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IAmA Florida Man who caught an alligator in Chicago

Howdy My name is Frank Robb I catch alligators for the state of Florida and have done so for 25 years this coming year. I was asked to come to Chicago in July and catch Chance the Snapper, a gator in a city park.
I since have a coloring book I released in Nov. And a Bobble head that came out this Month. Must admit I had no idea what Reddit was and ended up here from a post from a group called Today I learned, which was about myself and chance. Lol Anyhow...Merry Christmas and many blessings to you each and all! Realalligatorrobb

December 27th 2019
interview date

What’s your theory on how he came to Chicago? And if he wasn’t discovered, would he have survived the winter?


There was a open pipe into the sewer on the south east side of the possible if he found understanding from law enforcement is that they come across them in drug house raids a couple times a year


Did you choose the swamp life, or did the swamp life choose you?

ALLIGATORROBB has loved the outdoors forever...grew up land surveying with pop and uncle caught gators...wilderness in the blood...praise God


Ok, let's say I suddenly find myself in a situation where I need to catch a gator since it won't stop hanging out in my garden and it won't go away. Any pointers?


Haha call ur local authorities...repairing fingers likely aint cheap


Is your beard real? Hi Frank its Ernie!


I apply new layers of paste like glue each and every morning...braided in with Sheltie Hair..😂😂 ya buddy!!


How did you get into the Gator life?


Learned the trade from my uncle


Humboldt Park resident. Did you go to any local bars while in Chicago? Was that the first time in our city?

Any highlights of the trip?


First time every in the Midwest yeah...I found several nice places...Rev Brewing is awesome as is bub that brisket!


Hello Frank

Question: you know when you have done something long enough brain sometimes goes to autopilot and you can't seem to remember much later. Have you experienced something similar when catching gators?


I know exactly what you mean...try to make myself slow down and be methodical every day with work...what ur describing is how many people get hurt...but yes it does happen! Thankfully its a little different every single time


What was your favorite thing about your Wrigley field experience?


Oh calming....everyone talks about how overwhelming it can be...was one of the most amazing experiences ever standing out there looking around that field...and well knowing that you can throw a baseball takes any pressure that might exist away 🙏


Were you amused at how inept the previous attempts were? We were all joking about how a flordiaman caught it in less than 24 hours.


I said it before...we kinda all have our gifts...other feller was in over his head but he was doing it for nothing and doing what he felt would work...but truth be told it never would have worked that way.


Big fan here. How are you, just like in general? What’s your favorite color and what does it make you feel? What’s the last book you read or documentary you saw that made you go “that was a good ass book/documentary”? Are you still in Chicago and/or liking it? The best Mexican food you can have is Naty’s Taco, on Chicago Ave. You’re a gift and a hero. Also I love you.


Aww I am back up 7 times since capturing it...back in Florida now...much love to you too!! Thank you for the kindness!!


Was there ever a situation when you were catching alligators, that could have potentially put you at the risk of losing your life? If there were, what was the closest you got to death?


Many many times....anytime ur in a culvert catching a large gator face to question ur life decisions LOL


How did the City of Chicago reach out to you?

Did someone think “hey Florida has gator problems all the time, we should call and ask them for their gator guy’s number”?


CACC asked a bunch of people and my name was the one being dropped 🙏...blessed to be good at my work and known for it


When did you realize that this job would launch you into the public eye?

Also what is your favorite animal?


Been doing educational programs for a very long time...and the media shows up to calls when gators on on peoples porches on in their pools all the time...had actually been on Good Morning America even a couple times before this after catching gators that seriously injured people...might sound odd but I really.enjoy them all...opposums are one of my I hate ticks!


Do you put pineapple on your pizza?


I'm a pepperoni guy...but dont mind pineapple...growing a few right now


Why do you catch Gators?


I love the wildlife and it's how I am able to work and do research with them


What’re your thoughts on global warming? Have you ever eaten gator meat?


The earth is getting warmer...yes many times


What's the best way to skin an alligator?


The farms pump them full of air to loosen the hide from the meat...I have found the best way is to avoid trying it haha


What kind of payment did you get from this? Did you have to pay to get to Chicago?


I paided my way and they reimbursed me after...not as much as you might imagine...due to public record laws they released all that information including emails ... Its worth a Google if ur interested 🙏


Was this the first gator you've caught?


I've caught more than you could ever imagine


Do you like the song "Amos Moses?"


What’s your favorite thing that Florida has that Chicago doesn’t?


Wow...beaches (with salt water) cypress swamps, my blood family....because Lord knows I have made lots of family in Chicago...great people


Frank, St. Augustine here, transplanted from Ft. Lauderdale. How can S FL get rid of their Iguana problem?


No threat of that ever happening Mr. Flipper...if they wanted them gone or not


What do you think about the gators in the movie Crawl? I didn't even see them roll...


Not the way an species behave...its all for fun though!


What happens to gators after you catch them? Do they all go to the alligator farm?


The gators I catch for the state have a different outcome on many of the occasions...if its a fed gator or a gator that has hurt a pet person or livestock that's the end of his story....this is very emotional at times...its an animal we love...but I would personally rather be the person doing that tough side, with love and care than someone whom doesn't have any affection toward the species. Hope that answers ur question...In spite of the "reality" shows u sometimes see on TV...the truth isn't so warm and fuzzy sadly.


have you ever tried to catch a ray?


Caught rays fishing many times Yesum


Do you get annoyed when people confuse alligators and crocodiles? What’s the difference anyway? Just kidding. Not really.


Haha...there are now 25 recognized species of crocodilian...three family groups...Gharials...Camien/alligators and Crocodiles....the differences are vast...Google the crocodile specialist group and be amazed...happy new year!


Do you like Chicago deep dish?


Yes...but I must admit I am becoming an even larger fan of the thin crust there...Omg...


Florida man usually wrestles the alligator, do you wrestle the gator??


No wrestling...that's for road side attractions with tame alligators 🙏


Did you enjoy your trip to Chicago at least?


Loved them all been back 7 times since...wonderful city...terrific people!


If you could catch any other animal/animals what would they be?


Have a buddy whom researches pangolins....always wanted to see one!!


We hear about Florida man a lot on Reddit. Were you also the one who bought generators for the Bahamas?


No sir...


How many meth related alligator incidents have you been involved in?


Zero haha....that's some make believe insanity there Lol


How do you catch them? Do you bait? Like with chicken?


I catch 99% of them on a fishing big as u can bait


has an alligator ever bitten you? and how badly?


No...made many mistakes but never that one 🙏💚🐊


As a fellow Florida Man, what part of the state are you from?


Space coast proud!


How's it going so far?


Which part?


Are you a conservative?


I'm in the middle...firmly


Question about crocodiles if you have any experience with them. In the hotel zone of Cancun there is a large lagoon with a known presence of many crocodiles. Wife and I didn't know this a few years ago when we went there and rented some jet skis. Unfortunately the ocean was too turbulent so they told us to just stick around in the lagoon. Fell off a few times but overall a fun time. Were we in any danger with the crocs there?


Those would be American crocs...the only issue is feeding...otherwise they are even more shy than area with large activity with boats and jetskis is not a place they want to be...if you cruised away from the populated active area's into a wilderness area it wouldnt be the most intelligent idea


How do Australian salt water crocs compare to your alligators?


Day and night difference...the salties include people as part of the food chain of possible haha

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