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I was the Crew Leader for a major Armored Truck company for 5 years. AMA

Most of Reddit ama regarding Armored Trucks are outdated. The industry is a constantly changing. I’ve recently left the industry and all my knowledge is up to date.

Edit: I’ve never watch the movie “Heat.”

February 8th 2020
interview date

My friend was killed by a Brinks truck when it turned right and rolled over her and her bike. How common are accidents with armored trucks?


This question absolutely hits a very sensitive nerve with me. I take medication because of these two stories.

• During late 2017 my crew and I witnessed Another Armored Truck Company slide through an intersection and t-bone a small truck similar to a Ford Ranger. The elderly woman driving the small truck died at the scene. I took a picture as it happened because I knew Law Enforcement would ask around and find out that another Armored company witnessed it. Here is that picture

• My last story is pretty personal. Before I met my wife (happily married and blessed with a 1 month old son). I was in a serious relationship with another Crew Leader. This was kept very quiet because the rules for relationships were very strict. Most people “kinda knew” because both of us would roll into the parking lot at the same time nearly every morning.

Anyways, I believe this to be early fall of 2015. It was business as usual. We rolled into the parking lot, pretended to hate each other in front of the other officers, load our trucks up and go our separate ways. She had a new-hire driving for her. This new-hire had all the pre-existing symptoms of undiagnosed sleep apnea and other crew leaders had reported him falling asleep behind the wheel on extended drives between contracts.

During this transit (90 minutes between contracts) the New-Hire fell asleep behind the wheel and rear-ended a Semi Truck at 65 Mph. The semi was fully loaded, so Gross weight of......65,000-80,000lbs? The impact was so forceful that my Significant Others’ seatbelt buckle snapped. The seatbelt flung to the side and she hit the Bulkhead door at 65mph. (The bulkhead door is a heavy door that separates the front cab to the rear. It locks open while in transit and stays closed while sitting on site. This is due to the side door the messenger uses to climb in out of the Truck.)

My route was running late that day. After we cleared my truck of all liability and parked it. I sent her a text message that went unanswered. Then, a phone call that went straight to voicemail. While sitting in my car, that’s when I saw the tow truck, and it was her Armored truck on the flatbed. In disbelief I waited for the tow truck to drop it in the back corner of the parking lot. That’s when my supervisor walked over to me, handed me some disposable gloves, and we spent 2 hours bleaching the entire rear of the Armored Truck. The insurance company refused to determine if the truck was totaled or not until all the blood was removed. I still have nightmares and I can’t seem to reconnect with her due to the event. Here is the pictures of what I think Reddit will allow.

The Truck was totaled. The driver survived, was fired, and she was airlifted to the closest hospital with multiple skull fractures, broken collar bones, broken ribs, wrist, and left arm. The only reason she didn’t die is because the entire crash was so abrupt, she had zero time to react. She was honorably discharged from the military, became one of our dispatchers, but soon quit and faded from existence. The Last I heard, she moved to a different state.


Walk me through what would happen if someone steps out in front of the truck pointing an AR15 at the driver?

(I just realized you might not be able to answer that.)


We were trained for such event. The Threat will be eliminated.

Our rules of engagement are:

•Prove intent: he’s pointing a Ar-15 at my driver •Prove opportunity: he took the time to figure out the general time of when we show up. •Prove means: he’s literally holding an Ar-15 and ready to fire •Prove ability: His finger is on the trigger •Did my driver attempt to tell him to stop?: yes he honked.

Let’s assume worst case. The Ar-15(s) are loaded with black-tip ammunition. The front windshield will hold up the best due to the angle of the glass; my driver would have plenty time to run your A*S over. My driver was under strict directions to NEVER shift the transmission into park, foot on the break; nothing else.

My concern would be the lack of any angle on the driver and passenger side glass. If you land black tip ammunition directly on top of each other.... it’s going to go through, usually within 2-3 rounds. It honestly depends on the age of the glass from my personal testing.

This scenario is why I made safety glasses and body armor mandatory on my truck. Shards of glass will certainty be flying everywhere.

If we were engaged while the messenger and I were in the truck we would always attempt to flee. We are in a moving bank vault after.

If the driver is engaged while the messenger and I are inside a bank or other contracted establishment. The company policy is that the Armored Truck drives away, leaving the crew leader and messenger to defend themselves. Yes you heard right.... the truck drives away! Under this circumstance we were contractually bound to defend the client. Our standard operating procedure would be to evacuate all employees to cover, or concealment, and wait for Law Enforcement. (This area would’ve been established during the clients first day of service, during our risk assessment walk through.)

Finally, if the truck is engaged while we are walking out, we would move to cover and eliminate the threat. I really make all of this sound easy, it’s not. It’s scary as hell, but our faces wouldn’t show it.

A somewhat similar event happened to my truck in 2016. No shots were fired. All three us noticed that a sedan had been following us for 15 minutes. We contacted Local Law Enforcement. By the time we arrived at our next client. The Leo’s swarmed the sedan. The driver fled, he had a pistol. The front passenger had a 12 gauge shotgun ( grey hooded sweatshirt, cigarette in mouth.) I was able to take 1 picture of this event for my report to my Branch Manager.


I added more proof. My credentials and an up to date photo.


Your name is clearly visible on your badge, and your badge's ID number is not blanked out at all, which makes you identifiable to anyone who has access to your internal systems. That barcode is also scannable, I have no clue what the code means but it's easily read from a simple phone app. Not sure if you care, but just a heads up.


What's the pay and benefits like?


•401k sucks. No company matching • health insurance is an HSA plan. You pay the first $2200 out of pocket. Then they cover 80% • life insurance has an added clause stating that if you perish while performing duties and you weren’t following any company policy. Your family won’t be paid out. An example of this is would be: requesting a company issued bulletproof vest and being fatally shot not wearing it.

•The Dental Insurance was actually better than my new full time job


What if you literally are going to crap your pants. Can you run into a local starbucks and leave the truck undermanned? Or once you’re in, you’re in?


I operated a 3 man crew. 1 officer had to have direct control at all times. That was my truck rule, once you’re in, you’re in.

However, Our policy was updated shortly before I left to allow “solo” trucks. Trucks with a sh*t ton of cameras inside and out, as well as a mandatory panic button you wore around your neck.

Edit: “solo Trucks” being defined as a crew of one officer that drove and left the truck to collect money.


This is weird, but as a child, I was deeply afraid of the Garda trucks. I thought they were the Italian military (guard=garda) and they were taking over the United States. I didn't find out until high school what these trucks actually were. I have no idea why I thought that Italians were interested in taking over and I pretty much forgot about this fear until now!

...or maybe you are secretly an Italian that has been planning to take over the US for the last 25 years?


Back in 2014 we actually had to rebrand everything and change our uniforms because it resembled the Guarda police in Ireland.😂

italian hand We will take over


What kind of mileage do you get on those trucks?


Ha! My typical daily route varied from 65-87 miles per day. My truck was gasoline driven, and at the end of the day we refilled around 13-15 gallons. Around 4-5mpg? I’m certainly glad we weren’t driving them on our personal dimes. Glug, Glug, Glug.


Private security supervisor here. From what i've heard, armored is basically the absolute worst in our "world." Insane and inconsistent hours, ridiculous qualifications needed (in my state in the USA, you take the same courses/quals as police officers for armed-guard jobs,) and low pay considering all involved.

Would you consider my assessment of armored work accurate?


You sir, have done your homework. Something you may not know is how our hours work. Garda corporate has determined that any crew operating an Armored Truck over 9000 would be classified as a “ Truck Driver.” Therefore, our overtime started at 50 hours! It was a way for corporate to cut corners on their budget. What was the most sad was that all of the class action lawsuits filled against Garda were dragged out and settled for pennies and n the dollar.


Did you get to carry any handgun you qualified on or did you have to use the shitty company guns?

Has the job become worse or better over the past few years?

How often did you have 3 man crews? I worked at Dunbar and you had to get lucky to get a 3rd person on your route because they didn't want to pay for it.


I was a dedicated 3 man route. I refused to jeopardize officer safety. It pissed them off, but I stood firm. Originally it was a 2 man crew, but due to a slew of new people totaling Armored Trucks, we I went through a reroute. I went from 56 stops per day to 91 per day, those extra stops included downtown clients. The downtown area has a population of 40,000. Its very dense, with a lot of skyways, tunnels, and skyscrapers.

Garda was issuing revolvers for the longest time. They sold them 1 year before I was hired. We qualified with our own personal firearms.


Why did you leave the industry?


This says it all. Some information have been redacted to protect my name and state of which I live.

Darn, people Know my name now. I’ll learn to redact better.🤣 I’m glad I’m not still in the industry.


With all the comments (didn't read em all) being said.....

Let's not forget the "bullet proof" windows ARE NOT bullet proof.

It'll stop the 1st shot.....but with a 7.62 and the like, it will penetrate it after a few shots.

Sucks to protect all of someone else's money and you MAKE NONE!!


This needs to be upvoted more.


So how could you theoretically loot one? Would the "Heat" strategy hold up. Any advances in outside tech to help get in, like maybe some mobile plasma cutter set up? Thermite?


Soooooooooooooo Armored Truck Door locks fail Waaay more often than reported. When the lock fails and your on a desolate highways traveling at 65mph. Just kick a bag worth $250,000 of Atm replenish money out.

Then blame a mechanical door failure and report that you couldn’t shoot the person who Took the bag of cash because they weren’t being actively aggressive to you. Wah-la. You just bought yourself A new house.


Why tf do y’all insist on paying such meager wages to employees did such a dangerous job?


Because no one has the balls to start a union.


I've always wanted to know how close I came to dying!!!

So, I worked for an appliance company that had about 20 delivery trucks on the road every day. I received the trucks at the end of the route. Despite credit cards existing, we'd collect tens of thousands in cash every day. During peak season (end of June), they would double the weekly pickups because the massive safe was too full.

The process was that we would leave our little cage/room, and the Garda guys would open safe and collect. One guy stayed in the truck, one guy waited by the door outside and the other guy went inside.

The building's exit had a double door. I was very used to guy waiting outside. However, on this occassion, he was between the doors. Without knowing he was there, I kicked the door open and it nailed him. He swung around and pointed a shotgun at me, before realising I wasn't a threat and he backed off. I was extremely apologetic and had just shat myself.

So, how close did I come to getting dying? I laugh about it now, but who knows?!?


You probably flirted with the grim reaper a little bit. I miss the days that we were able to carry shotguns. It certainly made the job more safe. One of the biggest things drilled into our head ( at least my garda teacher) was to constantly assess the situation. I’m actually surprised you were able to startle him.

Thanks for sharing that story!


What’s your favorite story from your experience?


Holy Sh*t! I’ve actually been looking for this question all day. I saw it was one of earlier question. Here it goes!

While my messenger was unloading coin boxes, We were was attacked by a gaggle of turkey. The bank branch manager was nearly rolling on the floor as we walked in. I wish I have that security footage. That would’ve gone viral.


Excellent timing. I am a co-founder of a special events security company, and this question came up in our meeting this weekend:

For legal cannabis operations, do they utilize Armored Truck service to transport their product(s) from distribution centers to retail stores?

We have been thinking of entering the cannabis space, and wondered about this specific question. Thanks!


Medical marijuana is a commodity. I wouldn’t see a problem with it being transported. BUT only when it’s federally legal for recreational purposes. There may be some legal issues with the quantity and if it’s being transported with armed security.


Is it true your coworkers are more likely to shoot you than a random robber?


I’ve been told that 9/10 times it Will be an inside job.


Were you ever tempted? If not tempted was there ever a 'this is how I'd do it' banter with your crew?


Haha! Yes. Typically if a bank order a Sustainable amount of high value bills. I would turn and ask my messenger if “today was the day” for a trip to Mexico.😂


Lenco? or Griffen?

I worked Brinks in NYC 76 to 88 in the summer when overtime was scarce with my day to day jobs. You allowed rifles or shotguns? Those days ended for us in 1986 with New Jersey outlawing JHPs and long arms. Non Leo's used to have to swap magazines or dump cylinders in the box for FMJs and JHPs had to go under lock and key in the Lenco mailboxes. My FN-Fal could keep the 20 rd 7.62 NATO and 4 spares in the rack though, figured that one out. I'm suprised you didn't have a L panel between the windshield A post to A post and center anchored to the partition between the Bostrum seats. Our bulkhead had only a gun port on drivers side up high and a gas pass and gun port passenger side.

It's a weird industry, no training only real knowledge and more turn around then an alter boy at a priest and scout master convention.


It’s really nice to know that you were one of those old school guys. Honestly, not much has changed. I’m so sorry that New Jersey has some wacky laws.

The last year we were able to carry shotguns on board was 2014. It was nice knowing we had 8 rounds of 00 buckshot on call if we needed it.


What's up with the Grindr selfie?


Why, you like?


What are some common statistics in regards to safety and danger levels in your industry?


I’m actually getting a lot of heat from this topic. Some reddit users are claiming that I’m over exaggerating the risks involved. Therefore, giving a “false sense of danger.” From my understanding of some responses, people translate “More Danger= More cooler.” That’s simply not the case.

The official reports states in normal operation, the industry is relatively safe from criminal violations. Here is the link:

My personal experience depicts a much more bleak outlook because the crime report doesn’t report civil violations. The largest being “Breaches of trust and Breaches of Contract.” An example of Breach of trust would be:

• While off-duty, a crew member was speeding on his way home. The Security Officer was stopped by Law Enforcement and cited for speeding. As per the Security Officers Employment contract, reporting speeding tickets is mandatory, and failure to do so could be grounds for termination. The Security Officer reports the traffic citation to their supervisor, and the supervisor purposely fails to report the violation to the Insurance company that insurers the Armored Trucks. This is an attempt to keep their monthly insurance rate low and to retain employees that they’ve already invested training into.

An example of Breach of Contract would be:

• The Branch received too many sick calls for the day. To ensure they send out all of the trucks that day, they take half of the change deliveries off of two separate routes and are labeled “non-priority.” The only stops that get service for that day are banks and ATMs. The clients that didn’t receive service are billed for their normal day, but not billed for an “ off day of service.”

There are many more examples. But the point that I’m making is that The crew leader, while writing his reports on specific situations could be held liable civilly if an Armored Truck Company wanted someone to throw under the bus for falsifying a report. Many times a supervisor will give the Crew Leader a list of specific language to use while writing.


Does the novelty wear off pretty quick? It'd be much like delivering pizza with a gun, wouldn't it?



What follows after is paranoia and obsession.

The paranoia stemmed from always looking over your shoulder while on route. That translated into my personal life in the form of completely avoiding large crowds, public events, elevators, narrow hallways, and other confined spaces.

The obsession manifested after I was promoted to a Crew Leader and assigned a permanent route. I would obsess over the smallest details. For Example:

•Like at what was the cycle timer on each one of the stoplights on my route. As it turns out, 90% of my lights could be predicted by the crosswalk timer. • figuring out alternative routes to avoid road construction and railroad crossing. • Maintaining a +10 stops per hour • Attempt to save at least 10 seconds between drive time and and servicing time. If I could do that I could get home 16 minutes early. • Timed each client and left after their contracted time expired.


I knew someone who worked on an armored truck and he said it was common to piss in a bottle in order to complete your route faster. True in your experience or did he work for a shitty employer?


Both. But I would absolutely do everything in my power to not piss in a bottle. I don’t think people really understand how much pressure is put onto a truck crew to finish faster than the day before.


What's the best way into the industry? I have trouble finding listings on like indeed and other sites, is there some other way to search for these types of jobs specifically?


You’re absolutely F*cking crazy to even consider this industry as a “career.” It’s honestly a dead end job that quite possibly will kill you. Could you live with that?

However, the experiences I’ve had and the other officers I shared hardship with will stay with me for the rest of my life. We truly are a brotherhood. One of my crew members signed me and my wife’s Marriage Certificate. I honestly would take a bullet in the head for my crew and others I’ve worked with.

The best place honestly is google, or the website painted into the side of the trucks. Do NOT WALK UP TO AN ARMORED TRUCK AND ASK WHERE TO APPLY. I’ve personally taken their name down on paper, and thrown their application into the trash.


One of my buddies works for a company that rhymes with Trinks, and we were watching a dude fill the cheesy ATM at our hockey arena. He was this huge fucking guy, trench coat, and a duffle bag full of cash working alone. My bud was appalled.

Do you have any idea how these less reputable operations work? Is he some kind of Rambo, or are they just willing to roll the dice with his life and cash?


I think as an industry as a whole. The turnover rate is so high that they just want bodies with driver licenses


What are the security features of one of your trucks? Just curious.


Clearly the flux capacitor. If you take that out, the doors just swing right open.😂


I've heard that drivers/guards are treated like garbage by the company if they get robbed, money is lost, etc etc..

Is this true?




Have you ever saved the life and possibly the virginity of the mayors nephew?


Never knew you could save a virginity!🤷🏻‍♂️




n a previous question I mentioned that I timed our transactions. If the service was incomplete after the contracted time, we walked out. Because 1) the customer only pays for a certain amount of time, 2) the longer the Armored Truck sits in a parking lot, the more of target the crew becomes.

Safety is my religion. This was the one and only time I threw safety out the window.

Our next contract to service was in a decently wealthy neighborhood. This being a steakhouse known for their Surf n Turf. My mouth always waters up because I have to walk through the kitchen. During the transaction I notice that the manager helping us was very new, had no idea what he was doing, and was a bit flustered because we were giving him minute by minute countdowns. He asked if we were always this strict on time. I replied “ absolutely.” He took a breathe and asked if we would stay for a while to allow him enough time to prepare the bank deposits.

I contacted our driver and let him know that I was making an exception to my rule. He was shocked, but agreed. This was a 5 minute contract. In and out in 5 minutes or less. Fast forward 43 minutes and he finally had everything done. He thanks us and we went on our way. Usually the General Manager helps us. She’s fast. Very fast. She essentially has the bags prepped, seals them and throws them at us. I like that. The following week another manager called our client support number and said that they didn’t need our service for this week. Cool, one less stop.

That weekend I went to a friends house for a casual party. Nothing wild, a bit of alcohol and good food. As SOON as I walked through the front door, I saw that the Restaurant General Manager was there. She was chatting with what I believe to be her friend. I did my best to avoid her because I knew how much a 43 minute time overage is. Eventually she noticed me. It was at this moment she stomped over to me and asked me if I was going to pay the $650 dollar fee. I ask her to chalk it up as a “premium training fee.” We casually fought about best business practices, policy between Both our employers, and the physical contract for a good long while. But I’m very happy to say that she is now my wife.

I sacrificed my personal safety to essentially break the ice with my future wife.🤯


What things could people ask you that would make you go like "ask me almost anything"?


•Safe codes •Key numbers •Names of current employees and vehicle descriptions • Explaining the technical detail on how we break into an Armored Truck that we’ve locked ourselves out of. • How much liability did we keep in our main cash vault at the branch at one given time. • How much cash does the average bank order

Those kinds of things.


Ok I’m going to pose this question as if I’m the bad guy but I’m not.

Say your guy gets out of the truck and walks into a high end restaurant with much less actual security than say a bank or a Walmart. As he is coming out with the deposit bag I just shoot him dead and go for the bag.

Is your response to protect the bag or protect yourself assuming I will continue into the truck ?


Protect myself. At the end of the day, we’re just trying to get home safely.


What were you thinking when you took a picture from that angle?

Edit: wow this is my first ever gold and I’m blushing, thank you kind stranger


I was imitating one of my crew members! My selfie turned out better.😂


Did you have decoy trucks (empty trucks just in case someone atacks)?


All of our trucks are decoy trucks. Only the Truck Crews know what’s inside.


As states legalize marijuana, one weird new area for secure transport is to move products from supply to retail. These contracts are not necessarily going to armored transport. Do you think armored delivery or incognito is the best method? One weird thing I heard from a guy who won a license for a business for such work is that “the type of people who are interested in driving pot around are exactly the people you don’t want driving pot around.”

How would you do it?


I would transport with an Armored Truck once it becomes Federally legalized. I wouldn’t want to put armed security into a “grey area” of the law where they’re transporting illegal drugs (according to Federal Classification) as well carrying a firearm. Firearms, drugs, and transportation do not mix.

I’d love to see a green pot leaf on the side of an Armored Truck though!!!😂


Could you pull off a robbery if you really had to?


I’ve had a very serious conversation with myself about this. The short answer is yes, but it’s not that simple. In this day and age to “pull off a robbery” you’ll need to kill the crew. My Character prevents me from committing such a crime. The people I worked with, laughed with, vented to, and gave advice to during some of their darkest days would be the victims. I consider them family, and I would never follow through with it.


Did you ever get attacked? How did you manage it? Why did you quit and what are you doing now?


Well had I did a better job at redacting my two week notice letter, I would post it again. However, I’ll just type it out.

We never let anyone get too close to us. We were never physically assaulted. Before I was on a dedicated three man truck, I personally had a close call. The establishment was large and we delivered cash through the back door. When the employee opened the door, he had a very large monkey wrench behind his head ready to swing it. I dropped their cash delivery, quickly took a few steps back, I yelled “ drop the weapon at least 5 times.” I put my hand on my firearm. At this point I didn’t draw.

He quickly recognized the situation he put himself in and stopped. I asked him “ Bro are you serious?!” And he responded with “ nawwww, I’m just playin.” I told him to get his manager right now, or we are leaving.

The manager opens the door and I asked her where the other employee was and she said that he was serving food. I picked up their cash delivery and explained the situation to her. She said she would pass the information on and look at the cameras.

After handing the incident report directly to my supervisor, he honestly didn’t care. I went to my branch manager and he said he would look into it. One week goes by and my branch manager said that they won’t investigate it because the change order was delivered. This influenced my extreme sense of paranoia once I was promoted to a Crew Leader.

The BIGGEST reason why I left was because of the Workers Compensation claim I filed. They sent 5 copies of paperwork to me and over the first two months, they lost all 5. I would call the company who handles the WC claims and they would say they received it and a week later I’d call back to only hear they lost it.

Fast forward 10 months of back-and-Fourth with this company I made my usual phone call. The told me that I no longer qualify for compensation because I have not given them the correct paperwork to file. I was responsible for the entire bill. Which angrily paid over the following year.

The last straw was when my branch eliminated a couple routes and threw all of their contracts onto other routes. Everyone got at least 15 extra stops with a heck of a lot more miles to drive per day. When I received my list of new contracts I worked them into my route as best as I could. The following month my crew gets pulled into the Branch managers office. He then starts to tell us how we aren’t making a good enough effort to make sure that everyone receives service. With the extra stops on my route, no matter how I obsessively tried to make everything work, banks were closing before we could get to them.

I pulled my branch manager aside and asked if he could place my supervisor, the operations manager, or him on my truck to shadow us. His exact words were “ i specifically didn’t get my permit to carry so that corporate wouldn’t force me to help out the routes.” He also said that he wouldn’t let a supervisor or the operations manager shadow us because he “ needed them to do more important things.”

The following day I turned my termination letter. He never pulled me into his office to talk about it.

I’m now in a waaaay better job path. I’m a Union Steelworker. I get to weld and fabricate industrial equipment for factories nationwide. The benifits are stellar, I’m netting x3 more pay that the Armored Truck company, and the shop I work at bends over backwards for both their union and nonunion employees.

They even have a 3 week PAID paternal leave program. It was awesome being able to spend more time with my newborn child than others were able to.


When you were trying to acquire the little girl with bone claws and regenerative powers, did it upset you that Wolverine helped her and made your job more difficult?


Very upsetting.


Camaro or Mustang?


Neither. Ford Flex EcoBoost.


I know that tv and movies show armored cars as 'moving jackpots' that can get held up easily. Have you ever seen a show or movie that portrayed how tough a armored car really is?


Believe it or not I’ve never watched any movies depicting Armored Truck operations. I think movies would be very one-sided anyways because the profession is suppose to look cool.


Without answering specifically, are you aware of not so obvious weak points in modern designs of armored trucks?


Absolutely. The ones that are “not so obvious” are the same ones that were recognized during manufacturing and covered up to save time and money.

If Armored Trucks were IPhones, Apple would drown in Class action lawsuits.


You’ve seen Heat, right?


No I havent


Did you guys ever do armed escorting on flights? Im working check ins for a regional airline and occasionally we have armed escorts on our flights and there's a whole procedure about it.


I remember hearing something about Brinks doing that. I never looked into it further.

Armed escorts on aircraft. This is the world we live in.😩


What would your strategy be to rob one and getaway?


You’re name is a bit fishy.....


How to get away with it?


Well, isn’t that the $25 Million question.


Is this the coolest photo you could take of yourself in the truck?


It’s the coolest I’ve taken with those aviators.


I was once driving on an incredibly busy NYC highway on ramp, while merging onto the highway with very slow moving traffic, an armored truck refused to let me merge in front of him. Tried for about 30 seconds and he was absolutely not letting me through. Since this happened, I’ve been wondering if it’s a rule and regulation to not let someone in front of you as a driver, in case they stop in front of you and run up on you. Is this the case, or was he just an ass?


That sounds like aggressive driving on both parties. He should have let you in, but if you couldn’t overtake the truck. Just slow down and move behind him.


Dude I conduct security audits and assessments as part of my job...

Why are you divulging this stuff? I mean, it’s nice to do an AMA but you’ve basically outlined the intricacies of line of work that is perhaps seldom targeted ONLY because most bad guys don’t know all the things you just covered.

I recommend removing it, for what it’s worth.


Nothing that I’ve said so far isn’t already public information or a quick google search. If security audits a truly apart of your job. I’m very disappointed in what I’ve seen with brinks. They were in fact the first to start the solo truck trend.


If there's a Zombie Apocalypse, I plan to get one or two of those armored cars drive around in. Do you see any potential problems with my approach? Also, what kind of mileage do they get?


Find one with a gross weight of 24000lbs and also Make sure it’s in 100% working condition. They are death traps.😂😂😂😂


Why does a minimum wage security job need an AMA update? I worked this job once I got out of college, and it was staffed by people who were going nowhere in life, but convinced themselves they'd be cops some day.

I ended up leaving while making $12 an hour, and got a job doing corporate security for $15+. And.. didn't have to worry about getting shot.


From my personal experience it’s the novelty and Mystique surrounding the industry. It’s Not a common job like corporate security.

It definitely is a dead end job! I agree with you.


You ever deal with the video gambling? Around me I saw them used one black unmarked SUV, two black unmarked sedans, and looked about 6 guys in body armor with at least pistols. They looked more like military contractors in the Middle East.


Sorry for the late response!! That sounds like Garda Executive Protection.


Probably gonna get on some watchlist for this (I swear it's just out of curiosity and for the karma): After working in the field, how would you knock off an armored car? Do the movie have it right?

Side note: I saw one the other day at the bank and noticed it had cameras mounted all over so you could see if anyone is hiding beside the truck. That was pretty neat and probably very useful. Are the there other tricks like this used on the job?


Well believe it or not, I haven’t watched any of the previously mentioned Armored Truck heist movies. But, hey! If I’m going to commit multiple serious felonies. I would make sure that most of it was over the top!

I would personally use the technique taught to us in the event that the driver locks all 3 of us out.

That technique is a closely guarded secret due to life threatening consequences to the crew.

Another miscellaneous tool of our trade would be the desk in some trucks. It’s great for loading atm cassettes. But it’s even better if used as a makeshift bed. You’ll just need to fold your soft body armor in half to create a pillow. Certainly not recommended while in transit.


How much do they typically pay armed guards? I've heard it's about $12.50 an hour but that was years ago.


Depending on where you live, it could be $12.50 still. It really is pathetic. This job should be a $30 plus an hour with the amount of stress they put on the crews.


Are you as gay as they say you should be?


What happens in the truck, stays in the truck.


Where can you get bulletproof glass cut to specific size?


Its not like ordering a blender off of amazon. It’s a specialty product. Be prepared to pay a premium for a custom cut. There are many company websites that you could probably email for a quote 🤟🏻


What color is your toothbrush?


Is it true that the hardest part of the armored car is the man of steel behind the steering wheel?


The hardest part of the armored car is the supervisor waiting for you to f*ck up so he can threaten to pistol whip you.


Is there more lucrative work in the cannabis space for people with your training?


I haven’t see the opportunity yet, but for people with my experience, absolutely. I would charge by the minute and weight.


If you are doing the transaction inside X stablishment, how is the protocol about civilians trying to approach the site?

I ask because i was with someone in a convenience store taking my lunch during my break, (very small stablishment), the crew arrived and as the cashier is right next to the entrance, we werent allowed to go near it, ergo, we were not allowed to leave. They literally didnt let us get close despite explaining we had to leave to return to work. Im not sure that was entirely legal.

They gave us some dead stares and cold commands but i think they actually took consideration of us cause they only took 10 minutes to do their thing.

Thats why im curious about how you would handle this kinda scenario-


There are many ways we handle this sort of situation. It could be the vibe of the room, the time of day, the geographical location, or where the entrances and exits are. When they control the immediate environment, they’re facilitating the most efficient way to complete the task. The faster in, the faster out and both parties are happy.

There were two huge reasons why they didn’t want you to get close. The largest reason is the “21 foot rule.” It’s taught to us that if someone with an edged weapon( like a knife, scissors, or a concealed weapon on a keychain) is within 21 feet of us, we are going to get stabbed before we are able to draw our firearm to end the threat.

The second reason is a strict “ no third 3rd party rule.” If you aren’t the person receiving the service. We must assume that you’re attempting to gather information on if the cash delivery is worth robbing the place for.

What would I have done if I was in their shoes? If you explained to me your situation. My messenger and I would’ve immediately stopped, watch you leave, lock the door behind you, and continued our service.


How much does brinks charge for delivery of money from a business to a bank?


That’s hard to say, because I never worked for them. My best guess is that they are on a monthly subscription paying anywhere from $50-$500.


How well armored are these armored trucks compared to the armored cars a military might use?


The military by far!


How would you go about a robbing an armoured car?


I would never consider it because it would mean the use of force to obtain it.


How strong is your car compared to the infamous SUV that Obama had outfitted with 5 inch thick doors, etc.?


Both would Be obliterated by an oncoming train.


when you first put on a security guards outfit were you pissed that it wasn't a cop costume? and did the wife catch your hands because you felt inadequate at that point?


I was actually expecting it to magically turn into a firefighter costume.


Are there mug holders in the armored cars?


Damn right there is!


Do they really put the weak spot on the bottom of the ATM?


Actually the bottom is the strongest part. There’s so much more steel and concrete used than what a normal person sees.


How would I rob one and when do they have the most cash? Lmao serious questin


How about this! Start your own cash-in-transit company. Fill the F*cker to the brim and drive it home.


How do I rob one of those suckers?


R1, R1, Circle, R2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.


How is this possible:

I don't know much about your job, but this seems just insane. Unoccupied, unlocked car? Is the crew going to jail?


This question was pretty buried. The link is dead. 404 error not found. If you find a working link. I’ll read it and answer!


what are the odds i get away with robbing one, leaving the country and living a life pf luxury?


If you got away from the initial manhunt, you would most likely pay 99% of what you stole to an organized crime group to smuggle you out of the country. A Non-extraditable country might be that extra Razzle-Dazzle you need in your life. Are you cool with Iran?


Is there a warehouse somewhere filled with boxes of coins waiting to be loaded onto trucks? Is there a way to get the oldest boxes delivered to my bank?😁


I’ve delivered many old boxes of coins to banks because they had a customer that would pay the full $500/$1000 for a box of half dollars. Ask your bank! I bet they would be cool with it.


What is the best time to hit an armored truck?


I’m sorry that I originally didn’t answer your first question. The answer is when no one is inside. That way you won’t need to swap car insurance information.


How often did things get sketchy? Only a handful over five years, or frequently? If frequently, how so (every few weeks/months)?


Good question. I’d say at least once per week. Typically it was a homeless man trying to get some cash.


Do you work any with secret service? I know they have branch related to this kind of work.


As far as I’m aware the Secret Service only deals with counterfeit currency? I haven’t done any research into the topic.


Where are you originally from?


With my botched Redacted pictures still floating around, I’d rather not say.


When is Discovery dropping the reality series starring you and your crew, and is it called Heavy Armor Mother Truckers?


Probably never, but that’s a clever name.😂


What’s your armament situation look like?


I have a 16 gun safe. A few shotguns, Ar15s, Ar-10, And a sh*t ton of pistols


How much money was typically on the truck at one time?


You would be surprised with how little. But of course that would depend on the route itself. I would say a normal Route has anywhere from $0.02-$5m. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific.


Are there rules about not stopping in a parking lot for people or is it just that employees are in a hurry? I’ve had two experiences seeing this. One was when I was backing out of a parking stall, most of the way out, and a truck of some security company when bombing by way to fast for a parking lot and managed to not hit me, but barely. Any other car would have stopped to let me finish getting out. The other was where I saw a similar situation and another car was waiting for the spot, another car was waiting to get around them and the security truck got stuck waiting and the dude was honking and yelling and gesturing for everyone else to move, just being rude. In both cases there was absolutely no reason to go through the parking lot as there was a direct exit to the road from in front of the stores (the exits meant an extra turn or two). Were the drivers in these cases just jerks?


Not just jerks. They were overly aggressive. We’re taught in training to think of an Armored Truck as a 24000lb weapon.


Which company and region did you work in? Ive been with Garda, Brinks and Dunbar when it existed and worked around the Philadelphia area. If you worked in a less dense area, what was your average route like and how many stops did you usually have? At Dunbar I would usually have between 50-80 stops a day, mostly quick commercial stops with very little coin, usually only 1 to 2 boxes if there was one with the change order. Garda and Brinks were fewer stops with more coin, usually 35-40, but at Garda I serviced a lot of a particular chain of convenience stores limited mostly to the Philadelphia area called Wawa, which would often be 10-15 minute stops, even among the fastest of us due to their policies.


I worked for Garda. When I left the most stops I had on any given day was 86-91. 91 being the most. My route was VERY COIN HEAVY. Banks would commonly order 25 plus boxes of coin. It was really had averaging 3 minutes per stop.


What are the most valuable materials you've ever transported?


Ha! I knew there was a question that was left unanswered. Sorry I’m 8 days late.

The most valuable thing I transported were unarmed security officers. For a while I was designated the FTO (Field Training Officer.) it was legitimately like teaching a child to walk and not putting themselves at risk while doing so.


Former Flint AT manager. What are you doing now?


Sorry for the late response! I’m a union steelworker.


Are you allowed to use your gun in any capacity besides self defense? What could you do if I walked up unarmed while you were loading/collecting from a machine, took a bag and just walked off without any confrontation or threatening? You’re not a cop you couldn’t arrest me. All you could do is call the authorities right?


Our job is still to protect the cash. It would honestly depend on specific state laws like “stand your ground.” But as you described it shooting you would be considered excessive force.


Is it just like what it's like in GTA online? Do I need a sticky?


I’ve never play online..


What's it like to be the biggest youtuber?


This must be a joke. I’m not pewdiepie.🙃


Is there colourbombs in the briefcase, in which I assume u carry the money in, from the truck to the contract? Or is there some sort of certain length the money/truck, would have to bee apart from each other


That’s more of a 1980s thing. We never used briefcases!


Does anyone else think he looks sexy in his uniform?


-14 people. Shall we see how high that gets?😂


Transport large amounts of gold?


I haven’t had the pleasure.


Are you ready?


Ready to rumble?


Why are you chad pewdiepie?


That’s not the first time I’ve been called that.🙃

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