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[Ama Request] with a former member of Kids Bop

Questions for a former Kids Bop member.

  1. How did you get a role in Kids Bop?

  2. When you were in Kids Bop what did you think of the music you produced?

  3. Are you still in the music or acting business and if so how did being in Kids Bop affect your career?

  4. If you have or had a child, would you encourage them to pursue a role in Kids Bop?

  5. If you had the chance to go back in time would you not join Kids Bop?

Edit: I've included the Twitter links for former Kids Bop members below


Grant Knoche

Noah Munck

February 23rd 2018
interview date

Canadian here, so no Kids Bop (Didn't even know it existed) but I do know somebody from Mini Pop, which is PRETTY much the exact same thing. I can try and contact them if you'd like?

EDIT: I sent him a mesaage. His name is Jake Donaldson, go check him out on Instagram and all that jazz, hes pretty frikin cool!!


Yes please! I am Canadian too and I just figured I’d go with the US Variant but Mini POP would certainly be just as good.

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