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AMA Request: EACommunityTeam


Edit: Seems that this will be indeed happening Wednesday! To all the haters who said they’d never do it, I cordially invite you to suck it. Thank you EA for actually listening to your community and doing this AMA. Thank you everyone who upvoted this thread and made our voices heard! It’s awesomely empowering to actually get a response from a corporate monolith like EA based on a post like this. This is what happens when we rally as a community!!

Look, while we all have fun shitting on EA (because, well, they’re pretty notoriously bad) I’d like to genuinely hear their side of the story and give them a chance to defend some of their (really confusing) choices. After becoming the account with the most-downvoted comment of all Reddit history that I could find (almost -200k at the time of this post) I think it would be really interesting to try and hear their side.

Edit: comment is now over -400k downvotes.

So, u/EACommunityTeam

  1. How will your company change your PR strategy in the face of such harsh public backlash? Any decent PR team would know that the Reddit hate is just the tip of the iceberg. People have hated your company for years.
  2. Will your team actually change the way micro-transactions are handled in games? How do you think that would end up affecting the whole industry? Most players seem to think it would be a positive change. Do you disagree and can you give us a convincing reason why?
  3. How do you respond to the allegations that banned user Mat is still the one behind your account?
  4. Has the company suffered a noticeable amount of cancelled preorders/lost sales in the wake of this event? Essentially, are micro-transactions actually backfiring and losing net revenue because people just won’t buy the games anymore? How much longer do you think this can go on before you have a revolt on your hands and a massive flop of an otherwise good game, simply because people are sick of micro transactions?
  5. How do you justify micro transactions? You’ve already paid for the game. Why should you have to pay more for loot boxes and characters? What happened to just unlocking it by getting good?
  6. Probably the most beloved gaming company you’ll see online is CD Projeckt Red. What can you learn from their business model to improve your own? Will you consider how their PR strategy is working infinitely better than your own and consider how, in light of that, you could improve your own?
  7. What is it like working for a company that so many people hate? Do you get crap from gamer cousins at Thanksgiving? How does the company as a whole seem to be reacting to this bad press?
  8. What happened to single player gaming at EA? Is it just a matter of profit? Is profit really the only driving factor in making games, or does it just seem that way to an outside source? How do you plan on changing that perception if your company does care about the quality of their product beyond its ability to generate revenue?
  9. What do you feel you have to contribute to the conversation? Is there anything you’d like to know from your playerbase that could help you make better games? Did your team even realize how deep the hate against EA went, or did it just seem like a passing internet fad?

If your PR team deems this acceptable, u/EACommunityTeam , I would love to hear from you. I’m guessing a few other downvoters would too.

Edit: a few other questions I’ve seen come up more than once, and to increase the amount of “neutral” questions as suggested by several people:

  1. What about Skate 4 Boy?
  2. What about the expansion of mobile sports gaming?

November 13th 2017
interview date

You got your wish fam.

In fact, this Wednesday we’d like you to join us for a Reddit AMA with some of the key leads on our team. Stay tuned to our social channels for more info on the AMA, and our blog for continual updates on what we’re seeing, hearing and adjusting in the game.


So, we’re reducing the amount of credits needed to unlock the top heroes by 75%. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will now be available for 15,000 credits; Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca, and Leia Organa for 10,000 credits; and Iden at 5,000 credits. Based on what we’ve seen in the trial, this amount will make earning these heroes an achievement, but one that will be accessible for all players.

But you should also read this and this.

edit - - can someone confirm that the first link is working for them? It’s just a basic link to so I don’t know why it’s not working for some people.

edit 2 - - I know they reduced the credits earned, it’s outlined in the last link.






Maybe offer to submit your own AMA, because this comment is pretty darned buried.


Guys. They’re doing it. They are actually going to do an AMA.

EA’s response to the backlash


Thanks for linking it!


I doubt this would ever happen but:

I wish EA would level and throw numbers at us. Say something like "hey all/community listen, a product we launched without micro-transactions earned $thismuch, however a similar product we launched that included micro-transactions made (some factor greater) than that AFTER initial sales. It's not just a little extra money we're talking about, it's a substantial amount that we can funnel in to future projects to continue franchises"

It's a greedy practice, yes, but if we saw hard numbers to compare then we would at least understand why developers get their arms twisted so much in to putting in MT's. The damage is already done to Battlefront 2, but there are ways developers can include micro-transactions without ruining their damn game. Cosmetic, and non-RNG would be the best possible scenario and no one would have a reason to complain about that.


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


Where’s your link to the response from EA about participating in your AMA? Calming people idiots and telling them to suck it because we never thought they would but yet don’t provide a link to their comment saying they would....


I’m on mobile, several users have and I plan to do it tonight.


Former EA Community team member here (years ago, don't @ me) The team you are addressing these questions to won't even have access to the answers. Don't forget, just because they work public facing doesn't mean they make decisions. You are basically asking developer and high level publisher business questions which I guarantee you don't get discussed with the community team before being implemented. That's like asking your local postal worker why he or she decided the service doesn't deliver mail on Sundays - they weren't even in the same building these decisions get discussed in.


The postal worker analogy isn’t really good. It’s the community teams job to explain these things. It’s part of PR!


They will never answer. F EA. Don't buy their shit.


They are answering this Wednesday!


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


Someone doesn't know how to reply. Not only are your questions absurdly leading but you don't even know how to use the damn site.


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with concerns like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


Just an FYI, you're replying to yourself and not to the people you're trying to reply to :)


Also is LAN multiplayer dead as well? My best gaming memories were playing things like age of empires II on our house lan-- is it just about money now, and it being a good game or not doesn't mean anything anymore?


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


Asking EA to do an honest AMA on Reddit along with having respectful, constructive questions and comments from users is like asking Palestine to just get along with Israel.


I do think this will need to be a HEAVILY moderated AMA, but I also think the mods here are good enough to plan for and handle this!


I hope that if this AMA happens that the community remain civil and go at this with an open mind. I think if we show up with pitchforks then nothing will be done to resolve any of the issues.




All I got from this is:





-[repeat 1-4, then 1 and 2 for good measure]

Also, coincidentally, half of all posts in gaming subs.

Gamers on Reddit are some of the whiniest, most entitled, most demanding, most typically consumeristic people out there. What's worse is that they honestly think they're the majority, and that they're objectively right.

And then, when dialogue like this doesn't actually accomplish anything, they throw a self-absorbed hissyfit. But yet they still buy the games...all so they can continue the cycle of toxicity. Either they genuinely just enjoy being salty, toxic, miserable human beings...or they all collectively have a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

OP, you aren't going to get shit answered with that kind of a blatant attitude and slant on your post. This isn't a genuine AMA request. It's very clear you're just trying to goad them into a confrontation, and it's nothing more than a whiny bitchpost.

Edit: Or you're just upvote farming. Either way.

Edit 2: No amount of downvoting my comment will change the truth about anything I just said. Cry some more, gamers. You're proving my point splendidly. ;)


This is accomplishing something. We’re getting an AMA!


Once Sims 4 came out I realized what garbage EA can be. They might not be fully responsible for development of the game but they sure have a say in what they sell and how they sell it. Yeah let's take Sims 3, one of the best games made for PC in my opinion, and just make the most dumbed down version in sims 4 and make everyone pay for the simplest things to add like the "toddler stage" or freaking SWIMMING POOLS. These were already included in Sims 3! Why does everything just have to be a money game?! I've never been more butthurt about a game. You know a game is trash when it first sells for $70 for a special edition version of Sims 4, to $12 in just a few months. Way to go EA.

OH and they said if Sims 4 doesn't do well, then Sims 5 probably won't happen. GREAT. What trash.


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with concerns like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


I can’t believe people are spending time getting riled up about this. If you don’t like what they are doing don’t buy the game. Why is that so hard?


Also, for me, they have the rights to some beloved franchises. I love the world of Dragon Age, and I don’t want that world ruined.


"Hey, come out so we can flog you again!"

This is not going to happen and I don't know why these request threads always gain so much traction


Stop underestimating the power of the people! It is going to happen! When people come together, guess what, things can change.


EA is probably never touching Reddit again and just gonna ignore your cries lmao


EA will have an AMA Wednesday!


Some say a satanic ritual must be performed where we pay with our souls themselves to summon them


It worked!! /s


Hope this doesn't get ignored or buried, but now is a great time to shine light on how extremely fucked up EA purchased Mythic entertainment, released & ruined Warhammer, and then sank the game & company entirely. Years later DAoC & MMO fans are still extremely disappointed. - Paul Barnett, Jeff Hickman - complete development hacks


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with concerns like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!

Also, nothing gets buried or lost on my thread. I care that you all bothered to upvote and comment. I plan to read every single comment on here. I won’t reply to them all but I’ll read them.


I suggest modifying the questions that touch on micro transactions, asking why they introduce a choice in grinding out the credits at an extremely unappealing rate, with the only other option being to pay again to unlock the content.

Also is it true reviewers have copies of the game with a much lower threshold to unlock items/characters then the version that will be sold to the public? If so please explain this reasoning. Do they understand this has an impact on how the experience of play is perceived?


Duly noted! Please PM me if I forget that these are some questions I want to add to the post before I go to bed tonight.


This sounds like something a EA pr team would ask for to make it seem like the community wants to give them a second chance.

EA has had their second chance a hundred times over. Don't let them have another, and another, and another, and another...

Draw a line in the sand and say no. No we don't know nt need to pay for any extra part of a game. Plenty of other big publishers (the witcher team) release games and it free DLC and are respected for it. EA NEEDS TO CHANGE!


I promise they’re not paying me. I would have made a much nicer post if I were being paid.


Hi EA, Fifa fan here: Why am I expected to pay £99.99 for 12,000 fifa points? It seems a tad excessive. Why do people bronze bench? Why does Fifa sometimes have a total mind of it's own. Am I going crazy? Why are there so many bugs this year? I don't enjoy my goalkeeper wearing the #9. Why can't you make an engine with real physics, instead of the ball being 'attached' to a player? I eagerly await your response.



Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


Will you ever fix NHL18? Online play frequently resets, if playing circuit threes with a friend then I go back to my own the unlocks earned with friends aren't there, my name displays as my friend's name, and my team logos and management change to his. There are countless other bugs but the game has been out for a while and is still completely broken.


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!




Well then they are idiots cuz they’re doing it!


Doing an AMA right now would be a trainweck. The game will come out, people will buy it, and everyone will forget about this in a few months.

Also keep in mind that alot of amazing games have been released in 2017. Just go play something else people.


Well it’s a train wreck they’re getting on board for! See y’all Wednesday!


Lol people really think EA cares. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

500million in sales in the first week just tells them that no one cares and that they are in the right especially since the only thing they care about is money.


I mean, they care enough to dedicate a team to running an AMA.


aaaaand crickets.


They are doing an AMA after all you know.




Well, as a community I trust that people can see through that. My philosophy is to give people enough rope to hang themselves with.


How much are they paying you? The AMA is going to be full of mouthbreathing, astroturfing EA interns.


Zero dollars and zero cents. But I would take their money if any was offered. Gotta pay for college somehow.


I actually wanna see a u/EACommunityTeam AMA and even though this is funny, the request is probably too hostile for them to even consider doing it. I'm no advocate of EA, I hate their destructive corporate side as much as anyone else, but I feel a more neutral and less hateful request would increase the chances of them actually doing one. Also the inclusion of CD Projekt Red in the discussion would be a PR nightmare for them lol


They did agree to it! It’s definitely hostile but people feel that way and I won’t sugarcoat the way people feel. People are angry, they need to face that or they will NEVER get beyond this.


From them In fact, this Wednesday we’d like you to join us for a Reddit AMA with some of the key leads on our team. Stay tuned to our social channels for more info on the AMA, and our blog for continual updates on what we’re seeing, hearing and adjusting in the game.

Holy shit guys we did it


Holy shit guys, we did it!


How do they have 10k plus in positive karma?


This question has been asked a billion times, it’s not a conspiracy. Check out r/help they can explain how karma works here


How do you respond to the tweet the EA Community Manager sent out calling fans "Arm chair developers"? From your side, does there not seem to be issues with SW:B2?


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


"I cordially invite you to suck it." Is getting added to my list of bad winner moments


Add it. Go ahead. Too many people accused me of karma whoring or insisted it would never happen.


Do you honestly expect them to come back when most, if not all of the complaints are incoherent crying and juvenile bitching? The reddit gaming community is toxic and if they wanted to help swing change like they imply they need to learn a bit of maturity. Nothing will change until that happens.

Inb4 downvotes.


They are coming back, so, while your criticisms are still overall valid IMO, we can still be agents of change if we band together.


My only question is why are you trying to ruin the gaming industry?


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


How is it that, they have gained like -50k on that one comment, yet their comment karma has gone up by 1k points.

Super confused.


Check our on r/help how karma works


I think I missed the root of everything, but why is everyone hating on EA lately? What happened?


Maybe check somewhere like r/outoftheloop for a full explanation


You'd have more luck trying to prove unicorns exist


Too bad luck isn’t the only determining factor of success else I may have found a unicorn today instead


Look, I'm not trying to defend EA. I pretty pissed about the whole situation too. But if you seriously want to understand their side of things, you could try using less pointed, leading questions.


Do you have suggestions to add some more neutral sounding questions?




Dude I actually want to hear someone else’s side on this and I’m being accused of karma whoring? Ugh I wanted to reply to everyone in one fell swoop once I was out of classes but your comment just pissed me off. If they get enough attention they may be driven to action, they just broke the most downvoted comment record because their bad press is so extreme.


they are probably doing research and marketing on this question and find the % of lost.


I hope so!


Strongly biased, passive-aggressive questions. Not a real AMA request, just karma whoring.



It is a legit request, and we’re getting a legit AMA from it! Report away.


OP works for EA


OP doesn’t even have a college degree yet but would happily take their money if offered. Sadly, no money has been offered.


Don't tell em about CD... they finna buy them and shut em down now


You legitimately made my laugh


A big IF this ever happens, remember two things:

  1. There are some hard-working and good people who work at EA and aren't involved with the decisions making process which lead us to where we are now. Knowing that, please be polite and respectful when asking questions.

  2. If you really want to get back at EA, don't buy the game. Cancel pre-orders, send a tweet explaining why and tell your friends who are considering buying the game why you are not.


Not a big if, it’s happening!


A much easier and less hostile approach (all these questions has direct hostility in them, no company nor person would ever respond, horrible PR move) is to not buy the game. Then you can simply tweet @EA or whatever that you'd like to buy the game, but you refuse to support the business model. If you've bought the game, request a refund and state that you can't support the business model.

All these emotions are completely unnecessary. EA hasn't killed your family, they've released a video game with a customer hostile business model. And that's why I am not buying it. Simple as.


I mean, maybe it is a horrible PR move for them, but they’re doing an AMA...


This is a sensitive issue and has been passed on to the respective people here at ElectronicArts. As of yet we may not reply but we are in discussions as to what may be done.


Thank you for your response, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Really though? Death threats are a thing now because of anger due to a video game?


That is SO not okay.




Except we’re going to get a response and it’s not turning out like that at all?


kid from my old highschool's mom works for EA. he gets unlimited digital download games for free and sells the codes.


Are you offering some or just bragging?


I know you're all riding the meme high of "sticking it to EA." But here's the thing: nobody at EA cares about what happened. Not even a little. Because their game is currently selling and making them money, and they will continue to do this.

So keep memeing reddit, no ones listening.


Then why are they doing an AMA?


This is like trying to convince your ex you're ready to talk and then just screaming at them for 2 hours. Why would they ever do this?


I dunno, ask them Wednesday


Is it just a matter of profit?

The only question is; does player enjoyment even factor into decisions at EA?

Because we know profit is their number one driving force, they meet the bare MINIMUM quality standard for a release before crapping it out into the public.


Hey, I plan to edit my post later with questions like yours, so that the execs see them. If I miss yours, feel free to PM me about it!


The real tragedy is that you still care about games that EA puts out.

Time and time and time again, they show that they only care about making money, and yet you delude yourself into the idea that you can change their mind.

You can't, you won't, and it's not going to change.

What you need to do, is stop buying their games. Not because you're trying to starve them, but because you need to STOP CARING about the abusive assholes, that are EA. Just like any other abusive relationship, you NEED TO LEAVE.

There are THOUSANDS of other games that aren't made by EA, and in that heap of gaming, I'm sure you will find plenty of interesting things to do. Things that won't involve worrying about how EA is screwing you over, yet again.

So, do yourself a favour, and stop caring about EA, because they never cared about you.


I love the Dragon Age franchise and I will fight for it to be preserved. I may lose that fight, but I will still fight.


They won't...... Its not a good marketing tool


See you Wednesday, where they in fact will


I study PR and I can tell you what they are gonna do. The same as they've always done: ignore it. EA has never needed to face the music because they can constantly keep their audience distracted. They will pump out all this free dlc for BF2 and abandon the game and instantly start hyping up their launch for the next game. Doesn't matter if they have the most downvoted comment in history, or if they've been voted the worst company however many times. So long as they can keep launching games people Want, there are suckers out there who will buy them


You told me wrong, oh all knowing student of PR. AMA this Wednesday!


Edit it again- The post is now over -650k downvotes


This thread has officially gotten away from me


Lmao no one is gonna answer these lab report style summary questions


Maybe they won’t respond directly, but they’re doing an AMA!


EA would be stupid to do an AMA. Reddit is just going to tear everything they say to shreds. It's a waste of time for all involved.


Guess they’re stupid then


Honestly, this entire thing would be a farce if it actually happened. They'll either ignore any and all questions which have even a modicum of criticism towards EA in it, and beyond that, there's no way the PR team of a company like EA would ever comment on the company's business model.

But that's all irrelevant, as they'll never agree to do an AMA in the first place.


Never say never! See ya Wednesday


HAHAHA why the fuck would they come back when they know everyone will downvote their stuff. Reddit thinks way too highly of its self to not get outraged


Ask them that Wednesday!


I dont think EA cares enough to answer this AMA


Well... they do. See ya Wednesday!


I am a former gaming Community Manager that has worked for EA (roundabout) on a Star Wars property.

They will never answer the questions you've asked. It doesn’t help that your questions are far outside of what a Community Team does or would have knowledge of or control over.


What questions would be in their purview?


Those EA guys ain't coming for an AMA. They are going to get nothing but 2 hours of spew of hate. Even if they give a decent answer, the audience responses are still going to be hate filled....


See you Wednesday at said AMA they “ain’t coming for”


I hope this doesn't get buried. Best way to make EA listen to us is to boycott all the streams of their games. We can ask our favourite streamer not to play any EA game. Let me explain why. You know sale of any game is based on all the hype build around it. And streamers plays a huge role in building that hype. Their early access to games make people think "OMG This game look so sick and the video has 1 million views I bet everyone is gonna buy this game, so I must too It would be so cool to show this to my friends" Don't believe me ? Look at the success of PUBG. Main reason of its success is streamers. So, guys i request you to stop sale of EA games ask your favourite streamers to stop streaming them. As there will be no hype around it n one would buy it. Please guys spread this message.


You’re not buried in one of my threads! I read everything, even if I don’t respond.


what kind of stupid circlejerk post is this? You say "I think it would be really interesting to try and hear their side" and then just post a bunch of totally loaded questions. This post is a fucking waste of time, you even use a question just to jerk-off CD Projekt Red.

Do you really think this post accomplishes anything? like this is honestly pathetic


It accomplished getting an AMA, sooo...


"Before you have a revolt on your hands" are you fucking delusional?

The vocal minority on Reddit makes up such a small fraction of sales it is quite literally a joke. Get a reality check mate, nothing redditors say or do will have any impact on EAs decisions or sales


They’re at least having an AMA. It’s a start.


This shit is embarrassing at this point, guys. If you actually believe any corporation would throw their CM to the wolves and allow them to take something like this on you're out of your collective minds.

Also, the people who "hate EA" and have such strong feelings about the issues you are bringing up are a fraction of a percentage of the overall player base, for EA games and video games in general. I know you guys are all here in your nicely insulated echo chamber where mistakes and issues with your favorite games are enormous, world-ending problems, but very few people outside of internet forums like this one care about EA's behavior. Otherwise they would not be one of the fastest-growing companies on the planet.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that you should get a job and enter the real world with the rest of us, because I can't imagine anyone with any real adult responsibilities has the time or energy to complain about this kind of inconsequential bullshit.


Well, I’m sure you’ll be too busy to participate in the Wednesday AMA, what with your fancy real world job and all.


EA reps can't speak out it's againt their contract. Besides you think some rich guy gives a shit about Reddit let alone have an account?


I guess they do give a shit...


Hope you didn't expect to get an actual ama out of this post lol. "I'm going to completely flame the shit out of you, wanna respond?"


I did expect it and I will get it. On Wednesday in fact.




They give enough of a shit to do an AMA


I feel like Ive never seen an AMA Request that results in an AMA. They just seem like pointless spam on the sub.


Unless the community rallies, like they did here. Don’t underestimate people!




Seriously dude look at how karma works on Reddit. These comments are getting old. They didn’t pay anyone.


One of the most beloved gaming companies used to be Bioware until EA stepped in and shat on them


I love Dragon Age, a Bioware game, and that’s my main problem with EA. They better not ruin that franchise for me.


Forget Electronic Arts.

Don't buy their products.

It's that simple, everyone.


But they have the rights to some good franchises. We can still save the future!

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