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I am a 17 year old protest medic for the on-going Hong Kong protests, I helped treat a lot of injured protesters while they were protesting. AMA.

Hello there Reddit, I opened this account just to start this AMA for personal security reasons. With how the situation is progressing, I think that not even the volunteer medics will be spared.

I saw that other post where a protester set up an AMA and thought that maybe I could chime in as well.

I've been at the protests during weekends and holidays since I'm also currently in secondary school. I've witnessed first hand the injuries sustained by the protesters due to their participation in the movement and have been in a few situations where I almost got arrested.

You can ask me stuff about the injuries I've treated, my background, my opinions about the protests, or what I had for breakfast, anything goes :)

Here's a picture of my EMS vest along with my first aid certification in the cardholder, helmet, goggles, and 3M respirator as proof, let me know if you need more proof and I'll do my best to accommodate!

I will be answering questions as they keep coming in, so give me all ya got.

EDIT: Sorry for the clumsy title, I used the word protest 4 times in the same sentence oops

EDIT 2: I'm gonna go ahead and eat dinner, Ill be back to answering questions in an hour or so (7:42 PM HK time), thanks for all the questions so far guys!


A lot of people are asking me how I'm qualified to be a medic at 17. The word medic here is used loosely since Hong Kong people don't really see the term "medic" as anything more than "person who gives medical assistance" I'm sorry if that miscommunication led to some people thinking that I'm claiming to be a paramedic when I never was. I'm also going to give some details about my medical background as that seems to be an issue with a lot of people.

I am 17, and as soon as I was 13 my mom had started to push me to take medical and first aid related classes because (oh the stereotype) she wanted me to become a doctor. So I got my first aid certificate when I was 13. I gained a lot of interest in emergency medicine and I voluntarily signed up for a lot of different classes relating to medicine by various organizations (ITLS military + PHTLS). I had started providing event first aid with a local ambulance organization immediately after I got my first aid cert and started volunteering for the ambulance service when I turned 16. The highest certification I have is emergency medical responder, and I'm planning to get my EMT-B with a private organisation here as soon as I get enough money.

Is this enough qualification to be volunteering on the frontlines? I know a lot of people who have much less than me and a lot of people who have much more experience than me. Which is much like the situation with the protesters, some are there and are only willing to chant or sing, but others are there throwing molotovs and slinging shit at cops. But honestly, we're all just volunteers, and we're all just doing what we can to help the movement in the way that we can the best, and we're all stepping up cause we're all Hong Kongers.



If you guys want to donate to our cause these 3 methods are the best way to do it

  • Donate directly to frontline medical teams and protesters (PM me and Ill get you in touch)
  • Donate to legal aid organisations such as 星火聯盟 (FB Page: message them and ask for ways to donate)
  • Donate to local press organisations (Hong Kong Free Press, Apple Daily are good choices, Stand News I heard was in danger of running out of funds)
  • Visit r/HongKong and read their pinned post


Due to an influx of people commenting and asking questions about HK, u/k0ella, u/Stand_With_HongKong and u/electr9 will be helping me answer some of them :)

I'll be heading off to take a break now, Ill continue answering later on if I can, Ill be focusing on replying to messages and DMs now :) Thanks for all the questions

October 9th 2019
interview date

Are you afraid that the police might attack or interrupt you or your fellow medics? Is it a dangerous job in terms of getting recognized and then detained by the police?


Oh yeah we definitely are, everytime we travel to protest areas we pray that we don't get searched or encounter roadblocks (if we go by car) because there have been a few incidences where people have been arrested just because they have a reflective vest. There was a more notable incident where a protest in Tuen Mun saw mass arrest of first aiders despite them only being there to treat the wounded regardless of their political affiliations.

As for being attacked or interrupted, there have been an incident where a first aider being arrested had his arm broken by the police while he was on the ground, and another incident where a volunteer first aider was denied access to an MTR station to treat an unconscious man despite begging and pleading and agreeing to be arrested just as long as he is allowed to treat the unconscious guy. It really sucks that we get treated like this.


First, thank you. You're an inspiring young man and a hero for what you're doing.

And for the question. In your opinion, do you think there will be any long-term psychological harm for protestors in addition to their physical wounds? Most of the protestors look so young...

Anyway, keep on fighting the good fight and thanks again!


Thank you, I really appreciate it :)

As for long-term psychological harm. I've heard lots of reports of insomnia and anxiety amongst the protesters, but I think a bigger issue would be suicides (I'm referring to the suicides that occurred at the start of the movement, and not the suspicious as fuck suicides that cops keep ruling as no foul play) since for a lot of the protesters, especially the younger ones, they're fighting for the future, and seeing China encroach on their freedoms might not do too good for their mental health.

We've already seen a few suicides happen at the start of the movement that received a lot of attention and rendered them martyrs. This might be used as reasoning for a person who isn't in the best headspace to go ahead and end their lives. Just speculation though, I'm no psychiatrist.


How are things like over there right now ? Cause we can't really trust what we're reading nowadays, can we ?


Honestly we're all pretty scared right now, but I would say everyday life is pretty normal right now with the exception of shops, malls, and restaurants closing earlier during the past few days due to MTR disruption, and much less mainland tourists in usually touristy places.

Although life is normal with a few exceptions, we all know that this movement is going to do nothing but escalate until there is a concrete response by the government to our 5 demands. The Anti-Mask Law is possibly the most stupid thing a government has ever done in response to an already escalating social movement. Now it's obvious that Carrie Lam's withdrawal of the Extradition Law Amendment Bill, her promise of a dialogue on an open platform with the people, and her supposed desire to understand the plights of the citizens of Hong Kong were merely tactics to somehow quell the masses before the 70th Anniversary of the PRC on 1st of October.

We all know that everything is going to escalate, and hopefully then the government will understand that they serve us, and not the other way around.


As someone actually there what is something that the media has not shown? Not meaning this to be a jab at the media but just in the sense that you are actually on the ground.


That they're not actually "city-wide protest" in the sense that the entire city has become a battlefield (hopefully we don't come to that). Even in the most severe protests, the clashes usually occur in a limited area, and is then moved depending on where the protesters decide to go or where the police is coming from. It's not really the city halting, everything destroying, mass disruptions everywhere as a lot of the media is making it out to be. I can go an entire day without realising protests are happening if I were at home and didn't check the news or social media. The impact I suppose comes from a massive decrease in tourism due to Mainland people being scared to come down.


First of all, keep up the good work. You are a hero.

In one of the responses you mentioned parents cutting off money to their children due to their involvement in the protests. And you have already mentioned in your post that you are yourself still in secondary school. Do you have dependency on parents/guardians for things like money and shelter, and if yes, how has their attitude been towards your involvement?


Thanks for the compliment man, I really appreciate it, but we're all just doing what we can to help :)

I don't have a job, so yes, I still depend on my parent for living allowance. She doesn't know about my involvement, but she's heavily pro-government so I'm planning to keep her ignorance that way. If my mom knew that I was participating then I'd probably get kicked out of the house, but my dad knows and I think he's pretty cool with it, just worried about my safety.


Are protest medics targeted if seen by going Kong police? Why dont you think the police are participating if they are also affected by what you're fighting for?


Yes, there was a case a while back where a first aider was going to a protest and was arrested because he had a hi-vis first aid vest.

I don't think they are participating because

1) They need the job and can't leave because of their family

2) They would get targeted and shamed by their friends, families, and colleagues if they left their jobs, people in police jobs tend to be from police families

3) It's been too long since the protests have started, many of them have developed an Us vs Them attitude towards the protesters (same for us with the police) and can't see that the real villain here is the government


Is there some kind of central administration or organization for support staff like medics? How do you coordinate where medics are needed, supplies, etc?


Nope, no central administration whatsoever, that would just make it easier for the government latch onto us and take down our humanitarian operation. As far as how we coordinate who needs what supplies, we receive them and use them amongst our own team, and if we have spare, we hand them out at the frontlines to other teams, occasionally the team leaders of different teams would get together and discuss strategy and ask for supplies and such, but no significant coordination other than that.


What's the most serious injury you've seen?


In terms of pain, it was this protester who scraped the back of his calves while building a roadblock and then proceeded to have that wound pepper-sprayed by the police while running away. In terms of severity it was when the police released tear gas near this semi open-air building that everyone ran into when escaping the police, a guy didn't have goggles nor respirator and lost consciousness after inhaling too much of it without being able to run away, he ended up regaining consciousness and carried away to safety by 2 other protesters


What are the forces that drive and motivate the protestors to continue such demonstrations, even if their safety is at stake, and even though the government has put in harsh laws? Do you think that the protests would start to die down eventually?


Their futures, many of the protesters will be middle aged when 2047 comes around, we're all worried about how we're going to be treated when China fully controls us. We see what they're doing to the Tibetans and Uyghurs and we fear that it might happen to us if we don't resist


Are there any sympathetic police officers/officials for these protests? People who you didn't expect to support your cause?


Yep, definitely there was an interview a while ago about from an anonymous police officer who supports the Hong Kong protest, dude couldn't leave his job because he feared humiliation and retribution from colleagues. Also there have been a few mainlanders who voiced their support for us anonymously


I wonder how a 17-year old has gotten any medical or paramedical responsibilities. How does that work?


We're not official government medical or paramedical services, all first aid volunteers on the front lines are there on a voluntary basis. I decided to join the protests as a medic because of the knowledge that I've gained from taking trauma classes and also volunteering for an ambulance service. Many of the volunteer medics only have a first aid cert which I don't think is nearly enough training to be on the frontlines, but with everything that's going on, we'll take what we get.

On another note, there was a survey done by a protester organisation regarding first aiders in the protest, and they found that around 30% of respondents claimed that they were first aiders who were under the age of 18, which I think is pretty interesting if not worrying.


Watching the many videos I see posted online, the police seem to be half terrified and half not knowing what they are doing with a few exceptions. From your experience, are the police at all organized or being led? Or, are they just handed batons and told to go swing them at random? I look at their body language and movement and it really looks like they are untrained thugs in uniforms.

It just looks like they’re out there going after anything that moves rather than the claim that they’re trying to keep control.


Organized? No. I think a lot of the time they're lashing out emotionally due to the amount of crap they get everyday. Some people speculate that some of the officers are really mainland officers sent down to Hong Kong so they have more man power. So yeah, I really do agree with what you're saying.


Hi kind sir. Hats off to you and your passion and bravery.

I will be having a planned visit there in HK. It was booked a year ago and I am not planning to cancel it. Are the popular tourist spots affected? ie Disneyland, Oceanpark? how about the mode of transportation there?

Respectfully asking also if you have points for a would-be tourist like me? I read that we should avoid wearing a plain white shirt? how true is that?

thank you bery much and stay safe!


Popular tourist spots should actually be more enjoyable now that literally 90% of mainland tourists are gone, as for transport options theyre probably going to be affected the most during protest times that are mostly during the weekend. The MTR would probably be the most affected, but still plenty of other ways to get around in Hong Kong. Wearing white shouldn't be a problem and if you look foreign and wear white that should be even less of a problem.

Ask me if you've got any more questions, I recommend anyone who wants updated english language information about the protests to download Telegram (a chat app) and join the Guardians of HK group chat through this link:


Has your role as a protest medic changed how you view the protests?


I guess it made me a lot more of aware of the way that Hong Kong Police can infringe upon basic human rights. They not only deny treatment of severely injured protesters by protest medics, but arrest them en masse and justify themselves by saying that we're just protesters pretending to be medics (to somehow get preferential treatment from the Police)


Be safe. You're a good person.

My question is: From what you seen and what has happened thus far, do you see all this ending any time soon? And what about the people who aren't protesting or against the protest? What is their stance? Do you see more support from them or the opposite?


I dont think this will be ending anytime soon, I think anyone who is still neutral at this stage are probably privately on one side but scared to voice their opinions out because of their situation. I think most people who aren't protesting or against us are restricted by their family situation, HK parents are crazy


What do you carry in your first aid kit?


Not a comprehensive list but:

- Gauze pad, varying sizes

- Roller bandages, varying sizes

- Medical tape

- Triangular bandage

- Sam splint

- Lots and lots of normal saline

- Burn dressing

- NPAs

- Pressure bandages

- CAT tourniquet

- Combat gauze

- Hyfin vented chest seal

- spo2 monitor

- portable bp cuff

- Bandages

- Dextrose tablets

- Mylar blanket

- Lollipop for kids who get scared

- Instant cold packs, sports spray

Theres more but right now we severely lack trauma supplies


Keep on doing the good work. My good friend and her husband have been driving people/supplies around and she's been helping in the "medical centres" because she's a vet.

Have you been mostly on the frontlines or do you also help out in the centres too?


I've actually taken the cars a few times to get home, so thanks a lot to your friend and her husband.

I'm usually a bit behind the frontlines, never been to a centre to help


What can we do for you?


I would say you can try to get in touch with local first aid teams or protester groups and donate to them directly, or you can donate money to volunteer legal aid groups like 星火聯盟. You can also try and raise awareness locally by setting up Lennon Walls or holding marches.


What do you think needs to be done for china to finally back off?

Does China have anymore “ military parades” lined up across the bridge.


I don't really know if China would ever back off, and a lot of us still go in and support the protest despite knowing that we probably don't stand a chance. We would rather die free than live life as a slave


First of all, i'm amazed by the courage you guys have!

Second of all, at the start of my citizenship and philosophy class we take 5-10 minutes to discuss world events. What should i actually bring to the subject? What's the most important things that have happened? And thridly, what did you have for breakfast?

Thanks for doing this AMA, good luck!


Maybe you should talk about the abuse of power by the police: overuse of force, arbitrary arrests, and negligence of human rights. Do some research on that and maybe you'll find something to talk about r/FuckHKPopo is a good place to start


are you not afraid of showing what i assume is an id badge?


It's the backside of my first aid certificate and doesn't have any identifying information on it, thanks for the concern though.


Who's been the most supportive of your cause and actions?


Probably my girlfriend or my dad, they're both lovely and wonderful people who worry about me constantly and are supportive of what I do


can protestors go to the hospital? or would the police be waiting there to arrest them?


We have telegram groups that give us bidaily updates on which ERs are safe to go to and which are staffed by pro gov teams


If I may ask, what is the most common injury?


Probably scratches, bruises, and tear gas and pepper spray related injuries. Burns are also quite common


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pro-China echobox :)


Are you planning to go to university after secondary school?


Yep, planning on applying to medicine or biomedical sciences


Since you made your account just for this AMA I'm guessing you're (understandably) worried about getting this traced back to you. Any other steps you took to make sure any Chinese governmental instance can't trace this back?

Mainly asking out of concern, as making a new account will probably not be enough.

Ignore this if you already have something protecting your IP, but I'd recommend only using a public machine on a public connection or using a VPN.


I have a VPN!!! :)


Have you ever been injured by the police?


Not directly, I'm pretty sensitive to tear gas so there was this one time where it lead to a continuous burning feeling on my arms for a few days after the exposure


Thank you for your continued fight for democracy and freedom. My only question is what was the most inspirational moment you've seen during the protest?


Probably this guy getting arrested by 2 officers and a bunch of other protesters came back for him and forced the officers off of him and saved him


I can’t thank you guys enough for being there knowing you might be shot anytime. It’s the 5th day since the Anti Mask Law, do you see the difference among the front line protesters (especially the aggressive ones) in terms of tactics and emotions? Did you ever suspect those most violent ones are not real protesters?

Edit: grammars


Nah no change in strategy whatsoever in terms of mask wearing, no one gives a shit about it, it's a useless law. They have gotten a bit more aggressive though, since the government had pushed out another bill isntead of fixing the fall out from the last bill. And yes, I do suspect that the most violent ones are undercover cops


How have your days been? I'm sure it must be more than stressful.


Stressful more because of school than the protests heh


What do you hope will happen to resolve the protests?


Honestly, I dont know. Hopefully not something violent


Wow OP. I'm 20, I feel like I should also get a first aid certificate and other emergency medic stuff since I like to help others too. It feels like life is going to get rockier all over the world soon.

Since you're 17 and you said your mom wanted you to be a doc, are you interested in wanting to be a doctor or do you want to be something else? Also, favourite food?

Stay safe and keep on being an awesome helper medic


Yeah getting a first aid cert is definitely the place to start if you want to get involved in emergency med, it's never bad to be prepared.

I mostly want to be a doctor as well but I've recently been more seriously considering a career as an ambulance officer, pays well and I think I'd like it too.

Favourite food is probably pan friend dumplings


Not really a medical question, but information flow from HK is a mess, so I'd like to know what's going on there, how do you feel about it and what you think will happen in the nearest future?

Also, thank you for what you're doing. Human first, i'm truly touched to know that people are willing to help each other however they can. Much support from Armenia, I'd love to see your revolution revolve peacefully as ours did :(


If you want to know more about the protest you can join the telegram group Guardians of Hong Kong and usually they have the most updated information in there and people there are usually willing to answer your questions, also watch Vox's documentaries and China Uncensored's videos.

As for what will happen in the future, I think itll keep escalating and things aren't gonna be pretty


You have my respect. The Chinese communist party must end. I sincerely wish you and the movement success. Could this be the start of something wonderful?


Hopefully even if we dont get what we want we will inspire others to continue what we have started.


Do visiting mainlanders get alot of (for lack of a better word) flak?


Yep, they do. But the violent scenes that you see on videos are USUALLY a result of physical or verbal provocation.


Wow, a 17 year old voluntary medic for the HK protests? You are a the epitome of a true hero and you deserve so much respect.


The true heroes are those who stand in the frontlines, I just stand behind them to support them


Is there anything we should know that media hasn't covered? Also, stay safe, stay strong and thank you!


I think I've answered this in another comment, but just that the violence is overexaggerated, city is pretty fine imo


A few things, in regards to rioting and demands and stuff. Forgive me if I sound overly critical. I am permanently banned on r/sino if it alleviates any apprehension you may have answering these questions.

1: How do you feel about those that have taken a more extreme approach to the situation? Why do you think they've turned to violence? There are a fair number of videos going around showing violent actions.

2: If you could give an estimate to the number of people still protesting(no doubt it's declined significantly since the first few demands were met), how many would you estimate there to be?

3: Of those protesting, how many(percentage, numbers, whatever you like) do you believe are rioting?

4: Do you think that a compromise can be made on some of the demands if the government isn't fully prepared to agree to everything? What would be a satisfying outcome for you, personally, in that case?

5: What kinds of treatment do you trust yourself to perform, and have you had to use it a lot? If something out of your capability occurs, what happens then? Additionally(and you don't need to answer this if it's embarrassing), how do you manage around blood, vomit etc.? Personally I'm very squeamish with that stuff and can't imagine doing first aid like that.

Stay safe out there.

  1. If you keep marching peacefully and the government keeps ignoring and oppresing you, would you march on peacefully? No, you'd escalate shit until they notice you. If it weren't for the storming of LegCo, the extradition bill would've passed.
  2. Actually, the government has only responded to 1 of the demands and that was seen as a diversionary tactic to cool things down before PRC birthday, the number of protesters has actually not declined significantly but instead rised quite a bit since a lot more people think the government is incompetent and the recent Anti-Mask Law just shows how far their heads are up their own asses
  3. Rioting? I would say those who are using more violent means would be around 20% and rising
  4. People wouldn't stop unless all 5 demands are met but I think the most important of the 5 demands are the guarantee of dual suffrage and the investigation into police brutality.
  5. Treatments? Basic bandaging, good eye irrigation technique, and haemorrhage control is essential to being a protest medic. Used them quite a lot. If I see a case that is out of my ability, I'd probably ask some other FA near me to see if they can help. with blood and vomit theyre just things that you ust have to get used to.

You mentioned your concern regarding the mental health of Hong Kong protesters. How are you doing mentally? Thanks for your time!


Mentally I'm doing alright, more stressed about school than I am about the protests right now hehehehehe


Hello from the UK, nice to see a fellow SJA medic on reddit! I just wanted to thank you for the effort you’re putting in to help keep people safe and looked after. We all appreciate it, even those of us not anywhere nearby.

I need to ask a question for a top level comment, so I’ll ask what sort of topics has your medical training covered? For under 18’s We tend to just cover all the basic life support and wound management procedures, just wondered how it varies over there.


Well the AFAIK the SJA training isn't as structured as it is in the UK, we didn't have a member training plan but were told to attend different courses from the organisation. As far as what youre telling me, I think the goal here in Hong Kong is to achieve those learning outcomes that you've listed as well




I quite like gaming when I have the time, distance running too


Have you/would you treat any police? I was volunteer EMS for a short bit in NJ, USA and though it would have been a difficult thing to do, ethics would have required me to.

How does that notion translate to the situation there?


Yeah, we're supposed to maintain impartiality when we put on the vest, so we'd treat any police who asked for our help


You're badass AF kid!! Amazing for you standing up for what you believe in and dedicating your time and safety to the cause of others! What do you think they can do to resolve the conflict in Hong Kong in your opinion? Im not well informed on the situation currently.


The government needs to concede to the 5 demands, and if you want to be more informed about the situation you can join this Telegram group chat and watch Vox's documentaries, or China Uncensored Videos on Hong Kong


How do you think things will turn out versus how you hope they turn out? Do you feel the people of Hong Kong are ultimately fighting a lost cause in the face of the Chinese state?

Keep fighting the good fight, though. There's not much in the world more important than fighting for one's freedom.


I think itll escalate, and things will end violently, not sure by which side though.

And yeah I think we're fighting a losing war but I hope someone sees what we're doing and finishes what we started


Would you like Hong Kong to be independent, mabye part of UK again, or part of PRChina but with autonomy so shit like this doesn't happen?


Hmmm I think most people in the movement just want Hong Kong to be back to normal again, I guess a large degree of autonomy but still a part of the PRC would be the best outcome


What do you think is the best case scenario out of these protests, and what do you think is the likelihood of that happening?


Best case scenario is that China leaves us alone and gives us autonomy but still remains in PRC. But I highly highly doubt theyre going to concede


How do most people go to riots almost everyday without going to work? How do they support themselves?

Bless you for helping people in need.


Personally I would prefer using the term protest, but to each their own.

Usually the larger protests occur over the weekend along with most of the action, but occasionally there would be large and major events held during usually weekday evenings like the night following Carrie Lam's announcement of the Anti-Mask Law which saw people come out and protest in basically all districts right after work or school.

With regards to how we support ourselves most of protester gear and medic gear are purchased out of our own pockets, and as such it becomes sort of a large financial burden on us, but there are lots of older citizens who are kind enough to donate large sums of money to different groups for purchase of equipment and medical supplies.

Other groups also exist such as a few that provide meal vouchers or transport money for students whose parents have cut off their allowance due to their participation in the protests.


Have you ever helped injured police officers?


Nope, but we would if they asked for our help


Can you please tell me why the Chinese population in the mainland China not rising up against pooh boi?

Is it because of fear?


Fear plays a part too, but its mostly a lack of information leading to blind patriotism. Check out Avi Yemini's interviews with Chinese student's abroad, they barely know what the protest is about and they're still against our movement




Bro I'm in Hong Kong, and the whole essence of the protest is that we wish to retain our different way of life to China. We don't have blocked internet, we don't have press censorship, we have basic human rights (that we are currently fighting for to keep) and we have generally much more liberal values than the mainland.


Who are the people protesting in HK in terms of political belief? Rather left wing, right wing, néo-liberal, socialists, anarchists?

Good luck for the protests to come and in your studies obviously, and thank you for your possible answer!


Yep, as the other commenter said "pro-democracy" suits us best


How do the police respond to you and what you’re doing?


Usually with foul language and violence, they're not very friendly to us


Op you guys got a plan incase the protests turn south very fast? (Meaning a potential slaughter because of many variables?) Also stay safe and protect yourself!


Well we are ordering a lot more trauma supplies due to the recent use in live rounds against the protesters think will continue, but concrete plan? AFAIK no


Have you been arrested, if so what was it like?


Nope, and I plan to keep it that way


Hi! I’m the dude who did the previous AMA. I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. 1. Are you on the frontlines? If so, have you ever been a victim yourself of police brutality? 2. What’s your biggest challenge in terms of being able to treat people? 3. Do you buy resources yourself or do you get outside funding? Thanks for doing this, it’s nice to see other protesters helping.

  1. Usually I'm slightly behind the front lines, but far enough forward to see 80% of the action, but no, not a victim of police brutality myself.
  2. I guess my scope of knowledge? As mentioned in my post description I'm not employed in a medical profession like my other teammates, and sometimes I would find myself lacking enough clinical knowledge to treat people effectively. But most of the time the cases we encounter aren't severe to the extent of requiring immediate hospitalisation so they're still manageable for me
  3. I bought all basically all of the supplies I use with my own money with the exception of my respirator filters and my supply of normal saline because those tend to need to be replaced/run out pretty quickly

I support you guys and the amazing resistance you're showing. Question for you: who are the police, mostly Hong Kongers? Do any of them sympathize with your cause? How can they beat up on their fellow citizens and support China?


AFAIK police are mostly HKers but there are rumours that mainland PSB officers slipped in to increase manpower, explaining the ruthlessness


We don't care what the NBA or ESPN say, all of America stands behind you fighting against the repressive Communist dictatorship.

What's your medical background?


I made an update on the post description, I spoke about my medical background


Are you qualified to be a medic. How many years have you studied medicine?


The term medic in Hong Kong is used loosely to just mean a person who is provided medical assistance.

An overwhelming majority of the protest medics I know are not doctors, and are mostly registered nurses, trained first aiders, people who work for the fire department ambulance service, or the volunteer ambulance services (St Johns, Red Cross, Auxilliary Medical Services) Very rarely do doctors show up at the frontlines.

In terms of qualifications, I've volunteered for an ambulance service for a few years and took a few trauma related courses. I may not be the most qualified person on the field, but I'm just doing what I can to help treat the injured.


What are people doing for food? Can’t the government just block food coming into the protest area?


Protests here aren't an occupation of an area, but more of a show up somewhere and march, and inevitably the police will violently disperse the crowd and everyone runs home to fight another day. So there's no "food coming into the protest area" to be blocked


What are some tricks to treating protest-related medical problems, e.g. tear gas inhalation, burns, pepper spray, bruises?


For tear gas inhalataion, its an aerosoled acidic powder so it reacts with wet things in your bodies like your mucus membranes (inside of nose, mouth, eyes), or sweaty arms, face, bodies and legs. So the best way to treat those the way the HKers do it is to rinse your mouth, with irrigation normal saline (not injection), irrigate the eyes vigorously, and spray water up their nose. That does it for 80% of TG related cases. I know street medics in the US use the L.A.W mixture but we've been sticking to normal saline and that's been working pretty well (multi use also means we carry less things as it can be used to clean wounds as well)


Do you think that the Chinese government and the protesters can somehow work out a deal or things had gone too far to even talk about it?


The Chinese government probably wont condede to our demands


The normal HK citizens want the protest to end because its disrupting their lives. Most of them are afraid of the protesters dressed in black with body armor and weapons. The protesters block public roads, vandalize public infrastructure and leave the mess for others to deal with.

This video brought tears to my eyes. A 70 y/o retired granny clearing debris and blockage on public roads alone while getting lasers shined in her eyes by protesters:

My questions:

  1. How do you expect the protest to gain broader support in HK if the local citizens are tired of the protests?
  2. What do the normal citizens of HK think?
  3. How much support does the protest really have out of the 7m + population of China?
  4. What are the protesters really fighting for?


For your statement at the start, I would beg to differ, I think the people are much more scared of the police than they are the protesters. I've seen a lot more people publically giving shit to the cops than people giving shit to the protesters, in fact, there have been many many instances where masked protesters have entered malls and people just started cheering for them. On the other hand, there are also instances where police have entered the mall and people started booing and telling them to go fuck themselves and such. As far as I, as a local in Hong Kong knows, the public perception of the cops is much worse than the public perception of protesters.

  1. I am willing to go out on a limb here and say that a vast majority of people who are against the protesters are those who wont be alive when 2047 comes, and a vast majority of protesters are those who are young and will be affected by the abolishment of 1 country 2 systems. The government has already shown that they will basically turn a blind eye to peaceful protests of more than 2 million people, so what is the point of protesting if nothing will get accomplished from it? The protesters know that if they want the government to take notice on what they want, they will have to hit them where it hurts. And as far as I know, they know that this is their futures that they're fighting for, and those who are complaining will probably not live long enough to see how China decides to treat us.
  2. Sort of answered above
  3. China's population is 1.4 billion, Hong Kong's population however, is 7m+, which is what Im assuming you to be asking. I think half are supporting the protests, and a 1-2m are on the fence. The rest are probably pro-government. But these are probably inaccurate figures, take them with a grain of salt
  4. The 5 demands are our flagship demands, there are other things that wish to see changed as well (Housing issue, wealth divide... etc) but the 5 demands are the principle driving force

What is your thought about the fact that Chan Tong Kai, the murderer whose extradition to Taiwan was at the heart of the Extradition Bill, being released later this month?


I think that the government needs to come up with a different extradition bill that extradites criminals back to Taiwan, but doesn't take these massive jumps across our legal systems


Hello, firstly hats off to the work you're doing. I'm sure it takes alot to go out there and be in that situation.

I'd like to volunteer too. Is there an organization I can get in touch with? I can help for Psychological relief as well or any other volunteer service required.


Yep, I can probably get you in touch with an organisation, please PM me


I’m 20 and just recently deciding I want to become EMT certified. You being this involved is extremely impressive and motivating, I wish you the best in helping others!

As for my question, what made you interested in being medically trained? Also what’s your personal motivation to be a medic in these protests?

Keep it up, we’re all rooting for you!


I guess ever since I was forced by my mom to take first aid classes I sort of found an interest in emergency medicine, which sort of just lead into me wanting to help with what I think I help the most with during the protests. I guess I just want to help people who are hurt, I dont think people expressing themselves should be subject to abuse from authorities, helping them medically was sort of my way of expressing that desire.


Good police? Bad Police? We've seen many posts about the bad ones. Any hope that we still have good ones on the ground?


Yep definitely, they're just too afraid to speak up and I don't blame them. There was an interview a while back with an anonymous cop that supports the protests, he's scared of speaking out because of a fear of retribution


How would you describe the atmosphere of the protests? Is it fear, bravery or sorrow. As someone half a world away I have no idea what they are like?


bravery and unity I suppose, being in a crowd of millions of peaceful chanting the same slogans and marching together really is a feeling that can't be described with words.


What do you carry in terms of medical supplies? And how do you carry everything you need to help? What additional resources do you have if you need backup? And how do you protect yourself?


I made a rough list of things I carry in another comment, I carry all of these things in 3 places, belt pouches, backpack, and EMS pant pockets. I'm in a team so we're each other's backup, and we have a car squad ready to pick us up and leave when we want to. We wear helmets, goggles, and 3M respirators


I only have a few questions, but before I get to those, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you’re doing!

  1. At only 17 years old, you seem fairly young for a medic, at least by Western standards. What is the education/certification process like in Hong Kong?

  2. What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to remain within the medical field? And, what effect, if any, has this experience had on determining those plans?


Sorry for the confusion, check my post description for a clarification, medic is used loosely here, Im an emergency medical responder. I originally planned to go into medicine, but I guess I've doing more consideration into going into prehospital care now that I realise how much I love being a protest medic


How will you look HK police in the face when/if all this is over?


The rift between the citizens and police is one that will take massive massive massive restructuring of the police force to repair. That is if the government ends up deciding conceding to our demands of an independent investigation


What has been the most effective protest to date? Also in regards to controlling the crowd, what is the biggest concern of the protesters that the police could do?


Id say either occupation of the airport, storming of legco, or the recent anti mask law protests


As there are around a thousand comments now and the post has been up for some time I don’t expect a reply and thats okay. But still asking.

How is life there? With the whole situation i mean. Do you still go to school with all this going on? Do people still go to work like nothing is happening? Of course there are policemen who work but besides that.

Also keep up the good work. I’m rooting for all of you and I’ll see if I can manage to donate when i get paid for this month.


Yeah the response that I'm getting is quite frightening. Life's been pretty normal actually, schools pretty normal, and yeah business as usual with the exception of the fact that sometimes the MTR is closed down. PM me if you'd like to know more about ways to donate to support the protests.


What are the best case and worst case scenarios you could see for how this all will play out? Stay safe!


I think I've answered a few questions about this in other comments, check around and find the answers, got a lot to go through hehehehe sorry


Have any of your friends been arrested do you think you'll ever see them again?


None of my friends have been arrested, but I do know a few of my team mates friends have been arrested. Hopefully they get treated fairly in our legal system


How are you doing?


Pretty well, sort of stressing out at the amount of responses that Im getting, I have a massive report due next week and Im probably gonna finish this up and then go do that later




It's actually a new vest that I ordered recently, my team has velcro plates that have Chinese words on them that I can switch out the EMS ones for the next time I see them :)


First, just want to say it's admirable what you're doing and it makes me happy to see the youth of the world working to make this a better place, because the older generations seem to have dropped the ball there.

If there was one first-aid/ safety related piece of training or technique (other than CPR), that you think everyone should know how to do, what would that be?


Id say knowing how to effectively control massive bleeding or maintain an open airway is a very essential skill to know


Would your medic team/protesters appreciate outsiders from different countries come to Hong Kong and assist with first aid or protesting for your cause?

Awesome job btw. I'm really proud of you and I'll say many people from Sweden are. Please be safe when you're in a rally helping the injured.

Sincerely a fellow medic.


Hey! I have an answer to your question but please PM me and Ill give you another way to contact me that its safer and more reliable than Reddit :)


With your mom against the protest, how do you do it? How do you sneak around her and get your supply's and everything else?


Basically, shes not a very observant person so it takes less effort than normal to hide things. I also have a good and valid excuse to have large stockpile of medical supplies in my room due to my affiliations with St Johns, and my friends are nice enough to cover for me when Im gone for very long time


What did you realize was one of the most essential things you need with you as a medic treating protesters? What's most scarce to come by?


Id say gauze, tape, aluminium flexible splints and normal saline are the most essential things you need. The most scarce to come buy would be trauma supplies (chest seals, TQs, pressure bandages, hemostat gauze) since we didn't really see the need for them before the whole movement


How scared are you of personal injury? Especially when you see shit like this

Fight the good fight! I wish I could help more besides writing to my local MP.


Quite scared, but it doesn't really occupy my mind when I'm out there, it's just a risk that we have to accept if we're out there, just like arrest.


How do you think this is going to end?


I think I've answered this somewhere else already, got a lot to go through, sorry!


What gas masks do the protestors wear like is it ND50? also do you keep treating people if you see the riot forces arrive or do you retreat and return later?


If we're feeling brave, we usually run with the protesters, if we're feeling less brave, we let them pass us and we treat the residents who have been caught up in the clashes as the police move past them


How true is it that people are being discriminated against regardless of political view based solely on speaking Mandarin or using wechat?


I suppose some degree of discrimination ought to exist, but generally, most of violence between protesters and pro-government people are pro govt incited or provoked.


How do so many people get there hands on gas masks/respirators/reflective vests? Don’t these accessories make it obvious that you’re a protestor


Well we often hide it pretty well, as for where we get it, usually online or from supply caches made by donors who buy it with their own money.


Can i know as a first aider in this protest scenario, what are the extra medical items you bring with you to the protest area ?


I made a list of things I carry in a reply somewhere up there


How safe are foreigners visiting HK?


Pretty safe, just stay away from the clashes and protest areas when you visit unless you wanna see them, go visit r/HongKong and ask them


Is there any law enforcement defecting to protest with the protesters?


As far as we know it, nope


Do you believe that all of the protesters are on the same page? Or are there violent radicalists that take advantage of the fact that there are protests going on. Hearing about the destruction of public places within HK makes me believe in the latter. Like there are people trying to ruin a movement by bringing violence


We're more or less on the same page, but there's been discussion about the level of damage we do when we "redecorate" pro CCP and pro govt shops. But I think we've come to a conclusion already, following a strict sets of rules with regards to selectively vandalising stores.


As an ABC (American Born Chinese) what can we do from USA to help the cause? I know some areas are protesting with you (esp a few college campuses), but what else (if anything) could really help the people of Hong Kong?


Please check the post description for ways to donate and help our cause, if you want to donate directly to the frontline, PM me


I skimmed through the article and yeah the extradition bill is what caused the protests to begin in the first place, but it isn't so much the bill itself but its contribution to a series of events that showed how china was willing to take away and erode our freedoms little by little. In june, no one would've thought that it would become this massive movement spanning the entirety of hong kong, and i suppose brought out the subconscious fear in all of us about what would happen to us when we go back to become fully china that is already starting to happen without us noticing. the elab protests are basically a culmination of all the anger and dissatisfcation towards the hk govt and fear towards what the ccp govt will do to us if we dont step up.


Hi, I’m a 17 y/o Jr EMT. I just wanted you to know that the people of the US stand with you and you guys are fighting the good fight. People should have freedom to express themselves and the right to the truth. You guys are a huge inspiration. You’re changing the world for the better and fighting for democracy and HKs freedom. You guys do amazing work. Is there any way we can provide support for any first responders and medics??? Any way we can donate money or supplies?? Hopefully this can be a step forwards. It seems like so many things in the world are looking dire, but you all give me hope that the youth, can band together and really change the world. Keep up the amazing work! Stand for freedom, fight for Hong Kong!!


Heyya, sorry for the really late reply. Thanks for the kind words and it means especially much coming from a fellow EMS dude. Please PM me if you want to help out or support our cause. Ill give you more info from there :)


Do you support American's second ammendment right to bear arms?


I dont think adding guns to the mixture would do any good to the lives of Hong Kong citizens.


Hi, I am from Bulgaria and I don't think I can do more for you than show you our support, maybe?
I can't imagine what you are going through, but stay strong and know you have the world behind your back!


Check the post description for ways to help our cause, also check out r/HongKong, PM me if you want to donate to the frontlines


Here are some great videos that provide some additional background to OP's post:

Regardless of your political view, volunteer first aid people are the few that are actually doing some good in this situation. Innocent people are getting hurt and they are there to provide medical treatment.

Which is much like the situation with the protesters, some are there and are only willing to chant or sing, but others are there throwing molotovs and slinging shit at cops.

And this is the inherent problem. I am very very astounded and give OP massive respect for even recognizing and saying this. Most shills around this issue have extreme views either pro-China or pro-HK with no recourse for middle ground. Not recognizing the bad that each side is doing.

Not all protesters are innocent and out there for good cause. Some are indeed making this situation worse by inciting violence purposefully. Both sides need to stop with escalation, so first aid people like this aren't needed.

Hong Kong is going into recession and their infrastructure will continue to fail if this continues on. Sooner or later, there won't be a Hong Kong left to save.


Thanks for this! I'm gonna copy it into the post to make it more visible :)


What's the best way to donate money to protestors and medics like you? if you guys are supplying out of your own pockets, every little bit must help.


PM me if you want to donate directly


can you post links to yhe top of where we can donate $ for supplies?


Check the post description or PM me if you want to donate to the frontlines


What is the best way to get supplies in to you and your fellow medics?


PM me if you want to donate medical supplies


Can redditors here donate to your cause? For medical supplies etc?


PM me if you want to donate medical supplies


Have you considered the consequences of having both your arms broken by the police?


Probably temporary disability Id assume, and a lot of pain?


Why are you a propagandist trying to cover up the fact that 99% of your patients are victims of the protesters themselves?


Jeez I saw your replies below. But as the other guy said, please cite your sources.


How can those in other countries help you?


Check the post description for more info :)


What are your credentials? I'm sure EMS is different then in the USA. However, over here "medic" is a term mainly used for Paramedics. Those who have a higher scope of practice and can administer many drugs. I myself am an EMT (which is one level below a medic), and will be going to school to obtain my medic license. Thanks in advance!


I made an explanation about my use of the word medic in the post description, please read that. Sorry for the confusion


When a protester gets arrested do you know roughly the severity of it how long they are imprisoned? i.e. days, weeks, until the protests are over, or sentenced to years?

In the news I see a lot of X amount of people arrested but never says how severe a crime China treats this.


If they are held without reason, then they can be held for a maximum of 48 hours. If they're held for other reasons like participation in illegal assembly, vandalism, rioting, or wearing a mask at a public assembly, then the lengths of imprisonment and fines can vary


Also a Hongkonger, but only been in one protest (The ones with no violence on either side and I think the police showed up only after my family and I left). So are were you in any of the “sieges” on the universities, and if yes, can you tell us what happened?


Hopefully this doesn't get me in trouble but I was there during the early stages of the Siege of PolyU. The police for the first few days (when everything was still being set up and everyone anticipating an attack) basically sent out people daily just to keep us on edge but not actually take any major action to tire us out. I was there for around 3 days in a row spending the nights in the first aid room but left after nothing really happened as well as being absolutely exhausted from the continuous stress. I felt as though a lot of the protesters felt the same as me, and decided to leave and take a rest after around a week of inactivity. This really was the cause of the severe police action a few days later since they knew we were undermanned and tired, and when it came time that they raided the university, there weren't nearly as much people there, which caused the whole siege for 2 weeks thing to happen.


Why do you not use a full face respirator (gas mask) instead of those goggles and half face respirator?

What's the worst injury you had to aid with?

Why do you choose to be a medic for protests?

Did you get EMS training?


Sorry for the late reply.

Full faced respirators are harder to hide and conceal in my bag. Worst injury answered in one of the top comments. I chose to be a medic because of my previous experience and I thought that was what I could do to help best. Yep, Im a certified Emergency Medical Responder.


Has there been any instance in which you have been hurt yourself? Have the protests compromised your own health either physically or mentally?

PS you guys are absolutely amazing, the world stands with you!

Edit - spelling


Physically, I got a lasting burning feeling from tear gas exposure one time, and mentally, lots of stress ahhehehehehe

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