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I own a Titan 2 Missile Silo that is being renovated into a man cave / escape room / AirBnB

My short bio: I am an airline pilot who just purchased my dream property, A Titan II nuclear missile complex. It was already opened when we purchased it but it had since reflooded. The videos we have posted so far are of us draining the site and working on the access portal. It is now fully drained and more vids will be coming.

My Proof: I don't have a picture of me with a sign (I keep forgetting paper when I go out to the site) but here it is

YouTube - I added my Reddit username to the channel about

Website - .

What do you want to see?: I am not independently wealthy so this is going to take some time to renovate. The missile silo is off limits FOR NOW. I do plan on opening it back up at some point when I have a few hundred thousand laying around. In the meantime I will post videos of progress as they are done. Unlike our friends over at Death Wears Bunny Slippers we don't have 6 years of back video so you are going to get it as it is taken.

November 15th 2019
interview date

Fascinating! I’d seen something in passing about people buying old missile silos, but this is way cool. I watched all of your videos just now. Thanks for the ADHD rabbit hole! Now on to your friend’s project (Death wears bunny slippers). Thank you for posting this! Ooh, I need a question, so: is it creepy down there?


The most numerous and easiest to renovate actual silos are the Atlas F's. They weren't destroyed or filled in with crap. The silos are larger but the Launch Control Centers are tiny in comparison to the mighty Titan 2's. The largest of all were the Titan 1's of which there were only 18. Only 1 I know of is not flooded and is for sale but unless you really had tens of millions to renovate and wanted to survive with you and 100+ of your closest fiends they are unrealistic.


Now that you have your supervillain lair, how will you take over the world?


I plan on letting everyone else ruin the world first then come out a couple of months later. Much easier to take over then ;-)




Actually the concrete doesn’t leak at all it’s between 4 and 8 feet thick and then wrapped in steel. The only places that it does leak are from the destroyed silo which I am repairing the dam that we have in place to keep the water out. The only other leak is actually coming from the escape shaft which is corrugated drainage culvert and comes in at the rate of about 1 gallon per hour or so. I dug down and the steel that surrounds the entire building doesn’t rust at all due to the low oxygen content in the ground water so I’m not worried about that becoming an issue in the future either.


I'm assuming you have a S.O. in your life. How did you convince your S.O. that buying a silo isn't a waste of money, and a symptom of a midlife crisis? Asking for a friend.


Its an ongoing conversation. The wife doesn't understand it but as long as I limit the monthly spending on construction she "allows" it. The goal is that when its done we can decide to keep it or sell it for a profit. I am being very careful not to do anything that doesn't increase the value of the site.


If true and verified you own every mans wet dream.

Just wanted to say congrats.

How did you come to own such a novel piece of real estate and is the capital out of the reach of the average Joe?


No its not out of reach for the average Joe. I found this site through another site owner on YouTube. I purchased the 5 acre property for well under the normal 300k+ asking price for a Titan 2 and did it with owner financing. Anyone with a full time job can afford one if they skip things like food.




Well yes since there are no bats. I don't like talking about man holes anyway.


How's it feel knowing you may still have at least one Russian nuke pointed directly at your new house?


Unlikely as they are not stupid. The sites were all left open for Russia to take pictures of for 6 months after being demolished. If Russia still had anything pointed at my house they would be 32 years out of date.


Titan IIs used Hypergolic Hydrazine-based propellants which are carcinogenic and generally bad for your health. Have you done much research into dealing with that side of things aside from running a gas meter?


They generally didn’t pump fuel into the launch control center. The USAF purged the lines in the silo before they left. I tested the water and it was fine.

In hazmat school they taught us that dilution is the solution to pollution.

Don’t know if there were any spills but I haven’t found any evidence


This is an amazing project my dude....

I'm guessing that the silo had a grid electrical and water hookup while it was in service with backups. But what are you doing for utility connections now?


Water and power comes in from the street. I show in my videos how the new power is in the access portal. No water inside yet.


Sorry if this has been asked/answered but have you gone through the site with a Geiger counter?


It’s a really common question. A lot of people think that the sites are radioactive and they are not. The only thing that had any radioactive material in it was the warhead which was removed. What we do have plenty of is asbestos and lead paint which I try not to chew on too often.


Have you tried renting it out to film/tv productions?


I havent actively pursued it but if anybody wanted to do it I would be open to the idea


I'm guessing you've seen this guy's youtube channel?

Progress has been slow for him. Still very cool!


Yep I just got off the phone with him talking about all the interesting questions that I have been getting on Reddit. His site is nearly done and very amazing looking. The YouTube channel is dead but if you look him up on Instagram you can see more recent pictures.


That’s pretty cool!

Is it impossible to get permits to do construction though?

How big is it inside (hard to tell from the video)?


In total over 6000sf but the main floor are 1000sf x 3 floors.

Permits are easy since it’s non commercial and no structural changes have been made.




Don’t want to skew the market but well under 350k


How did you find the listing for the silo? Is there a site or something?


There is a site called 21st-century castles that sells silos and other sites. There is currently one for sale for 350,000 in Tucson. I Found mine through a friend who has another site in Arkansas.


Is or was it Nuclear blast resistant? Would you let people in if it still is?


Titan II is the heaviest reinforced building that has ever been sold off that I know of. It can take a hit within 2 miles of some type of warhead. So yes it is nuclear resistant but it never had nbc filter systems. It would just seal off from everything for a month. It will get that capability in the future again. I have a plan for what will and won’t be in the building when it’s done and that plan will never be public.


Do you allow trained divers to explore the flooded areas? Id be interested.


(Un)Fortunately there are no flooded areas right now. The silo is flooded but also completely full of debris. There are no divable areas.


Are you the guy that posted on arf a year ago or so?


I posted on iAMA about 6 months ago but I forgot proof so it was deleted. No idea on ARF but I could have been GT from Death Wears Bunny Slippers.


Please change your attitude pal, anyone saying “that’s out of average joes reach” please reply, “why yes, yes it is and when the end of the earth comes via nuclear bombing I will crawl out like a rich shiny cockroach whereas you my friend will be cinders”

In all honesty and joking aside, truly amazed at this. Here’s a question, everyone worries whilst at home should they have an accident/fire etc but most of us take out our mobiles everywhere and call the local emergency services. Although a lot of households (in the UK at least) don’t even have a landline anymore, do you intend of having a landline on each floor in the event of an emergency as I’d imagine there isn’t signal?


I should but people usually don't respond well to being called "Peasants" lol. I'm also not always an @$$hole, but sometimes I am.

My friend's site is wired with backup power and networked so cell phones work inside. I intend to do the same.


Where is your silo? Im asking because my other half grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and has stories of partying in abandoned silo sites there. So is it in Wyoming?


Titan II's were in Tuscon, Witchita and Little Rock. In Cheyenne you would be looking at a Minuteman most likely. Not as large but cool anyway.


You basically bought a hole in the ground?


Yes exactly and I throw money into it


Maybe in 10 years I can afford to stay in the silo Airbnb, is it frowned upon to steal missiles like they're hotel soap?


Ask the Air Force. They stole mine


How do people find these is it general luck of the draw? Also are you assessed a lot in taxes for this site or just the land it occupies?


Google searching and talking to owners. Death wears bunny slippers has a video on how to find them. He actually found me mine. At the moment the taxes are $300 per year. In the future once its livable they will go up for sure.


Much better use of such an atrocity. It sounds like a really cool project. Where is it?


Little Rock, Ar


What country/city would you launch the nukes at?


Definitely Washington DC then all of my home state of California.


How deep does your man missile hole go?


What kind of escape room would it be? Would love it to be a Cold War based one where you have to stop the missiles being launched by finding the abort codes


First 30 minutes, NK hacks the missile and orders a launch. People try to stop that by using puzzles and such. Then two options: 1 - They succeed but now the missile will explode in the silo and they have to stop it.

2 - They don't succeed but they can try to auto destruct it on the way to Washington DC. The only problem is that I'm afraid some people would just sit back and watch DC burn :-)


What made you want to pursue this? If already asked please let me know. I have more questions.


I toured the museum when I was a kid and when I found one for sale I just thought it would be a cool project which so far it has been


Did you just buy the one they had listed recently? Insaw one for sale on a few prepper sites.


No mine was never listed for sale. Just happened to find one that was willing to sell to the right person.


Too difficult to just have pictures like the rest of the internet eh? Why does everything have to be a YouTube video.


I don’t know I guess I’m lazy


Is their a way to drain the water at the bottom or do you have to pump it up over the top? The head for a pump like that be $$$$ . If I was a bit younger I love to do this. Super neat!


Actually the head pressure is the same either way you do it. To do the silo would be a $10,000 pump. A $230 pump can do the LCC just fine. I currently run the following pumps for approximately 1 hour once a month.

2 multi-quip 2” pumps ($230 each) in the access portal. Could drop to 1 now but I haven’t.

1 unknown pump I bought from death wears bunny slippers in the bottom of the LCC. I paid $200.

1 Home Depot basement pump $99 that keeps the long cableway dry.

There are more efficient setups that I can use in the future once I open the escape shaft. Most of the water leaks through there.


How much does one of these silos cost and where can I purchase one?


There is one for sale in Arizona right now for 400k


How many escape rooms have you played? What's your favorite one? What kind of escape room stuff are you planning with this?


I’ve done a few. My plan is to have a launch consul and they have to run around the silo trying to stop North Korea from launching our missile. I have a whole plan for it with touch screens and switches


Are you into trepanning and LSD by chance?


Don’t even know what that is so no


Why are you uploading such short videos? I love these types of conversion projects, but I want to be able to keep it on on the side whilst doing things. There is something soothing about the process and something fascinating about the projects that I absolutely love.


Because I haven't done any editing. The plan is to put go pros on magnetic mounts as I do work then do editing back at home in the future. I now have 1 new go pro but in order to really capture the work we do I will need quite a few more. It will get there.


You looking for a new best friend?


You live in Arkansas?




I make videos to share interesting things. When I have enough other money I will get better cameras and mounts for the High Quality Content you speak of.


That’s cute. My parents farm currently sits on top of what used to be a CLANDESTINE Nike missile base/early warning system, in the rural suburbs of the east coast. They’re a literally a 5-level deep underground monitoring facility. What’s the big deal here?


By the way you got me interested. I'm trying to figure out what part of a "Clandestine" Nike complex your family owns. It is a Control Site or a Launch Site? I'm willing to be wrong (you know with proof) but it seems that the Nike magazines are only 1-2 levels and not hardend. I have toured the museum in San Francisco and it would not take a hit (1-2 feet of concrete no blast doors). It would deffenitly keep people out but has no NBC ventalation systems and was not environmentaly sealed. Again no disrespect but without proof I'm calling BS. Also as I can't find anything about clandestine missile sites anywhere. Eagerly awaiting proof.......


Damn son, seems like something straight out of GTA.

Is your next purchase going to be a flying motorcycle with rockets?


Do they exist, because I need it for my heist bunker and gun running missions.


Is it in Arizona?




I'm not sure what the best question has been but lots of nice people to talk to and a few to add to "my list" ;-p


Isn’t this an entire plot point of Reset by Brian Andrews?


Never heard of it


So you said you live in California did you ever look into buying the Titan 1 site in Chico?


I don’t have that kind of money.


Do you ever think there is some old soviet ICBM still targeted at your man cave 💀?


Only if they are dumb




The spiders don't go downstairs. The ones outside are huge in Arkansas.

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