my social life. Worked full time and then built this evenings and weekends.

When it came time to jump I definitely wasn't successful. But I had financial safety nets and friends/family who would help me if needed.

Regarding a city centric business, i think it's a great idea as long as you're in a city thats conducive!

Thinking of starting something? I'm happy to help!


Omg you are my new favorite person. I love puzzles so much, my mom used to send me on random scavenger and treasure hunts when I was a kid, and I grew up playing all the Nancy Drew puzzle games. I'm addicted to escape rooms now as an adult. You are totally going on my bucket list.

My question is: Is there a theme that you'd like to base a hunt around that you just haven't gotten an opportunity to yet? I saw you had some hunts based on Harry Potter, Spies, and the Vikings. What would be the theme for your dream treasure hunt?


I. Love. This. Question.

before anything else, Aren't moms the best? My mom used to do this and I'm pretty sure it's what inspired me!

As far as themes I don't if is have a MUST TRY. there are definitely gambits I want to try out. I would love to do an adventure on a train that spanned from stop to stop for a few days. it would be so tricky to pull off (What if they miss their train?) but could be suuuuuuuch a fun experience!


Hey there! I've been following you for a bit and you've been doing some really cool stuff!

Have any tips for a small group of people looking to build an ARG as part of a city wide activation? More so like a group of people coming towards a common endpoint rather than a scavenger hunt built for one (or even a few) people.

Edit: If you haven't read this yet, definitely interested in a consultation. Just have to speak with my partner about it. We plan on scaling this out into a pretty big thing in a year or two - just want to do a two week trial run this summer to coincide with a public art festival going on.


That is a really interesting concept. are you looking to make it digital or analog? you could potentially make it open-ended. Think "each team needs to hit 10 checkpoints and at each point, they collect something that combines to tell them where the finish line is.

Care to elaborate?


What does the competition look like for you right now? I’ve always had it in my head to start something like this, although aimed more towards kids parties. Do you do stuff for children as well?


I need more competition desperately.

email me. I'm happy to help you get started.

I've built adventures for people ages 5 to 70. I love creating things for kids because they're so much smarter than adults. their brains are still wired to problem solve. You absolutely should start a business. Let me know how i can help


So im in the UK and fairly new to reddit and THIS CRAZY AMAZING THING YOU DO!

Is there a UK Architect? If not would you ever do one overseas/have an overseas partner? If not if not how did you begin, for a hypothetical overseas partner? 😂

(Also thanks for doing what you do it gives many people genuine joy on many levels 🌟)


oh MAN I would love to have a UK architect! You'll need to come up with a different codename for yourself but that would be SWEET! I'm always happy to help people along if they love creating special moments for people!

I'll be in europe in July!


I created my own scavenger hunt just like this for my girlfriends birthday. I have a background in game development so it was a lot of fun to make.

My main fear was people going in and finding and taking the clues or messing with them. I went out at 3am so no one would see me!

Is this also a fear of yours? Has this ever happened? Do you also go out late to put clues around?


Big fear.

I always have someone watching the clues before they're picked up! I always drop them 30 seconds before the player arrives!

I would LOVE to hear how the adventure went!


Scavenger hunts typically involve taking stuff that isn't owned by the scavenger hungers (theft). Are your hunts asking participants to take things that don't belong to them?


great question.

Techincally what I do is treasure hunts (They are to go somewhere and something is waiting for them at that spot).

Unfortunately, shows like parks and rec started calling them scavenger hunts (which is exactly what you said: "Here is a list of 20 things. find 10 around town)

I got tired of fighting a losing battle and just steered into the skid.


Shot in the dark here because I'm like 12 hours late and I've read you're booked until very far out. What is far out? I would love to do this as a proposal, but I just learned about you from this post. If you don't see this that's okay because I have your email now and I'm going to ask you there too.


I'm still here! I can't get enough! I'm almost completely booked out through August but I have some holes in the calendar!

email is definitely the best! or fill out a form submission on the site!



Did you get a new girlfriend half way from 2015-2018?


lol yes for a while. at this moment it would be very tough to be in a relationship. I just travel soooooo much


Ah dammit. I was going through my bookmarks and found the last one of these and went to follow you on insta. What are the odds I do it on the same day you hold an ama?

Hows it been? I’m still available in LA if you ever need volunteers.


so sorry I just missed ya! if you fill out that google doc I'll reach out when I run my upcoming adventures in LA!

and it's a paid gig! I like to pay the people I hire!


I'm curious how long are your scavenger hunts usually? Are they time sensitive or can you make one last forever?


I recommend 6-8 hours! mine are all meticulously scheduled out and i'm pulling the strings to make sure everything times correctly.

I'm sure there are some that could be open ended and last forever!


Have you ever seen the movie "The Game" with Michael Douglas? It reminded me of this. It's super good and it's on Netflix. (At least it was a couple months ago) You should check it out.


Oh yes!!!

Sometimes when I'm trying to explain my business, I'll tell people it's like The game, scaled back, not creepy.


how do you get such an amazing title?!?!


You mean "The Architect"?

I made it up! Everyone gets a codename during my adventures!

Here are a few:

  • The Enforcer
  • The Diplomat
  • The Navigator
  • The Chartographer
  • The Professor
  • The Librarian
  • The Gunslinger
  • The professional

Would you like one?


Have you ever done an international hunt? Like, it starts in a country and ends in another?


oh man I WISH!

I've had some conversations with potential clients but they haven't quite gotten there.

The problem is that everything is expensive! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE?!


Have you ever orchestrated a dinner date on top of a mountain?


yep! Valentines day in Arizona!

Super fun!

Carrying a table up a mountain is not fun...


Have you ever heard of the Arizona Treasure Hunt? If so, what do you think of it?

Obviously doesn't seem quite the same scale as what you do here, but it was the first thing I thought of. What you do sounds awesome!


I can't believe I haven't!!

can you link it for me? I just adore fun people doing surprising things for others.


This remind anyone else of the movie The Game back in the day with Michael Douglas?


YESSSS! I love that you mentioned this!


Has anyone ever planned a scavenger hunt for you? If not, what would be your ideal hunt! Personally, I didn’t know this was a thing and I’m beyond jazzed. I love puzzles. I love surprises. I love triviahuntingsolvingsleuthingfindinglesliedrinkingfunningsunninggifting.....This may have been asked already......

Also... this may be weird but I feel like I can totally feel your personality through your writing and it’s awesome. If you’re ever doing a hunt in RVA I hope I’m lucky enough to bump into the plotting and planning!! I bet EVERYONE involved in these has the most fun, not just the main person. Thank you for doing such a great AMA!


Yes they have!

When I first started out my manager made one for me! It was so cute and thoughtful! Thanks Ashley!

Thank you SOOOOO much for these kind words! Fill out that form and I'll reach out if i do one in your area!


Do you go Geocaching at all perchance?


Weirdly enough no!

It's just never something I got into!


What advice/tips/ideas would you suggest to someone wanting to plan a low budget scavenger hunt for their spouse for Valentine’s Day?


basic advice:

Start with the ending and beginning. Once you commit to that (is it ending at dinner? candle lit dance at home? something else?) Then it's about filling in the blanks.

incorporating libraries, parks, coffee shops are great cheap/free places to send someone to!

Can you hit me with age, location, approx budget (PM if you like) and a few things she loves? I'm happy to try to help you build a skeleton of the day!


I run a small retail shop on the Westside - would you be open to a possible collaboration?



I love collaborating. email me


What made you make the leap from practicing architecture to starting your scavenger hunt business? After all of the school, IDP hours, and exams to get your architecture license, it seems like such a big leap to exit the profession and start something totally new!


ohhhhh man i don't know if you're joking!

The architect is my pen name for adventures!

I was an account manager for a software company before this!


How did you hire agents when you first started doing these for your Secret Santa’s? Did you just happen to know people in that location?


in the beginning I brought in friends! There was a lot of communication as to when players arrived and left locations.

I am eternally grateful to all of them. It feels really good that I can pay people for their time now. It makes me soooooo happy.


How did you know you were good at creating scavenger hunts?


it took a lot of people telling me!

Hell! I still have days leading up to an adventure where I'm thinking "this is dumb, they'll hate this.'' Luckily I surround myself with positive wonderful supportive people who tell me to shut the hell up and be positive.

Do you build hunts?


How did you decide you wanted to go into this profession?


It fell into my lap. I put together one for r/secretsanta and it blew up!


How much money do you make?


last year (my first year in business) I brought in around 20K profit before taxes.

This year I'm shooting for$ 40-50K!

we'll see how it goes!

it helps that I put everything in storage and don't have rent


What’s your opinion on Cicada 3301?


I think it's super cool and I'm definitely not smart enough to figure it out.

The dreamer in me loves the idea that it's an NSA recruitment tool, but more realistically it's probably just a smart and fun group of people doing something cool for the masses


If this didn’t start on reddit, this would be considered as such an ad post, so my question is, why?


have you ever been to r/iama before?

find me a public figure/business that hasn't done an AMA to promote themselves or something they're bringing awareness to and I'll guild the comment.

Instead of getting up your own butt with indignancy, sit back and enjoy the comments! I'm providing as much information as i can to inspire others to build something for loved ones!


Is there a common standard (monetarily speaking) to what’s in the treasure chest?


Nope sometimes i'll have the next clues inside.

Otherwise I work with the client to figure out a fitting present to put inside!

It's a complete case by case basis


Who the fuck buys something like that? If i didn't know how stupid this world is, i would call BS on the whole thing. Who the FUCK buys for such services in a frequency that someone is getting paid for it? We really do have a class on this earth that needs to be taken a notch back. Fucking scavenger hunt for rich.

We need to take this system down. Don't you agree? Or do you think you are doing a good thing for the planet?


Aaaaand double Bingo

but in all seriousness, there's a market for creating the most memorable day in someones life.

I mean look at you! you wake up every day and argue about videogames and youtube drama all day everyday on the internet. You of all people could probably stand to use a fun adventurous day that you'd never forget.

You can feel how you want to feel about me and what I do, but I'd love if you picked a friend or family member and tried to build a special day for them! Hell! I would love to help! I can share ideas and work with you to mold something truly special!

offer is on the table! maybe after creating one yourself, you might understand a little better why this is such a wonderful thing!

Either way, I hope your day gets better!


Are you the redditor featured on the Endless Thread podcast? I loved that episode.


That was meeeee! I love ben and Amory!


Hi Architect

Have you ever done small clue / scavenger hunt type things? Maybe where everything is in one box and things must be decoded one after another?

My partner is in another country that doesn't speak English, and although I would like to do something half as ambitious as you, I don't think I could set it up even if I had the budget to travel so far. So I'm interested if you've done anything like a single box puzzle/clue type experience!


you should talk to u/leigero!

He creates hunts based on sending safes to people and then they have to crack it! He's just starting his business up and this might be a perfect fit!

Unfortunately this isn't my realm but maybe he can help!


I kind of envy you, I'm kind of trying to think up a much simpler idea to have as a sort of hobby project but am not anywhere near to going through with it. With that being said, it sounds like designing escape rooms would be something up your alley. Have you thought about doing something like this just so you can have an extra revenue stream and have a more permanent and accessible experience?


Yes I have!

I'm pretty plugged into that community and have flirted with the idea, but honestly I just have so much fun with what I do that I just dont have time!

It's definitely a possibility for the future!


I'd really like to create something like this for my husband for V-Day coming up. Where do you suggest a newbie starts?


I would ay start suuuuuuuper simple.

Figure out the beginning and ending and then work inward from there. Once you have those, its about filling in the blanks. Tell me some of his interests and I'll see if I can help you put something simple together!


Have you ever seen the movie The Game?

Any interest in getting that elaborate and intense?


OK, don't jusdge me.

I havent...

I know the whole plot though. at this point me not seeing it is basically an interesting quirk!

I think it would be really hard to get that elaborate. Understandably there is plenty of movie magic. when it's real you dont get a reshoot.

That being said, a girl can dream! Give me a massive budget and I'll see what I can do!


How would someone wanting to get into this business start out?


Shoot me an email. [](

You just need to start and I'm happy to steer you. You'll do some small adventures for free/at cost to cut your teeth. then as you get better, you can charge more and market yourself more!

EDIT: I'm going to elaborate for the few people that make it this far.

My first recommendation would be to figure out your name, then make a website on squarespace or wix. I use squarespace and love it but i've heard great things about wix. Then grab social media handles (insta, FB, twitter, Google, yelp)

After that you just need to start doing these. Find friends who's birthdays are coming up and build something crazy for them. You'll learn lessons, get pics/vids/content for your site, and also hopefully get some testimonials.

After you've gotten started, then it's important to lock down the biz side of things. Get an LLC and then a business back account and then trademark once you're getting bigger. Finally you'll need to figure out ways to advertise.

This is an interesting enough industry where news outlets will LOVE YOU.

Hopefully that helps a bit more!


Have you constructed any adventures in Paris,France yet?


Not yet but I want to soooooooooo badly!

I'll be doing a proposal in Italy during July! Cant wait for that!


Have you ever done anything in Houston?


Yup! Adventure no. 38: "The initiation" was in houston.

It was really tough. To be frank, Houston is just not the best city to do this thanks to zoning laws (or lack of)

oddly enough, I'll be back late february to do another adventure there!


What inspires your scavenger hunts?


Great question! I grab inspiration from lots of things! Sometimes it's an "OH MY GOD THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN" Idea. Sometimes I get inspiration from locations. There are tons of public places, statues, parks, etc.

Last but not least, the people. I've worked with some wonderful and incredible people!


So... You're a geocacher?


Oddly enough, no!

I never got into it. However, the puzzlecaching community has some fantastic ideas!


You ever shit your pants?


Yup. once in my adult life.

Driving from California to Arizona.

Fuck you Taco bell.

Sidenote. I read somewhere that men are like 3 times more likely to crap themselves than women because they're much more trusting of farts. I can't find the source so take this with a grain of salt.


During adventure no.32, id rented a really nice Jaguar convertible for the player. they drove up to lunch and I was there to collect it while they ate their meal. then i was going to drop it off again when they were done. Of course, the moment I picked it up, I had to pee, but I couldn't find a bathroom.

I came sooooooooo close to wetting myself in a jaguar convertible but managed to contain myself. I was super scared though. worst hour of my life...besides the hour of driving after i crapped my pants.


Do you pay a PR team to help you manipulate the internet for your marketing purposes, or did you learn how to pull the strings of reddit's userbase all by yourself?


yeah it's just me!

Lol I don't make enough to hire an assistant, let alone a PR team. I've been on reddit since you were in diapers! I love reddit and if i can provide some cool entertainment and help, then so be it!

looks like we both got snapped!

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