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Hi Reddit, it’s Gary Vaynerchuck! Many of you may not know, but I am a huge baseball card collector. I have been curating my collection since I was super young. My AMA with Topps is LIVE for National Baseball Card Day. AMA!

Hi Reddit! I’m Gary Vaynerchuk. I am a CEO, vlogger, investor, media mogul, and sportscard collector. AMA about baseball cards to celebrate National Baseball Card Day with Topps!

Before I took over my family’s wine business, I was obsessed with the baseball card hustle. I’ve traded, curated, and even gotten to design my own packs. I just got back from the National Sports Collectors Convention and am very excited for the new wave of baseball cards fans. Shout out to Topps for sponsoring this forum. Ask me anything!

P.S. This year on August 10th, Topps will be giving away FREE packs of baseball cards at Target, Walmart, and local hobby shops because they’re awesome. If you’re looking to build your collection, you never know what card you’ll pull.

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August 8th 2019
interview date

I have a topps Sandy Koufax Cy Young rookie card in mint condition what’s it worth?


If it’s graded in great condition, it could be in the ballpark of 8k-12k, that would need to be graded very high. I recommend getting it graded by PSA, SGC, or Beckett.


What data do you look when factoring if something is flippable?


Frequency of completed sales, intuition of performance of that player on the field, intuition of cultural events like world cups, the dynamic in the arbitrage of buying good players during the offseason when people aren't thinking about them, mark key events like Sunday night football, human interest opportunities like overcoming adversity or winning a championship in a big city


What is your all-time favourite baseball card?


1990 Leaf Frank Thomas


Hi Gary this is an AMA so presumably I don’t have to ask about baseball. How do you block out the negativity without blocking out those individuals entirely?


By playing inside your own head and not overvaluing people on the outside. Blocking people on social media is a bandaid - you can't block the world. You have to focus on yourself first and create validation within yourself, not from the outside.


What made you get started collecting baseball cards?


i started liking baseball in 1983 and one of the kids in my neighborhood only came in the summer eric conrad also collected and would come for the summers to visit his dad. We started collecting together and it grew from there.


Where do you think is the best place to sell baseball cards?


ebay stands out for me now. if you're big enough you can have a shopify store, or comc.


How much is my 1989 Gregg Jeffries rated rookie worth? Near mint condition.


Less than a dollar


Have you ever played Magic: the gathering?


I haven't - when it started popping in the mid 90s, I was already transitioning out of sports cards into wine but I dabbled in it a bit. I appreciate the passion of the community!


Do you collect with a budget in mind? Part of the thrill for me buying a box is knowing I only have so much to spend. As you've made the money you have how has it changed collecting for you?

Come hangout on r/baseballcards sometime


It's changed a lot - I used to deal with 100s and now I get to deal with in a lot more than that. However, "the game" is what I care about - no matter how little or how much money you have when you are trying to make smart investments in flip, you're always looking for the opportunity and the arbitrage. I obviously can afford more expensive cards but it doesn't mean I'm gonna waste my money.


What is the best way to sell a large (50k+ cards and autographs) collection?


If you're trying to maximize dollars and you're willing to take time to break it apart and sell it on eBay that's a great option - reaching out to sports card stores and finding collectors on social or going to large sports conventions


What's the solution to PSA grading of cards in countries like Australia that don't have the access US consumers do?


I think it's an opportunity where you can spend the money on shipping and have the resale value in your market - I think there's an even bigger opportunity for people overseas


Hey Gary. Not baseball card related but I’m pouncing on the opportunity of asking you a question. I’m a 23 year old, currently working at Best Buy. And believe it or not I feel like I’ve wasted way too many years already and wish I would’ve started really grinding earlier. What advice would you give someone just getting started in entrepreneurship. Specifically in audio production. and how to get heard. I put out a lot of content. But can’t seem to reach anybody’s ears to even get the ball rolling?


First of all, stop dwelling because you're a CHILD!!

You're not deploying enough patience. I was putting out content for 5-6 hours a day years ago and wasn't "being heard" - it takes real work.


What do you think the future of Devin Booker Prizm cards is going to look like?


im pretty bullish on devin booker. i think he's absolutely on my short list of people to invest in.


Any thoughts on the Pokemon cards I held onto thinking it would pay off?


If they're the right cards in the right condition, my early thoughts are that you did a really good job


Gary, do you like the new madden?


Don't know, haven't played madden since 1994


Hey, Gary! If you could give one advice for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Give more than you take


What is your plan for Pokemon cards?


To spend the next 3 - 6 months getting very educated and then coming up w/ a strategy


Hey Gary! Got a question for us Card collectors in Europe, how can we grade our cards, since the 2 main services for that are in the US. Also, how to know the market price of a trading card? If you answer, thankyou so much! ^


I think you overpay for shipping because I think of supply and demand. Like a similar question, I answered in this forum. Life is about alternatives, there's no grading company thus you have to ship it and pay more for shipping, and I think it's worth it. Because I think you will have some advantages by having graded cards in a market that others don't.

I'm a big fan of using Ebay completed auction.


What set do you recommend for those who like to buy packs and build sets?

I enjoyed that in the 80s and 90s. Today all packs I see are cost prohibitive for collecting. Card packs today seem more like lotto tickets to find generated collectibles.


I think there is a lot of truth in this statement, so my answer would be whatever is the lowest-cost cards are on the market and if all of them are too cost-prohibitive then the card company has done a bad job of pricing you out of the market.


What’s the way you’re advancing your knowledge of sports card investing outside of eBay comps? Ie what’s a non traditional way to up your insight and see around corners to make some good bets on appreciating cards?


going to card shows.


Where do you think you can find cards with the best margin available to flip?


Consistently on eBay if you get thoughtful about looking at completed items - or at very large sports card shows on weekends, or occasionally at Facebook marketplace or garage sales.


What’s your top long term play card investment and why?


I'm extremely bullish on 1961 Fleer basketball cards - Jerry West, Wilt, Oscar - I'm also really passionate about oddball sets, icee 1974 basketball, 1968 sugar daddy, 1989 converse basketball. Oddball sets made by non top card companies have an incredible supply and demand opportunity.


What advice would you give to someone who knows nothing about card trading but wants to get into it? What’s the best way to learn and get started?


go on internet forums - a lot of good ones. spend countless hours on ebay completed auctions and follow mine and other peoples social medias that discuss this topic and read every answer of this Reddit AMA.


What was your mentality as a kid collecting and what have you learned to collect now?


I realized this last weekend at the national that it hasn't changed much - it's the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the flip, and seeing if I can see things others don't see.


Is there a potential bubble happening with a rush of new “collectors” getting in to invest? If we’re all investing I bet it heats up but then falls flat. Hoping that’s not the case!


That's always the case in every market - there's always a time when something's underpriced and a time when something's overpriced. I'm bullish over the next 18 months, but it's obvious that cycle will eventually downturn - just like with everything else.


What is your outlook for the value of baseball cards in 15-20 years ?


bullish - i am bullish with what i’ve learned on the homework i’ve done for this new cycle. they will always be around in some shape or form. there will soft times and great times. I’m getting loud now, however if people are sitting on too much they will be caught. i don’t know if we will be on the up swing or down swing in the next 15-20 years, but if you invest in the right players, or right cards you will be in a nice spot. you never want to put yourself in a bad spot financially with a collection that you can't liquidate.


Do you think Mickey Mantle cards are going to continue to climb or is this the time to sell?


Continue to climb - the next 18 months will be a huge growth in the market of sports cards and this one will continue to climb in value.


Hey Gary, I noticed that your buying big on Prizm football and basketball going psa 10 on the base - are you an auto guy or just recommending the prizm 10’s on the later years as it has most room for growth?


Im more educated right now on vintage cards than I am on inserts and autos, I tend to not want to do things I don't understand. I plan on understanding a lot more about inserts and short runs over the next year.


What's your most treasured card?


None, I don't really have a PC (personal collection) I'm in it for the hunt and the flip, I don't collect for the memorabilia


What strategies have you experimented with in terms of investing? Buying raw on eBay and grading? So far I’m 9/12 on potential PSA 10s - some risk with people picking through cards.

Or are you buying graded you think are undervalued?

Or boxes?

Also how do you value different card products? Ie Prizm vs Optic contenders - just eBay comps?


I do both, both raw and graded are interesting to me.

Yes - it is. But it's also trying to anticipate which card will become the long term most sought after - just like I did back in the day with Topp's Fleer & Donruss. That's the fun of the game, trying to anticipate the market conditions.


What cards are you most excited about now?


Vintage basketball, soccer (or proper football as most of you in the world call it), wrestling. I think all 3 of these are underpriced against the current and future demand - and that's why I'm investing in them. AKA as more and more people get into sports cards the next 5 years, I think those 3 sports for entertainment, have the most to gain because of the current popularity in society


Hey Gary, I'm from Brazil and I'm flipping stuff to produce my feature film, I just wanted to say thank you.

But since Reddit forces me to ask a question: Is hiring digital influencers to produce content for your brand a good strategy? (Jab part only, not right hook)


Yes and no. There are a lot of underprices influencers and a lot of overpriced influencers, so being educated on which ones which is the key


How do you think digital playing cards will impact the physical card market? Is there a play for online trading card games?


its something i think a lot about. Ithink theres a place for both to co exist. the reality is im not sure yet. im looking forward to seeing digital cards at scale so i can get my first taste of it.


Are sports cards going to replace cash as a street currency?


If the nostalgia or personal isn't a factor in your collecting, how do you think solely-economic collectors affect the market? Baseball is an ageing market, how do you think this affects trading (capital vs. time)?


I think that this is a great observation - I actually think most of the market is not emotional and they are strictly there for business and that's why I'm bullish on soccer, basketball, wrestling more so than baseball because of those aging dynams and the youthful energy of the other 3


Do you think the same of the Gatorade Zion Card 1/1s? I could see them being a novelty in 20 years if Zion lives up to expectations!


I don't know the production run on that card. Unlike novelty cards from the 60s & 70s where most of them got damaged. My intuition is that every Zion Gatorade card that's made will be held in good condition and if it's mass-produced that's the watch out for the max upside longterm.



With Zion this season - how many cases of Prizm are you gonna buy?


I'm gonna speculate heavily on Zion - more for the flip, because Zion is gonna be one of the hottest cards since Lebron James. The gambling aspect of opening up cards and trying to pull very expensive cards is a lot of fun. It's not the best investment move, but it's definitely the most exciting "action" move in this hobby.


Top tips for closing a deal with an attorney?




Hi Gary! Big fan!

My dad passed away and I have his old card collection spanning from the 70’s into the early 90’s. It’s tens of thousands of cards. Box sets, 3D cards, thousands of loose cards, you name it. I don’t know where to begin and was wondering if you could give me some advice?



Ebay completed items. Searching and going to Ebay completed items to see what they are actually worth - is a great way to start. Or, find a trusted friend that knows something about cards and show it to them. Or, hit me up on social media @garyvee and give me 15-20 pictures and videos and I'll give u a sense


Hey Gary! Hey Gary! I'm a young flipper and have started to make some money. At what point do I need to worry about taxes, fees from ebay,paypall and shit like that ? I'm flipping cards so at some point do I need to register as a business? Thanks!


yes, start thinking about that now.


You inspired me to get back in the the basketball card game. What would you say are the sleeper basketball players to invest in?


John Collins in Atlanta, De'aaron Fox, Kevin Huerter, Shai Gilgeous Alexander, Mitchell Robinson


Do you think some cards are worth more purely because of the look / design? Or is it purely a larger supply?


I think visuals have a play - but I do think supply and demand and performance on the field trump look and design


Why do you think baseball card collecting is still popular? It’s basically just cardboard photos, no?


nostalgia, i think it's inherently over the last 100 years it has been something that people have been willing to collect and during those times its been times when its niche and nerdy. i think we're on the verge of it being neat and fun. it reminds them of a similar time.


How much would a 1955 Topps #2 Ted Williams card go for? I see different prices all over the internet.


if its graded it can go from as low as 70 to 4000+


Favorite team to collect?


None - I'm not emotional


This is not a baseball card specific related question... more so a niche collector sports question. I have an Elite 8 signed Davidson posted from Stephen Curry and I am wondering how do you go about finding a market for that on eBay and it’s value?


looking at ebay completed auctions. you may not find it in completed auction but thats a good start. you can put it on social media and see how people are going about that.


Hey Gary, when flipping, do you have a set amount you recommend reinvesting in picking up product to flip? And do you have preferred outlets to source products from?


as much as possible because i think the market is hot and i think reinvesting is always the right move. My preferred outlet is Ebay.


Will beanie babies be as popular as it was back then and replace crypto?

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