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I am a Mattress Expert with over 25+ years of experience – AMA

Hello, I am a mattress expert who has seen the ups and downs of the mattress industry over the past 25 years. I’ll be answering questions from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Ask me anything!

Proof it’s me:

Over the years, there have been many changes to the mattress industry and I am here to answer any questions you may have! I have had many different positions during my career but I am currently a Mattress Merchandiser with US-Mattress (One of the largest online mattress retailers in the United States). Ask me Anything!

EDIT: Thanks for all the great questions, it's been a fun experience. Sorry if I didn't get to answer your question, I didn't expect this to blow up so huge!

February 12th 2020
interview date

My mother In law visits and she’s 400lbs. She makes a permanent dip on her side in the guest room bed. Should I divorce my wife?


We're going to abstain from offering a yes or no on this one. What we can say is that there are mattresses that work better for heavier people that would hold up to your MIL's visits. Good luck!


What is the Rolls Royce of mattresses? Why sets it aside?

What is the closest you can get to that quality for under $1000?


The Rolls Royce of mattresses is Hästens, handmade beds from Sweden. They range from $5,000 to $40,000 just for the mattress! The closest you can get to that quality for under $1,000 would be the Beautyrest Platinum collection.


Is the purple mattress made differently than any other mattress and is it actually worth it or just another company trying to make their product unique?


The material they use to make their purple grid is an elastic polymer that they color purple. That's the only unique thing to it. This material is used in bedding elsewhere but the grid is unique to them.


I bought a bunk bed recently and asked the store to recommend a mattress that would be compatible. The bunk bed manual had specific lines about how thick and heavy the mattress should be. The people at the store said "this is the right mattress for this top bunk".

It was the heaviest mattress I've ever lifted, and it was also incredibly thick. They obviously did not give one microscopic slice of fuck about "the top bunk should have a thin-ish and light-ish mattress".

Is this bullshit typical?


Sadly, yes. Many salespeople are only out for themselves and only care about their commission.


Older mattresses used to be able to be flipped over, and the new ones don't- has the quality changed necessitating that? As a follow up- what do you think about foundations? They used to be a firm mattress almost themselves and now they are a box.


The call for change from a flippable mattress to a non-flippable was consumer demand for higher quality mattresses, yes. Non-flippable mattresses have been created to address some of the issues associated with flippable mattresses like shifting materials and sagging. Once those were addresses making a second side to the mattress was not necessary, and saved everyone money.

For the foundations question, you're right, they did use to be nearly a mattress themselves. What happened was the switch from 'box springs' to 'foundations'. They're two different things. Box Springs offered added support and comfort materials to the mattress. Foundations are just platforms for the bed to rest on, raising it up higher off the floor.


I have an unusual problem. With a softer mattress, I get a sore lower back. With a harder mattress, my shoulders get really sore and stiff. I’m not particularly overweight (male, 62 years old, 160lbs). I’ve settled on a foam mattress, which is tolerable, but not particularly comfortable. And yes, I have tried many different pillows: cervical, down, gel, water. You name it, much to my wife’s befuddlement I’ve gone through a dozen. What I think I want is a firm mattress with a hollow cut out for my shoulders! Any ideas?


Yes! You can dial in the comfort that works for you by getting a firm mattress and adding mattress toppers to it until it's your ideal comfort.


What are your thoughts on the mattress evolution? Going from a traditional box spring and innerspring, to water beds, to memory foam to and now smart beds. Where do you see the industry in the next 25 years?


Good question! Everything in our lives seems to be ruled by technology. As you pointed out smart beds are now a thing. You can buy a bed that will be delivered to your front door for a slew of online companies that have their own brand. The internet will be the overall determining factor of how the industry is shaped over the next 25 years. I think that technology will allow us to shop for beds even easier than we already can. The industry will morph into an online community where we ask the people what we should buy rather than a salesman.


Have you gotten any strange requests from customers or weird bed manners you’ve heard of to accommodate?


The strangest requests are from people who shop mattresses strictly for the romantic uses of a mattress. We answer the questions as honestly as we can, but it's when the people hop on the bed in "positions" that makes it truly strange.


Sleep scientist here. Why is it that many mattresses (and people who sell them) make all kinds of claims that have zero scientific credibility? It seems that there is a huge opportunity to talk about the benefits of healthy sleep, but so much of the mattress world is based on pseudoscience and unsupported claims. How can a sleep scientist like me contribute to this conversation and help mattress companies better align with the actual science? I know that some are starting to come around but it is very few and very slow. For example, how do you help people choose what kind of mattress would work for them?


Outstanding question and thank you for contributing to the conversation! I know that many mattress retailers, and no few online mattress brands, make grandiose claims about their products with little to no scientific data to back-up their claims. I think the reason why is simple, they want you to pay for your items so they can move on to the next hapless victim. A Sleep Scientist would be a boon to our industry in my opinion. By verifying or debunking claims that the companies make about their products! The factors that our organization uses when trying to pair customers with mattresses are scientifically based. We use proprietary pressure testing equipment to map out how a mattress will support and conform to the person's body. We also have a long history of industry knowledge and we do our best to give the customer what they need before what they want. That is to say, we try very hard to educate our consumers in every aspect of each mattress we sell. Please pm me so we can have a deeper conversation, I'd look forward to picking your brain!


Would you say soft or hard is better?

6 months ago I bought a very soft mattress and feel like I have bad sleep. I dont wake up but feel tired the whole day since I got it.

Is there a 'get-used'-time or should I get something harder?


Excellent question! Soft or hard are both great, what works for me probably doesn't work for you, and so on. While there is a "get-used-to-it' period for sure, you should already know what you like in a mattress. It's a common myth that your mattress must be soft for you to sleep on it. Not true! Your mattress must provide you the comfort that you prefer and support your body! If it's been 6 months and you still get terrible sleep than it's time to trade up!


When people say your industry is mostly a massive price inflation scam, what do you think?

By this I mean the use of various "jargon" words in new mattress technology, most of which have little to no backing by real research. Or The uses of the same mattress at different distributors under different names, and the concerted effort made by mattress companies to make price comparison impossible.

Not trying to start an argument, but the majority of people I know under 30 agree that the matress buisness is artifically expensive and purposefully obtuse to enable greater profit margins.


Hello! This seems to be the most frequently asked response and to simply answer the question... mattress prices are inflated. As a mattress merchandiser, I see prices fluctuate every day. As far as the "Name Game" goes there are plenty of ways around it. We actually try to call competitors out for this and even offer a page that tries to debunk the names to allow people more information! This is a great question and its clear that many people feel this way!


Two questions.

  1. What should I pay attention to to know it's time to replace my mattress. It seems fine to me but it's also almost 10 years old.
  2. I hate pushy salespeople. Is there something you can say that will get a mattress salesperson to back off while you shop?

  1. Sagging, lumps, smells (we all sweat), a dip on the side of the mattress, and if it got really heavy.
  2. Do your research in advance, know what you like in a mattress, keep your budget in mind, and lead THEM through the store. The best way to deal with a pushy salesperson is to take away their swagger.

What is the least heat trapping style of mattress? Any that really let the air flow to the point it stays cool?

How about cooling/natural mattress liners?


Mattresses that draw heat away from the body and expel it outwards are a common thing in the mattress industry these days. If you're looking for some of the best models that absorb heat and cool you down then I'd suggest a Serta iComfort. They promote airflow with several of the layers within the mattress.


Has anyone asked you about a mattress that you weren't sure about, so you replied with "hmmmm, let me sleep on it, and get back to you."?


I wish! That would be a great response! LOL!


What do you think of Casper’s recent IPO?


It's not surprising. A lot of companies that blow up quickly try to get to that point in their business to maximize their worth. Wait another year and you'll likely hear about a few other online mattress companies going in the same direction.


How often should a mattress be replaced?


Great question! Most regular mattresses have a 10-year lifespan. The wave of online bed-in-a-box mattresses has shortened that to 6 years if they're all-foam.


Do you have any preferred brand and why?


Everybody has their favorite mattress, my personal favorite is a Stearns & Foster. I like it because it's a legacy brand that is luxury for people on a budget. I sleep on one every night!


How do mattress stores stay open? Are they secretly money laundering operations? Because I can't tell you the last time I actually bought a mattress.


Population expansion and people who don't trust what they can't touch.


Best way to deep clean - sweat etc..?


That's tricky because every mattress is different. The first thing you should do is check the information on the law tag sewn into the side of the mattress to be sure that you're not going to do anything to harm the materials. This will also ensure that you won't void the warranty if you do clean the mattress. Once you're sure that you can clean the mattress safely, then I recommend a light cleaning with a damp (not wet!) cloth with non-abrasive soap. Using chemical cleaners really doesn't work and more often than naught void the warranty.


What are your thoughts/experiences regarding: - Sleep Number mattresses - Adjustable mattresses

If the average mattress has a 10 year lifespan, how do the above types compare?


I despise Sleep Number, they're just glorified air beds! Now here's where you want to mention overpriced! $15k for a mattress that I would use while camping with my family? No thanks! Adjustable beds are great, I got one for my Mother who suffers from Arthritis, she loves it!


Are physical mattress stores going to disappear?


I truly think that they eventually will! Mattress stores will become the Blockbuster of the shopping malls!


What do you think of the Adam Ruins Everything episode about the mattress companies?


Very funny!

EDIT: Ok, an answer to the video.

  1. We don't try to make everything confusing, Each manufacturer has their own branded names for most of the layers in the mattress, we're just relaying those details.
  2. It is true that mattresses were once filled with whatever the manufacturer wanted to put in them. Laws put an end to that, you can ask about each and every material used and we have to tell you what they are.
  3. The name game is real, it was an industry standard for years. It wasn't meant to confuse so much as to offer a product that was unique to the retailer. It's being phased out and we're all going to be selling the same models.
  4. The "special mattress features" are how manufacturers discern themselves from their competition, not to jack up the price. Ask any mattress person and they'll tell you the differences or similarities between models.
  5. We don't mar-up the price to confuse consumers. We mark it up to a level that will let us be at least somewhat profitable. These are businesses after all.
  6. '60% of mattresses being made by the same two manufacturers' is no longer true, though it was at the time. What he didn't say was that they were also the highest-selling hence the larger market share.
  7. Yes, Mattress Firm did own all those companies. They were the AT&T of mattress stores for a long time.
  8. He nailed the online brands tbh
  9. He also nailed the review sites too, it's true

What are your thoughts on the online mattress companies and their products (Tuft & Needle, Casper, Leesa, Purple, etc)? Are they all creative ways to package a memory foam mattress? Or do they offer something that a box spring type mattress doesn't offer? Would you use one?


Excellent question! Online mattress companies were inevitable with the expansion of the internet and accessibility. A few of them do offer things that others don't, like Purple and their proprietary material. Many of them are just fancy packaging for a mattress that was sold off the floor of a mattress store 3 years ago. If I had to choose an online company, I would go with Joybeds because they're all-natural mattresses.


I had a pretty decent mattress for a while that was supposedly luxury (Kingsdown). Does the term luxury mean anything?

Anyway, I recently threw it out and got a more wallet-friendly memory foam Simmons Beautyrest, and it's pretty freaking awesome.

I think I'm pretty good on my mattress (for now), my back feels much better after a night's sleep, but I still sometimes have neck/shoulder pain. So my question is how do I choose a good pillow/set of pillows?


To answer the pillow question, there are a few things to consider. Some pillows are designed specifically for people who sleep on their sides, back, or stomach. Others are made according to the firmness a person prefers. What I suggest is that you get a foam one that meets your sleep style by Tempurpedic, they're the best!


How should one try a mattress when having no idea what to look for ?


This is one of the best questions I've seen so far, thanks for asking it! You need to think at the most basic level of a mattress. What comfort do you like to sleep on? Very firm? Super soft? Somewhere in the middle? Next, think about what position do you sleep in? Side sleeper? Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? Finally, take this information and do some research on what beds work for those points that you have considered. Every mattress that's listed online explains if it will work for you based on these characteristics.


Is a mattress for $10k worth it? How much should one spend on a mattress?


The price vs. worth is a value placed by the people who buy the items. Our company sells mattresses for $200 and mattresses for $20,000. The "worth" of a mattress is in its construction and the value that a customer places on that construction. Personally, I feel that you should only spend what you can afford based on knowing the mattress will last for 10 years.


What's your favorite Mattress commercial?


Easy...the bowling ball/wine glass commercial from Beautyrest.


How much do you have to spend to get a decent mattress?

Is there a price sweet point?


Hover around $1,000, most mattresses in that range have good features, some even have a few premium materials in there.


Change my mind:

Expensive matresses are unnecessary. You don't need a 500$+ matress with 100 comfort zones with latest foam technology and what not to sleep well, every 50$ matress does the job. I also like to sleep on the carpet floor occasionally. ?


Challenge accepted. There are mattresses that feel like your sleeping on a carpeted floor that are very affordable, think around $399 for a Queen. Your body has curves that need to be supported for you to get quality sleep, countless studies have proven this fact. If your body weight is not evenly distributed then you build up excess pressure and you'll end up tossing and turning. You might not need a $550 mattress, but you'll definitely regret a $50 one!


What's the real reason expensive ($2500+) mattresses cost so much more than value (~$600) mattresses? It's hard to think the materials are really 4 times more expensive.


It's a combination of things, the materials are one part, how they're built (handmade vs. machine-made), the quality of the materials changes the price, even down to how they're transported can get factored into a price. The rule here is the more expensive it is the more went into its construction.


What’s your opinion on a Tempur-Pedic?


I really like Tempurpedic mattresses. They're really good at supporting your body and contouring to each curve for maximum comfort.


What is the dumbest gimmick in mattresses you have seen since the waterbed?


Someone actually tried to run a 'Twin Towers Sale', beats waterbeds hands down!


What's your opinion on pillow top?


I like pillow top mattresses a lot! There are so many different comfort levels with the pillow top that you can almost be certain that you'll find one in your comfort preference.


How do you treat sentient mattresses who escape? Asking for a friend.


Run. Run very fast and very far.


Why are mattress stores always having "Going out of business sales" while staying in business? How does this factor into their apparent money laundering?


Mattress Firm has given us all a bad name. If a store is going out of business then they should liquidate everything and go out of business.


We've come to hate our pillow top because its too soft and just sags where our bodies lie all night, leaving a nice hump in the middle. So, my wife and I just bought a Purple mattress online and we'll try it for the 100 day trial period. It should be in sometime next week.

We tried out Purple at a Macy's and thought it felt noticeably different, but comfortable. Any opinions on them?


You might do well with a new Purple. Keep in mind that their primary material is gel memory foram and it sounds like you're switching from a traditional mattress. Watch that calendar so you don't let the 100 days lapse!


What myths do you finally want to put to bed?

  1. I'm not here to make money or to sell anything. I'm really just answering questions!
  2. Not all salespeople are evil people who work on commission. Most make an hourly wage like most people.
  3. Online mattress brands don't make their own beds (mostly). A lot of them get their mattresses from just a few manufacturing companies.
  4. The mark-up on mattresses is not as severe as most people assume. The average mark-up is only about 40%. If it were higher, nobody would buy them!

Is Mattress Firm a drug front? My city had an intersection with 4 Mattress Firms, one on each corner. At one point we had more Mattress Firms than McDonald's.


They are everywhere, aren't they?


Mattress expert sounded so weird before I clicked on this IAmA, but now I am intrigued,

What is your take on gel mattresses or hybrids of that? The last time I layed in one it was very soft and nice but damn expensive


Gel memory foam mattresses are great! They give you conforming support and are cushy forever! Hybrids are the latest craze because of its memory foam and an innerspring. They're so comfortable because you get the best of both worlds!


Any tips on what to look for in a mattress for people with sciatica?


Ask your doctor for a recommendation than take that to a mattress expert so they can match you up with a quality mattress. What I do suggest is adding an adjustable base to help move your mattress into the most comfortable position.


Could you please condense your 25+ years of experience to a paragraph or two of important things one should know about mattresses? Thanks again for doing this AMA


How about the Top 6 things you should know;

  1. No, every mattress store is not a money-laundering front. They're legitimate businesses. Most stay afloat by doing online and phone sales as well.
  2. Your preferred mattress comfort can be found in SO many different brands that once you know what you like, try to find the cheapest option.
  3. You can totally haggle with your salesperson, do so.
  4. The name game is real, but is slowly being phased out of use. This applies to the types of foams and coils inside the mattress, as well, though that's NOT being phased out.
  5. Mattress pricing is not a scam, the average mark-up is about 40%, which is lower than nearly every other high-dollar product there is for sale.
  6. You don't have to replace your mattress after 8-10 years unless it's starting to break down. But your warranty usually will lapse after 10 years.

Are box springs still necessary or can I simply put my bed on a platform alone?


I only recommend box springs if you're putting your bed on a regular frame. Otherwise, you only have to use one if the mattress needs it or you like one. Platforms are fine for all mattresses.


How do you feel about ther purple mattress? My fiance and I are looking for a new mattress and we tried one out and really liked it. It's between the people and a Sealy premium silver chill. However, the reviews are so back and forth on the purple mattress. We've asked the sales people at the stores and if they sell people mattresses they say it's a great mattress. But if they don't sell them, they say that they're too new to form an opinion. So what are you're thoughts?


Ok, full disclosure. We don't sell Purple. We do sell the Sealy Premium Silver Chill. I've tried out both myself and I say get the Silver Chill. The Purple mattresses are a fad and I rarely see anything good about them on review sites or from comments by people. I can't tell you how many people come to us after having a Purple for a year who hate them.


About to replace a mattress. What should we avoid when buying? Brands, materials, ect..


Avoid anything that isn't at least 12" thick. Thinner mattresses are great for guest beds and kids but not for everyday use by adults.


I noticed that when I stay at a nice hotel like a Marriott, Hyatt, etc the mattresses are excellent. How do I buy a mattress like that for a reasonable price?

Marriot has a link to buy their mattress but it is like $2000.


They buy their mattresses from the same manufacturers that we do. Copy down the highlights they show on their website and search for those characteristics elsewhere, you'll find them.


I bought a Ghost bed two years ago and I hate it now. The mattress sinks after laying on it for an hour and have to constantly shift places to get comfortable. Their warranty is a joke as well.

That said, I've heard nothing but great things about Tempur-Pedic brand mattresses. Not a single person I know who owns one has had complaints about it. I just can't seem to justify paying 4k on a matress. What are your thoughts on that?

Lastly, your website has the "Simmons Beautyrest Silver Kenosha Place 4 Medium 12 Inch" mattress that's pretty affordable. Would you recommend that?


Tempurpedic mattresses are the best memory foam mattresses on the market. If that is your comfort preference than I say go for it, they'll last a long time and feel great every night!

The Simmons Beautyrest Silver Kenosha Place 4 Medium 12 Inch is an excellent choice. It is very affordable and it performed exceptionally well during our pressure testing. So, yes, I do recommend it.


Not a mattress, more of a bed question. Do you recommend a specific type of bed? Like R&F?


I do, go to IKEA, get a bed that you like for significantly cheaper than most. I have one myself!


Is memory foam really bad or good for you? Are there any combinations of foams that is "right" or "wrong"?


"Right" or "wrong" is subjective. What works for one person might not work for the next person. Memory foam is not "bad", but it might not be your preference. Some people love memory foam beds, others don't. Sorry to non-answer but it really depends on what each individual likes or doesn't like.


What keeps you up at night?


US politics and ice cream


Dam, did I miss the Mattress guy?

Hope someone asked him where the double sided mattress has gone. Early 2000's they were the best. You flip it over after a few months on one side and bam,.. new mattress. Repeat in another few months after gravity does its thing. Its like having 2 mattresses

Now I go to the mattress store and they are all one-sided. what happened?


Congrats, you caught my attention! They aren't totally phased out, Serta still makes them, as does Spring Air, and Clare Bedding. The one-sided mattress, or non-flippable one, was created based on the primary complaints that people had with double-sided mattresses. That was sagging and piling up of materials. To address this an encasement was created to and support and stability and the mattresses were designed from the bottom up to remain comfortable and supportive for 10 or more years. I hope this helps!


- Do stores receive mattresses in boxes and then decompress it or do they receive in its original form?

- Do mattresses in boxes have a shorter lifespan? I imagine the springs being softer, otherwise how is it possible to compress?

- What type of mattress do you think is the best kind? and how many coil count minimum necessary? (pocket coil, 800 + count for example)



The mattresses that you see in the stores are typically sent to the store in the same manner as you would get them sent to your home. Compressed mattresses have similar lifespans to regular mattresses, 8-10 years. My opinion on what's best is different from everyone else's. I like Stearns & Foster mattresses.


Thoughts on best pillows and recommendations? Was considering a gel one for coolness factor


Tempurpedic makes pillows for all kinds of different sleep positions, most with cooling options. Go with one of them.


how are the orthopedic matresses with "memory foam" ?


The idea is that they conform to the curves of your spine so they're quite good at supporting your frame. I give them two thumbs up!


Based on a quick review of the front page whomever is writing the content hasn't spoken to a mattress expert for comment or reference.


What is your opinion on water beds? Are they good for your back?


They can be since the bed essentially wraps itself around you your back can benefit from this type of support.


I have a Nod by Tuft and Needle (bed in a box) sitting on an Ikea slat bed with no boxspring. It seems fine and the company said it was, but what is your opinion?

I did not buy it for longevity as I will probably move a lot in the next 10 years.

Also, which is your favorite bed in a box brand?


My mattress sits on an IKEA slat bed too, and I don't use a foundation either. I think it's just fine, mine seems to be holding up well after 4 years on the same mattress.


ITT: Mattress salesman trying to sell mattresses.

What did everyone expect? Deep insights and industry secrets?


What deep insight and/or industry secret did you want to know?


Best way to get the best price on a decent mattress? Seeing a lot of comments about going and haggling with mattress salespeople since they sell them like cars.


You can haggle, watch for sales, or sometimes get coupons when you first hit a webpage.


Hey! Thanks for this AMA. I would like to know when I am mattress shopping, what are the things that I should look out for that that can point out a really good quality mattress? I always feel that it is way too difficult to choose a mattress since all mattresses always seem funny at first.

  1. The use of the word 'luxury' and 'premium'. Those words are indicators that the bed is of superior quality.
  2. Believe it or not, the amount of stitching on the mattress cover. Manufacturers don't add fancy stitching to beds that will only sell for $199. It's not cost-effective.
  3. It's thickness. Any bed that's less than 12" thick is of questionable quality. Thickness = more materials = better quality.

If someone is looking to start in this business where do you suggest he start with regards to purchasing materials and learning the ins and outs ?


Well, most people start working around the business before working for the business. For instance, I started working in the warehouse which was just grunt work schlepping mattresses. I worked my way up over the years to Mattress Merchandiser (Expert). The materials to learn are all on the internet, research mattress companies and how they build their products. Your first position within the mattress industry is most likely going to be a salesman though.


Any tips on finding the same model with the confusing naming schemes?

My wife and I love our mattress but it’s tough to find the exact same model because the names differ


Best question so far! Here are the factors to know when doing this search. What comfort type is it? Firm, extra firm, plush pillow top, etc. What materials do they tout in its construction? Memory foam, tri-coils, innerspring, etc.? Details like how many inches of each material can help if you can find that out. Then take that information to a mattress expert and they can find the corresponding model.


What the heck is a hybrid mattress? Just a mattress with coils and foam? Isn't that most mattresses?

Is the distinction just to say this is a mattress with coils vs one without, like a regular tempur pedic?


Excellent question! A hybrid mattress is an innerspring mattress that adds some layers of memory foam. Yes, all innerspring mattresses do have some foam in them, but the distinction for hybrids is the combination of innerspring and specifically memory foam.


What's the best type of mattress for sex?


Whichever one has a willing partner in it!

But seriously, you'll want one with individually wrapped coils for support and 'bounce'. Try a Sealy Posturepedic.


What's the most sustainable way of disposing an old mattress?


Recycling by hand at this point. More research should be put into figuring out how to make the industry more sustainable for sure.


Oh yeah? Name every mattress...


Every mattress


I am thinking of buying a Vividus is it worth it?


A Hästens? Yes, absolutely! They're the best beds on the market!


How many people fall for the scam of the magic sleep monitor machine in the middle of the store that picks the perfect mattress for you which just happens to be the $8,000 set with all the electronics?


I know what machine you're referring to. That machine picks the type of comfort that would be ideal and the salesperson is pushing you towards the more expensive one.


How has home delivery changed for the mattress industry over the years? Certainly in the past a consumer would go to a local retailer and that retailer would coordinate the delivery, but with retailers consolidating or simply disappearing, what effect does that have on the delivery to the consumer?


Excellent question! With the prevalence of the internet the ability to get your purchases shipped right to your home has become much easier. Delivery companies are BOOMING thanks to this trend! Nowadays most people just want you to leave the box at the front door so they don't have to deal with delivery people in their homes. Conversely, people who would like white-glove service can now opt for that when they couldn't as recent as five years ago. Think of this, Amazon had to hire people off the streets to deliver packages with their own cars to keep up with demand!


This is the dumbest AMA I can imagine. What happened to people talking about important topics or interesting people?

What's next, an insurance agent?


Is this Jake from State Farm?


How long should I cook a 17 lb turkey?


4.5-6 hours, check the internal temperature to be sure it's 170 degrees F


Why are there so many mattress stores? There are dozens of them in my city, but I never see customers there, and as a man in my mid thirties I've never bought a new mattress in my life. I can't imagine buying more than two for the rest of my life.


Population expansion and people who don't trust what they can't touch.


Tempur question. I bought one of or the original tempur mattresses which is essentually just a slab of tempur material or whatever. Its awesome though hot as expected. I like it that way. Why did they change it. I can't buy another one like it. Just the new mixed ones with layers or different stuff. Its just not the same. I get they're trying yo make it cooler but is that the only reason? Is there some other fault of the old version that im unaware of why they would phase it out?


They had to respond to the overwhelming demand for cooler mattresses. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. (yes, I did quote Star Trek)


Is buying a floor model a bad idea?

I recently bought a floor model Beautyrest Black Technique Eurotop Queen Mattress. We tried it as the store and liked it pretty instantly, and it certainly helped the price was originally $2700~ CAD before tax and we paid $880CAD before tax.

Part of me wonders if the lower price will bite us at some point. The bill basically says we don't qualify for price match if we find a lower price (makes sense), or their comfort guarantee where they replace the mattress if it's not the right fit comfort-wise, but it does say we still get the manufacturer's guarantee. Also we have Quebec consumer protection laws should all else fail.

I also have no idea how long it was a floor model before we bought it. They basically had it under a comforter on a box spring to show off a bed frame, the mattress was basically there to show how the frame looks with everything on it.

(we're also just reusing our existing box spring that we had a foam mattress on before, and putting them both on a metal base we bought with the mattress. we might replace the box spring with a metal one off amazon if we need to)


Floor models are not a bad thing. Let me demystify this for you. A floor model mattress is built just like any other one of the same model. The lower price simply indicates they wanted it off their floor to make room for a newer model. The quality is not less than any other, it's just been laid on by a bunch of people testing it out.


A few years back, I splurged on a temper-pedic bed. Since, I've been having all sort of lower back issues. I can't correlate the two things for certain, they could be coincidence.

My question is, have you heard of a dramatic change in bed causing these sorts of issues? Anything with temper-pedic style in particular?


I have heard some people say that the switch from a traditional mattress to a Tempurpedic caused back problems, yes. My suggestion to you would be to pair it with an adjustable base to maximize comfort and pressure relief.


Why do people buy mattress springs that go under the mattress? They don't really serve any purpose other than collecting dust, right?


Not sure what you're referring to?


Why have they made mattresses no longer flipable?. I understand the pillow top, but isn't there a way to get that comfort and can flip the mattress?


Those types of mattresses are still made, Serta makes quite a few models like that. What changed was that the mattress manufacturers addressed the primary complaints about flippable mattresses. People said they sagged and the materials inside piled up creating peaks and valleys. The redesign to a non-flippable model ensured that there was less of a chance of these two things happening.


Whats your opinion on those pleather beds from the 80s. A fad, or going to make a come back?


Total fad. However, waterbeds are making a small comeback!


Everyone is asking questions about mattresses, why not questions about you? How did you come to be a mattress expert?


Thanks for asking, it sure wasn't a direct route. I was an out of work machinist/welder and was looking for any job to support my family. I found a position with this company and they hired me to work in their warehouse. Years later I've been promoted around the company into the position of Mattress Merchandiser (Expert).


What do you think about those Purple mattresses? And any type of memory foam mattress? Do you think they are worse, same, or better than traditional mattresses?

Finally, box spring or no box spring?


Purple are alright, though I'm not a big fan for personal reasons (doesn't feel good to me). I life iComfort and Tempurpedic for foam mattresses, they're the best! Plus, both have incorporated traditional components into their builds.

Box Spring - Yes for a Foam bed, no for an innerspring


My husband is a really big guy (6'2," 400 lbs) and I'm not (5'7," 95 lbs). We have vastly different ideas of a good mattress. We tried a split one, was really expensive and his side wore out so quickly, just like all others. We usually just buy the firmest we can find and rotate it to try to even out wear.

Any types/brands you might recommend?


I recommend trying a Split King Serta iComfort Hybrid model. you both can get your preferred comfort types and his will be more supportive.


i want to know why mattresses are so expensive?

the markup must be crazy, i just don't believe it costs that much to make, am i correct to assume this?


Yes, there is a markup, that's obvious. Mattress manufacturers pass along many costs associated with production to retailers. Fuel surcharges, materials, production costs, even the debt they're in weighs on the price of a mattress. Also, consider this, you're only going to buy a mattress about every 8 years on average. This is a business that needs to make money to operate.


My girlfriend's mattress is apparently better than I am, can you share the secret moves of the mattress?


Apparently you just have to lay there and be comfortable.


Any mattresses made of natural materials only - and no plastic/latex?


Joybeds are one, all-natural materials, no plastic or latex!


If choosing a mattress that is suited for the widest range of body shapes and weights, what kind works best? Hotel matresses?


Hotel mattresses are questionable for larger-sized people so I wouldn't recommend those for everyone. A great 'everyone' mattress would be a hybrid, innerspring mixed with memory foam.


A few years ago I removed the tags from my mattress and live in fear everyday of being caught and being sent to prison. What do you advise I do to better conceal my crime?


Don't post about it on the interwebs, the NSA will find you!


What impact will Wuhan virus have on your industry? Specially online companies ??


Hard to say, our company only operates in the US.




The change came from the complaints about flippable mattresses continually sagging and the materials piling up. The new structure of a non-flippable mattress is designed to stand up to years of use without sagging or piling up.


Over the past 10 years or so there has been a major shift toward buying bedding on-line vs in-store. To me, after thinking about it, the loss for consumers is the chance to lay on the bed in the showroom. Thinking more about it, it is not much of a loss since, at least in my experience, it takes a few nights to a a few weeks to know if I like the bedding or not.

What do you think about Natural Latex products?

What do you think about Sleep Science iflip products (has a medium soft side and a medium firm side) as a way to minimize disappointment for the consumer?

Which products feel generally good initially but do not hold up?

For the record, we have one foam twin from Sam's Club in the study (cost $300), and two Tempurpedic with adjustable bases in two other bedrooms (listed at $6,000 for one and $4,500 for the other.. we bought them much cheaper as floor samples). What we find: all three are good, the adjustable base units from Tempurpedic with massage are nice.


Natural latex - Great choice, good conforming support

Sleep Science iFlip - Good for if you're not sure what firmness you're going to want from day-today. This type of mattress is really a niche product

Thin foam mattresses (under 12") look great but never hold up for long


Why are there so many mattress stores everywhere, with some being in close proximity in certain areas?


Population expansion and people who don't trust what they can't touch.


Hi, a lady serious back ache here since after giving birth, what would be the ideal type of mattress for me? And what’s the difference between foam and traditional mattress that’s out in the market now?


I'd suggest getting a power base with adjustable lumbar support. Your mattress can only do so much, and sleeping at an angle with proper support will work wonders for you. Traditional mattresses are really no longer traditional. They've had to adapt to the flood of online mattress companies to stay alive. All-foam beds are ok, but I wouldn't suggest they be an every night bed to sleep on, they won't last long. Also, congratulations on the new baby!


Ok it's 4:30 EST and I see one question answered. What's the delay?


I've been answering for 6 hours, honest!


How stressful is you're job and what does a Mattres Expert acualy do ?


The job can be stressful when we're trying to figure out what everybody wants in a mattress. There's a lot of research associated with this job. Most of the time I am learning what I can about the newest mattresses that are coming out and finding a way to convey that information to regular people.


How can I evaluate a mattress? have do I know what will hold my 350lbs?


Excellent question! For a larger person, you know that you need additional support. What you want is layers of material that support you combined with layers of material that provide comfort. I recommend you shop for hybrid mattresses, they have great coil systems for support and memory foam for comfort.


Do you have any experience with the M3 mattress by Bedgear?
We recently went mattress shopping and tested one out. It was really comfortable in the store, and allowed us to have two firmness options within the same mattress. We're tempted to give it a try since it has a 100 day return policy, however I'm really concerned about it's longevity. Overall the construction seems super gimmicky and all those zippers just scream "points of failure" to me. On top of all that, there's not a single independent review or home assembly video online which is kind of shocking.



Bedgear is a mattress topper/cover company that got into the online mattress business recently. That should tell you that they already knew a bit about beds prior to making this leap. I looked one over (online, haven't seen one in person yet) and it seems nice. I like that they're focusing on airflow and breathability. As for the zippers, you have little to worry about, that's how Tempurpedic mattresses were made for NASA, they'll hold up over time.


My back is occasionally sore lower back area. Most of the time I’m fine on my memory mattress. I’ve had it for 6 years. How many more years do I have with this mattress in your opinion?


If you're starting to have back pain you should address the issue immediately before it becomes a chronic problem. I suggest adding an adjustable base to help.


Will getting a bed frame help with sleeping or back pains? Our box springs sits on floor and mattress is on top but I’m not sure if bed frame has any benefits.


No, not really. A bedframe's main job is to lift the bed off the floor, nothing more. If you're experiencing back pain it's likely the mattress causing it. You should upgrade.


What do you think about the uptick in DTC mattress companies like Casper and Tuft & Needle?


It was inevitable with the prevalence of the internet. Adapt or die!


I'm a side sleeper; do you have a link to a good guide for determining what type of mattress to get? Also I sleep hot and my wife sleeps cold, what should we look for?


I've been sleeping on beds for 58 years does that make me an expert?


Sounds like you're an expert at sleeping on beds rather than a Mattress Expert.


I’m about to buy a mattress, any advice on what I should look out for?

  1. Is the Warranty at least 10 years?
  2. What is your exchange/return policy?

How do you give that as your title without feeling like a fluffed up fool?


It's a made-up title, to be honest, I'm not sure what to call myself around here. I just wanted to give people an idea of what we'd be discussing.


I'm in the market for a new mattress, my wife INSISTS we need something all organic like a naturepedic. Is that sort of thing all BS?


Naturepedic is a new word to me, never heard that one before. If she's insistent upon an all-natural mattress then try a Joybed, they're mostly cotton and wool.


Is there a mattress that uses more all-natural type material to produce?


Joybeds are all-natural. Their primary materials are cotton and wool.


My husband and I went to Japan and Vietnam recently and fell in LOVE with the mattresses they have over there. They were firmer than anything we've ever slept on in the states and left our backs feeling much better in the mornings.

What are your favorite extra/ultra firm mattress brands? Are you familiar with any Japanese or Vietnamese ones?

I did some research and am doing a 30 day trial of Brooklyn Bedding's Plank mattress. Do you have any experience with that model? So far, so good for us, but I'm wondering if there's more out there.


I am familiar with the Japanese Tatami mattresses. They're very popular in the Asian countries as they have grown with the culture there for thousands of years. As for the Brooklyn Plank mattress, it's a close comparison. If you want to save a few bucks try a futon mattress first, it's closer in construction and thickness.


Why aren't you answering many questions? Is it because you've already plugged your website?


Nope, just didn't expect such a huge response. I'm only one guy answering all of these questions.


I'm currently on stage 3 of a search for a new mattress. Decided to go the "Mattress in a box" route and have tried and sent back 2 mattresses (Casper hybrid and Loom and Leaf foam) in the pst 3 months. Am currently on a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora and it so far meets the expectations of both me and my partner.

My question is this: How much should we expect the "foam" mattresses to change over time? I've read reviews stating the Purple is great for the first 6 months, then it begins to sag. How long for these types of mattresses should that initial support last?


Different foams degrade at different rates, but, the change in polyurethane foam will be little over several years while memory foam would be a bit more than that. Figure 8 years as a standard for support to hold up in an all-foam bed.


How important is a quality boxspring to enjoy a higher end mattress? Is it more than just a bundle of sticks? I had a relative who once put two twin size boxsprings under a bed he was given, does doing that defeat the purpose of the design?

Why do you think we don't hear about waterbeds anymore? And what are some unusual waterbed stories you managed to hear?


True box springs so add more comfort to the mattress and help with supporting your body. The higher-end brands usually make these to increase the luxurious experience of sleeping in their beds. As for waterbeds, they faded away due to the hassle of emptying and refilling them and having to buy a specific type of bed to contain them. They haven't totally gone away, but they will eventually. Don't really have any unusual waterbed stories.


I’ve noticed the memory foam bed I had would sometimes be soaked at the bottom. Why is this? I’ve heard many people with the same issue.


Moisture from your body gets drawn away and ends up underneath the mattress. Also, the humidity of the air has a hand in it.


What is a better matress for a bad back; stiff matress or soft matress?


A firmer mattress usually supports your back better but it also depends on your sleep position. Back sleepers are ok on a firm mattress while side sleepers do better on a medium firmness.


Do mattresses really become a lot heavier due to the dust/particles they accumulate over time?


Yes, they do!


What are your thoughts on Sleep Number? I have one, my wife is one number, I'm another... We both still have back pain after sleeping on it for a couple years.


I hate those mattresses, they're overpriced air mattresses.


Is this a cool way of saying you've had a lot of sex?


54 years, 2 marriages, nope, not really.


Any fun facts about Tempur Pedic mattresses?

I made the mistake of buying one for 3k, because I was NOT getting any sleep...2 years later, regretting as I can tell this foam is not going to last, and was not worth the 3k for mattress, and the 1.5k for the mattress base.

They won't even let me replace it without just buying a brand new one or returning.


Fun fact, they were originally invented for NASA astronauts to help withstand intense G-Forces during take-off and to sleep on while in space to assist with good circulation. As for it not working for you, have you considered adding a mattress topper to it?




No, not really. Polyurethane foam is designed to last 20 years, memory foam about the same, the coils can last 25+ years, and the wood (if any is used) can last 30+ years. What wears out is the textiles. Your clothes aren't meant to last for 20-30 years, neither are the materials on a mattress.


In which position should I sleep?


You have no control over that, your subconscious is in the driver's seat. Sleep how your body wants you to sleep.


How does one obtain mattress expertise?

How do you feel about memory foam?


Spend 25 years in the industry. I like how memory foam envelopes your body and gives you conforming support.


Me and my girlfriend bought a Tempur bed. Got any advice or good to knows about it?


Sexy time will take a little learning to get into position due to that sinking feeling.


What is the most comfortable mattress you’ve ever encountered?


A Vispring Masterpiece Superb, and it costs like $20,000! I could sleep on that thing in the middle of traffic!


Many people say that mattress stores are fronts for massive money laundering schemes or drug mills. Thoughts?


Heard that a thousand times, it's nonsense.


Is memory foam the beat way to go for a full mattress or mattress topper for people with back/spine issues? What is the best memory foam product on the market?


3 part answer;

  1. If you have spinal issues a memory foam is a great way to go.
  2. To fully address spinal issues I always recommend pairing a memory foam mattress with an adjustable foundation, it's the best comfort you'll ever get.
  3. The best memory foam product is always the originator, Tempurpedic.

When people insult you do you just take it lying down?




I have a foam mattress. It's very firm. I like it. But, I want it to be 10-20% softer. I wanted to get a 1" foam topper. Really subtle change. 1.5" is fine, I am over 150lbs.

What would you recommend? Many foam toppers on Amazon look cheap, unverified, too much added foam, etc.

Thank you. Can provide more details if you'd like.


Try for a foam topper that has a ton of reviews by other people. you can trust the masses more than you can trust Amazon.


So, my wife wants a Sleep Number mattress. We went and looked at them and really liked one of the more expensive and thicker mattresses. However, I've read online that you can just buy their cheapest mattress and add a 2-3 inch layer of memory foam on top and get the same experience. Do you think that's true?


I will never, ever recommend a Sleep Number mattress. They're overpriced airbeds meant for camping rather than sleeping on for 10 years!


My fiance can't seem to let go of his waterbed. I really want a real bed after sleeping in a waterbed for almost 7 years. What kind of mattress is really soft and similar to a waterbed?


Take him to the mattress store and make him lay on the top 3 or 4 softest models they have. It will usually be a Stearns & Foster, a Beautyrest Black, and a Sealy Crown Jewel. Those are the closest to sleeping on a waterbed that I can approximate for you.


There are podcast commercials that advertise picking up mattresses that the customer is unsatisifed with. Two questions:

  1. How often does that happen?
  2. What happens to the mattress? Chucking it out seems expensive and reusing it is gross.

  1. Can't say how often that happens, it's arranged 100% by the manufacturer behind the scenes.
  2. They donate them to charity if they're still clean. Otherwise, they get pitched.

Are there any good mattresses in the 200-300 dollar range? The couple I've bought start off super firm and comfy, but develop butt-divots within 6 months, and end up super uncomfortable.

The mattresses I tried were Golden-Pedic and Mattress Firm's in-store brand.


It's hard for me to call $200-$300 mattresses "good", but if I were forced to pick one I'd say one by Ashley. Most are made in the U.S. at least!


Did you want to be a mattress expert when you were a kid?


I wanted to breed Great Danes in Georgia or be an Astronaut. How about you?


What is your opinion on futons? How does sleeping on a futon impact your back?


I bought one for my son for his teenage years, and he's a big kid (6' 4", 280 lbs.). He liked it for most of his High School years but asked me to upgrade when he got too big for it. The point is, they're fine for people ~150-200 lbs. Larger people may want to avoid them because they can become uncomfortable for your back.


Yo are you really supposed to buy a new mattress every 8 years, or is that just something they say to get you to get a new mattress? My wife and I copped a memory foam mattress when we first got married for $400 from big lots, and I gotta say, the thing still feels heavenly. So, should I get a new one anyway, or wait it out?


If it's holding up and still supporting you both then no, don't replace it.


Perhaps this isn't exactly right but I can't find any information comparing comforter materials. I found comparisons for sheets and got bamboo sheets. Do you know what difference different materials actually make in comforters?


Most comforters are made with the same poly-fill, just with varying amounts. The more premium luxury brand ones are typically made with 100% cotton fill.


What's your current mattress setup?


I sleep on a King-sized Stearns & Foster Luxury Firm mattress that sits on an IKEA bed. I don't use a foundation or box spring, my mattress sits right on the slats for the bed. I also have a 100% cotton mattress topper for added comfort, a mattress protector fo...well, protecting the mattress, and I only use DreamFit sheets, they're the best!


What do you think about memory foam toppers? I got a 4" one and its a humongous upgrade.

Followup: How about sleep number? Had an Airbnb where there were some and I hated them. They seem like oversold air mattresses.


I love foram toppers, they're a great way to maximize the comfort you get from your mattress.

I despise Sleep Number, your analysis is 100% spot on.


How do so many mattress stores stay open? People don’t buy mattresses often. In my hometown there were 2 right next to each other, my dad always said they must be fronts. Is there really enough profit for mattress stores to stay open or do they pack them up with kilos every once in a while?


Population expansion and people who don't trust anything they can't touch.


What type of matrass is Overrated?


Sleep Number, hands down. Overpriced airbeds that I would use to go camping with!


In your opinion, what mattress is the best?


The Vispring Masterpiece Superb, made in England, costs $20k for a king!


My question is about pillows. What are the best? I see shredded latex as a new thing. What's the best way to buy a pillow?


The internet is always going to have more options than anyone else, shop there. As for the best, my recommendation will always be Tempurpedic pillows. They have the best options for comfort, sleep potion, thickness, etc.


I'm a poor college student moving into an apartment next year with no experience searching for mattresses. Is Ikea a good place to search for good value or is there a better place to find mattresses for a decent price?


I 100% suggest IKEA for the bed itself. you can save more money on the mattress by purchasing from an internet retailer.


What is your five step must-know guide for selection the mattress then purchasing it at a fair price?

  1. Know what comfort you prefer.
  2. Know what position you sleep in
  3. Do some online research prior to shopping
  4. Know what the warranty is on the mode you want
  5. Be sure to ask about delivery details

How to Ikea mattresses compare to brand mattresses?


The philosophy behind their design, construction, and production is what I would call an 'Americanized European Concept Mattress'. That's fancy talk for they're moving into our market but still have a lot to learn. They're nice, but you can do better.


How do I get hired as a mattress tester?


Try to find an opening at a mattress manufacturing plant.


Why do manufacturers make their model names so confusing and different from each vendor?


An old and outdated theory that each retailer would retain their customers for life if the names were unique to each of them. This is being phased out and soon enough we'll all have to sell the same models.


If I put two, 2-inch-thick memory foam mattress toppers on top of one another...would there be a noticeable different in softness/firmness? Or would this just be a waste?


You'll sink into the mattress way more and you'll likely get added plush comfort. Try it and let me know how it works!


Are you colluding with the author of this post to drum up business?

I'm (only half) kidding.


No, I have no idea who that is and I am not trying to drum up business.


What are your thoughts on memory foam mattresses vs traditional coil spring mattresses?


I think that the creation of the hybrid mattress is great because it combines the best of both types. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, this is a pretty broad question.


Why are there SO MANY mattress stores? My town has like 10! Who is buying all of these mattresses?


You'd be amazed, most of them operate online which is enough to keep the doors open for people who prefer to come into the store to try out several beds.


Could you give me some feedback on the Nectar Matresses? Whether they're good, cheaply made, bad reputation,etc.


They're decent mattresses, they're not cheaply made but they are made by the same manufacturer that most other online brands use.


What exactly makes one an “expert” when it comes to mattresses? What’s, like, the exclusive insight you have about mattresses that a regular civilian doesn’t


25 years of working with these things in every aspect of the industry.


What’s the best mattress I could buy for a kid?? (Twin size)


A Joybed, they're all natural so they're virtually hypoallergenic, and they're better than the foam beds that are usually geared towards kids that are of questionable quality.


What's the most comfortable mattress that you've slept on?


Couldn't tell you the name of it, was a mattress in the B&B where my honeymoon started. We both slept like 14 hours undisturbed! Stayed another night and had the same results.


How on Earth do you sleep at night?


Thanks mostly to gravity and fatigue.


What are your thoughts on a Wyoming King mattress? I have a spouse, dog, and kid on the way. Do people like them, or are they too much a hassle?


I wish I knew, they are pretty niche and I've not heard much about them tbh.


Why are they so expensive?


This seems to be the most frequently asked response and to simply answer the question... mattress prices are inflated. As a mattress merchandiser, I see prices fluctuate every day.


What are your thoughts on the Purple mattresses, especially regarding their cost and durability?


I think they're fairly priced but have questionable durability. We have to wait and see how long they'll last.


How do you feel about purple? Sorry if it's already been asked.


It has been asked, but I'll answer anyway. I think they're ok, but I am leery about their quality. I want to see how they hold up over time.


Do firmer mattresses last longer than softer mattresses?


Neither one lasts longer than the other. It's a wear item, similar to the brakes on your car. How long they last depends on how much they're used.




Send it, I'd be happy to go over it.


Are there any kinds of pillows that help with chronic head pain/migraines?


Try a Tempurpedic pillow. There are many different styles that are designed for your sleep position and head & neck support.


I just bought a Nectar mattress. I haven't used it yet. Am I going to regret it?


Doubtful. I just recently learned everything about Nectar mattresses and they're quite nice. I bet you'll love them!


What's with the purple mattress?


Yeah, what IS with them things?


How do you sleep at night?


With the help of gravity and fatigue.


Whats the overall best mattress on the market today?


The Stearns & Foster Reserve Hepburn Luxury Plush Euro Pillow Top. (Quite a mouthful, eh?) I'd give my left foot to get one of those myself!


So how do in-store mattresses compare to on-line mattresses?

Are they equivalent in quality like memory foam vs Spring coil vs hybrid, or is it all individual taste?


Same thing, no different.


Why do they still make spring mattress’s when they are total garbage?


Some people can't afford $2,000 mattresses but still want something. It's not cool, but that's how capitalism works.


Why are casper mattresses horrible?


Casper is really just a marketing company, their mattresses are made by a variety of different manufacturers. We've tested Casper mattresses ourselves and they performed ok, I wouldn't call them "horrible".


Are you a mattress engineering expert or sales expert?

Also why is the mattress sales industry embarrassingly stuck in the past? It was wildly irritating to get the 1900s style salesman annoying me in the mattress store. Guaranteed I wouldn't return and I've been buying mattresses from Amazon ever since.


The 'expert' refers to both aspects, the engineering and sales of the mattress. I have to know everything about the mattress in order to explain it to people who want to buy it. As for that irritating salesperson, I could not agree more. When I did mattress sales I tried very hard to just be an asset for the customer in their shopping experience rather than a pushy irritant.


Why is a flippable mattress very rarely being offered any more? We have a Sterns and Foster firm mattress we bought approximately 25 yrs ago. It has held up wonderfully with proper flipping and turning. And we have kept a high quality pad on it. I really miss this kind of mattress, and have bought quite a few others since then for other rooms. Spending approximately $2k and they just wear out. The only sense I can make out of it is only to make people buy mattresses more frequently. What are your thoughts on why??


The prevalent problem with flippable mattresses was the eventual sagging and piling of materials that would occur over time. By addressing those specific problems a double-sided mattress became irrelevant and too costly to construct. There are still a few of the flippable mattresses in production, but you'll probably have to do some searching.


As a 6'4 ass tends to constantly make dips in any mattress. Any recommendation on future mattress purchases?


Pure Talalay Bliss, will cradle your ass very well.


Memory foam vs latex?


Ouch, tough call...........latex.


Is there anywhere I can buy an old school today mattress that can be flipped and doesn't have a foam topper?


Serta Hotel Series, my friend, you won't be disappointed.


how good are casper mattresses?


Caspers are actually very nice, I just recently learned about them and they're definitely built to complete with the big brand names.


How did you become a mattress expert? Is it something you wanted to do as a child or you just ended up in that industry?


It chose me, I wanted to be an astronaut.


We need a new latex (or other low VOC) Cal King mattress (a step down from firm) and box spring without breaking the bank. Any suggestions?


Pure Talalay Bliss


How do you recycle a mattress?


I really don't know that part of the business. I know that those companies exist but I really never found out their process.


Is it true that Mattress Firm is secretly a money laundering scheme and is just a front to "clean" dirty money?!


Heard that thousands of times!


So I've been eyeing a purple matress for a while. Is it a sound investment or just a gimmick?


I think it's a gimmick but only time will tell.


Is there a secret tip you can give us for putting the mattress cover on?


Do squats, makes it hurt less when you press-lift that mattress.


Best mattress for the back of an '85 Oldsmobile Cutlass Classic stationwagon?


MAN! Memories of that car, I'm telling you! Try a Joybed.


What’s your opinion on the novos beds?


Not a huge fan, it's the same foam bed-in-a-box that you can get from tons of other companies.


Do memory foam mattresses live up to their advertising?


They usually do, I've never known one to not perform how it was supposed to.


Is the bedding experts really where dreams come true?....... sale ends Tuesday


Dreams happen because of mattresses, you're welcome.


How are you able to fit a queen size foam mattress in a 3x3x3 foot box?


Big machines compress the mattress and roll it up.


Why do mattresses have a 15000% mark up?


They don't, typical mark-up hovers around 40%


When is the best time to buy a new mattress and get the maximum amount of discounts?


Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


Whats the objectively best mattress, a flat, medium or one of the fat ones?


Big ol' fat ones are my choice.


Why did you think we needed proof that you're a mattress salesman?

edit: oops just saw your photo and u look like a nice guy, I feel bad now


Just a regular dude following the rules of the moderators. No worries!


How good are Tempur-pedic mattresses?


They're some of the best out there, I like them a lot.


What is the best style mattress you can get?


Whatever you think is the most comfortable.


Why do you think so many complain about the prices of mattresses?

I like people complaining about price.

sure... 5k $ for a mattress is probably dumb

but 1k$, 1500, 2k$ ish for queen/king... seems reasonable to me.

I mean over the course of 10 years you will literally spend 3.3 years of your life in that bed. That's essentially a price of a 1$ a day to sleep.

1$ a day for the life of the mattress!!!!(based on 10 years).

If 2 people are sleeping in it, than you are only paying .50cents!

Quit bitching. Buy yourself a quality mattress that's comfortable. You use it more than any other product in your life.


Because it's hard to pony up that kind of money up front for an item that most people do not see as "fun". Sure, my new iPhone X was $1000, but a new mattress? NO THANK YOU!


why dint you pic a more exciting job ?


Kind of fell into the job, it picked me.


What’s the best mattress to fuck on ?


The one where you have a willing partner.


Is a good mattress useless on a floor that isn't level?


I would say yes, it is


You can tell us, mattress firm, etc. are just drug fronts, right?


I wonder...?


This AMA is BS. Free marketing and nothing more. Did one of the Mods family's own a mattress store?


Nope. No marketing, just answers.


How much difference is there between cheap and expensive mattresses?


In price? $1,000+

In quality? 2/5 stars vs 5/5 stars


What do YOU sleep on?


A Stearns & Foster Luxury Firm Mattress.


Why do my ribs and stomach ache after I sleep on my back? Deep breaths make it a lot more noticeable. Goes away after a half hour or so.


Please go visit your doctor about that problem. A mattress is not likely to fix that.


I have a pocket coil mattress that is relatively firm but I've noticed that after a few years of sleeping on it, I can feel the springs in certain spots. I'm pretty petite so it doesn't dent much but my partner is a large man and he has dented his side so severely it hurts his back to sleep on it. It's a very deep dent. Is it a crappy mattress or are we caring for it poorly? It's not a 'flippable' mattress. How do I avoid creating a crater in my mattress after only a few years of sleeping on it?? (This mattress is approximately 8 years old)


This sounds more like a warranty issue than anything else. If it's only been a few years I would reach out to the mattress company on the law tag for replacement is I were you!


Do you have back problems?


I used to until I got the mattress that worked the best for my comfort!


What mattress do you sleep on?


A Stearns & Foster luxury firm and I love it!


I'm a tall guy (6'6"), and I'm trying to decide if I want my next mattress to be a King or a California King. I prefer the dimensions of the latter, but I'm worried about finding sheets/duvets that fit properly.

Do you have any recommendations on how to navigate this? It seems buying linens online is inherently risky.


A Cal King is 84" long, or 7 feet long. Cal King sheets are everywhere, that mattress size is very popular actually. As for finding linens for them, be sure you're watching the size descriptions carefully, most search engines automatically think you mean King when you do a search for them. Watch for the correct size when you add them to your cart.




There is no such thing as a 'good' bed bug story.


So I've had this idea for a while now and I'd like your take on it. I don't think there's anyone more qualified to answer this than you are. So my idea is a mattress store that plays Metallica's Nothing Else Matters on a loop inside the store. Here comes the brilliant part. The store would be named Nothing Else Mattress. That's pretty much the entirety of my business plan. How would you rate it on a scale from 10 to 10?


10/10, but getting the licensing from Metallica could prove to be awfully tricky considering their history.


Is this dude actually answering anything?


I've been answering faithfully for 7 hours.


So. I sleep on my back, belly and sides depending on the day.

What mattress is best for me? Online people always say soft and hard mattresses are for different types of sleepers.


Go with a medium comfort mattress, you cover all your bases, or positions.


What are some problems in the mattress industry?


Imbuing the customer with a sense of trust. Some bad media, and a few bad eggs, have made most of us look worse than used car salespeople. What nobody realizes is that a large number of us spend a large amount of time learning the products so that we can relay that information to the customers in an understandable way. No easy task, I might add.


Has OP even replied? I don't see any.


TONS of times!


Are you going to answer any questions?


On it now


I can't get a mattress to last more than 5 years and the warrantee is obviously a scam. And no, I'm not buying the cheap mattresses. What's the solution? I heard latex is nice.


Pure Talalay Blis Latex mattress, that's the real deal.


My wife and her family are pretty sure that mattress stores are a cover for something sketchy. I mean everyone we know already has a mattress some of those people haven't bought one in years. So... how do they stay open? Where's their money coming from?

Care to elaborate on what's REALLY going on behind closed doors? And now that I think about it, I don't think I've been in a mattress store in my 27 years. Are they even real, or just an illusion. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING!!!


Coffee and donuts, cops love us.


What's the deal with these people selling new mattresses on Facebook and Craigslist? They're always posed with their significant other in front of a pickup truck full of mattresses.


We've been trying to find out about that too, not sure how that works.


My wife and I have a couple of big dogs. They start off sleeping on the floor but sneak onto our bed after we fall asleep. We end up sleeping terribly. How can we get a better nights' sleep?


There are two ways to answer this;

  1. The funny way - Lock the dogs out of the bedroom
  2. The right way - Many mattresses reduce motion transfer and offer greater support for more weight on the bed. Try a Serta iComfort Hybrid!

Is the purple mattress actually that much better than other mattresses?


Not really, no. They're just newer and shinier.

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