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IAmA Mexican living in the middle of cartels warfare, in the most violent state. ask me anything!

December 31st 2019
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What would you say your relationship with gangs are like? Sheep and herd dog? Is there any time you look to the gangs for protection (assuming they ask protection money of you)?


Nope. No relation, but being honest i do smoke pot from time to time and being that the only way to get it. The indirect relation would be huge, as they are at every bar/club (they spent a lot of money) and if you want a hot girl you first need to know if they are not "owned" even if they like you, some dude in a cartel might tell you shit.


Have you had any close, dangerous encounters with gangs?


Several times, some of them i didnt even realize until the danger was over... One day i was pointed with a gun, just because the guy didnt know me and i was passing through "his street"


As I have the option to work remotely, I am seriously considering moving to Mexico, the Yucatan area specifically. I intend to learn Spanish when I arrive. Thoughts?

Also, How long have you lived in your town, which one is it?

What cartel runs your area?

Do you remember what it was like before they became what they are today, like before the war? Do you miss it, have ill feelings?

Did you know anyone from childhood who joined?

What are your thoughts on them? The general thoughts from the younger and older generations?

How do you see this issue being resolved for you town specifically?

What are your thoughts on the police and how they are doing their jobs?

What is your interaction with them like? Is it daily, weekly, etc?


Yucatan is cool. I have lived in diferent cities, but i spent most time in guadalajara. currently there are 2 cartels fighting for the zone. Cjng and cartel de sinaloa.. 3: peace between cartels broke in the 80s. Im from the 90s so for me it always has been like this. 4: i don't know, but the odds would say YES. they recruit pretty much anyone as a soldier. 5: i think they are common people just like me or you, but they grew up knowing violence as the only way to survive, i don't blame them, i just think they used to be "better" as they had a code of honor, now a days they need an ever more violent propaganda because if you fear them you won't fight them..6: i don't see this issue solved soon because there will always be a lot of money for moving/selling drugs. If they capture the leaders the next day there is a new leader.. if you kill one of their soldiers there will be 5 tomorrow. 7: im afraid we have good and corrupted cops, the corrupted cops want money but some of the just help cartels for survival, our marines are actually doing the cleaning job, and drug cartels are afraid of them because they have assault rifles and equipment, every time there is a fight between them there are several killed in the cartel and 0 casualties for the marines, so far is the only way to hit them. 8: not sure, i mean they are regular people, you might be with them anytime as cartels have a huge member list. But i see them knowing in going to them like once very 2 weeks to buy some weed. They are nice with you when you buy.


Is it possible to have rest knowing you might be killed?


Absolutely, and to me thats an exaggeration. I don't feel like im about to die at any time. It would be easy if i wanted to tho..


What are your survival tricks or life hacks? What do you do to survive the day?


Common sense. If i see a fishy dude just do your thing .. in 99% of cases the people is killed by the cartel because they try to affect their bussiness, its a nono if you want to live.. Don't get drunk af and start saying shit, or talk in public about how "bad" they are. You just respect even if they are breaking the law, as you can't really do something.


Do you honestly think there will be a day when all the violence in Mexico will drop back to normal levels?

It's so sad to see people down there having to live like that. People next door for years, told me about how corrupt things are and I can't imagine living like that.

What do you think is the path that will work to fix all this violence and is it really as bad as we hear?

We hear about all the shallow graves, we see news shows where they can't even go into certain areas without permission from the gangs.

Do you ever feel like the rest of the world just doesn't give a damn about the conditions you live in?


1: Well, it's now at normal levels. I know our history, we came from violent civilizations, after that we fought for independence, then for revolution from there to know its been corruption and cartels, its just they were not named cartels then.. 2:the only path for real peace rests in our citizens, corruption is not because of our goverment because citizens make the goverment, its daily things we do, like not respecting traffic lights, drinking while driving etc .. all those things end up making a lawless country as anyone will respect anything and the impunity is 99% so people commiting crimes are not afraid of getting caught because the chances they get caught are low, again because fat police officer is too fucking lazy to do his job (again citizen) , so i we do our job as citizens then we can obligate the goverment to do theirs... From the goverment we need to train our cops to be professional they are just a bunch of fat idiots with a badge... i love our marine corps because they are what the rest of the country isn't. disciplined. I cant aswer if its as bad or not, because i dont know what you hear. 3: i do think they dont give a damm and thats just right, i dont want them to give a damm, we are a country and we MUST fix our home ourselves, if we accept help then we would need them to stay forever and help us forever, we dont want that, we dont need another invasion, we need to suffer the consecuences of our decisions, sure a lot of people will die, but that's required so we can have peace.


Piensas mover te a otro pais o a otro estado?

(Perdón por mi español)


Maybe, but pretty much all the states are the same.. and yeah, i would like to love out to a better (life quality) country. But those ultra pretty countries are pretty closed to inmigrants so its not really up to me. Your spanish is perfect, judt (moverte) is together and get used to acentos


How dangerous is it to do everyday things like, going to the movies going out to dinner, visiting friends, and going to the supermarket?


Pretty safe. See it this way. Is probably like the odds of being in a mass shooting in usa and get killed. Same here, you might go to a supermarket and find yourself in crossed fire by cartels/police. Maybe a little more likely just because there are more firefights here than mass shootings but thr odds are not that far away from each other. Im not afraid at all of doing regular things because im not involved in anything about drugs/cartels. But those involved are pretty scared of going to the corner because carteld look actively for enemies.


Despite how dangerous it must be, do you want to stay where you are? Why or why not?


Yes, because i have a career that is only valid in my country (Lawyer) .I would like to move out only if i get a better job than i have or a better project...


have you ever committed a crime?


Maybe something like smoking weed on the streets/ buying. Or drinking in a public area...


How do you feel about the incident a few months back where the Mexican government captured and then released el chapos son right away?


There is another question regarding that.. now knowing exactly what he was talking about because you named the people involved. I think its fucked because that means there is impunity but those towns are happy with them being around as many of them work and can live decently thanks to the narco, also if he was not to be released there was going to be war in the zone so that was a decision for peace. Im not saying that decision was right but seeing back what has happened when we "try" to finish a huge cartel its better to wait until the citizens are actually trying ti help their goverment, thats the problem with mexico and its incapable goverment, the idiotic citizens that only see a couple of weeks in the future when they get their check from the cartel instead of trying to look mexico in 20 years when their kids will need to live mexico's reality.


Since a successful government is defined as having a monopoly on violence, how does it feel knowing your true overlords are the cartels? I recently heard the fake mexican government released a drug cartel leader’s son because it was afraid of their violence.


I think that last new is actuallt faked by your country there is no way that info could had come from an oficial source and there is no one else that has that info.. We don't see the cartels as "our overlords" as that people is just hidding, so they just do their thing while others just live their life.. the real problem is the confrontation of cartels for power..


How did you avoid being drawn into or forced into a gang? The way our media portray it is that you really have no choice, but it looks like you not only avoided it but thrived and went on to become a well educated professional with a good head on his shoulders.


Being forced into a gang doesnt exist. I avoided it by not getting close to people involved, you can get into a gang any day, it's too easy. I think media means with forced that in some places there is no way to make money other than farming weed/amapolla. So that people are not criminals to me, they are farmers with no choice and their product happens to be illegal. Criminals are the people they deliver the product to and sell it , claming towns as theirs by violence. Thanks for your kind words, i do think a better education system would be a huge hit to cartels as young boys could have a bigger picture of the world instead of just trying to become big narcos and dying in the process.


What state are you in?


And jalisco . I'm constantly moving between the 2 states


How was Christmas?


Great, thank you. How about yours?


What is the worst or the most frightening thing that happened to you there? (Sorry for my english)


I had a roomie for several months, he was from south carolina (usa) and apparently he though it was funny and cool put in his profile in facebook he was working for a cartel, when i realized i told him how stupid that was and told hi to erase that.. days after that we had a black suburban in front of my house 4 days in a row, it never turned off, you could hear the engine for the whole 4 days just parked ouside my door, everytime my roomie left the house they would follow him in the suburban. Just driving at the pace of his walking i really thought he was going to dissapear at any moment. He was pretty lucky the noticed he was too stupid to be a threat to them, they left after like 5 days. I was panicking because i thought they would kill me too thinking i was involved with a gang.. i've had several other experiences but to me that got me nervous nd could barely sleep those 5 days, thinking they would break in or even worse throw granades through my window or something..


If someone is visiting this state, what are some tips you have for them to stay safe?


Just do your regulsr thing, don't pick up a fight, if you go to bars/clubs be respectful with everyone and be extra careful with pretty girls. If for some reason you find yourself in trouble don't lie to autorities or "regular" people if they ask.. if someone offers you a drink accept it even if you don't plan to drink it. Drive carefully, and be polite.. if you follow all this its like 99% you will stay safe.


I just finished watching a series about Pablo Escobar (el patron del mal). It was (or is?) crazy how corrupted the government in mexico.

It seems like there are more than corruption. How many cartels do you think there are in estimation?


Yes, a lot of corruption, i haven't seen the serie but yes. I think there are like 5 big cartels in all the country but there are around 30 local cartels that fight to control their towns, those are getting massacred because big cartels come in an take their areas as they please because big h Cartels have a lot of resources, many millions of dollars and big, BIG guns.. 50. Calibers, granades, rpgs..


Tamaulipas? O Sinaloa?


Colima bro, its the state with more poeple killed daily today. Just south jalisco in the most important of mexico.


I feel like people that have never gone to Mexico exaggerate a lot with the violence. It is like any other place you just have to be smarter and quiet treat the cartel with respect and don’t try to be brave.

I’m from Tamaulipas. From what you’re saying the cartel is way worse with the “streets”. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 in a regular day I went to school when I got out my grandma was waiting for me outside of the school (like always). We were on our way home and when we turned to the corner there was a dead body in the ground with 2 shots in the chest. My grandma just covered my eyes and we walked away.

With that said: what was one of your experiences with the cartel that scared you the most?


Yeah, if you are not involved you are safe. I described in other questions some experiences. Once, trying to buy weed i found myself with a crazy meth addict seller, he had sold me before weed but that day he was too high to recognize me and told me to leave, then said "the fuck you are looking for, we don't sell shit" then i proceded to tell him to chill out and told him he sold me several times before, then he showed me his gun im his hip, he just pulled his shirt up to do so. In that instant i said, "ok, im leaving" so i did.. 2 days before i come back and see him, i say hello and he is pretty kind to me again like nothing happened, then i realized than meth actually makes you lose your mind, he would transform.. that got me kinda freaked because that was my only source of weed and if i wanted a joint i would have to test my luck with him, if he was high and unstable and ready to pull the trigger. That dude dissapeared like 6 months ago, i guess the cartel didn't want such an unstable guy in their place...


The cartel activity and their tactics basically means that no journalism can be safely published that portrays anyone with power or few scruples in an unfavorable light, is that correct?

(What does that restriction do to a country, in the long run? And does it suggest anything about the U.S.?)


That's correct. Corruption in goverment is the gate to impunity for cartels, so they will protect corruption, threatening journalism and any freedom that could affect corrupt institutions and with that their bussiness.

It causes loss of basic human rights like freedom of speech and protest, also generates impunity and with that insecurity.. And yes, it suggest that you can be misinformed because the actual facts will never see the light, only what the u.s.a goverment/powerful newspapers want you to know.. thats why there is so much hate to inmigrants in usa. Calling them all rapists, thieves, etc. Sometimes a dude from guatemala/honduras or whatver will commit a crime and they will say they are mexicans because they dont want to be deported so far away, so they deport them to the mexican border, days later they attempt to come back to u.s.a that's hurting the relations between our countries and media uses that because lots of $$$ are given by politicians and they see it as investment because like trump that may give them the election. (Remeber when he said we would build our own wall with our money?, That's not going yo happen ever, and he knew it, but people forget too quickly)


Does buying weed put you at risk from the cartel? Not necessarily dealing with the guy on meth like you already mentioned, but more because you are now doing a transaction with the cartel?

Also, if you some how made some money, would they just come and take it?


No, they are normally cool with people, they are even nice, they sometimes give you rolling papers for free and stuff. I didn't understand your last question.


Do you run into effects of the narco world in your job as a lawyer?

Does being a lawyer put you at a higher risk of getting on the wrong side of a narco?


It could be, but i'm specialized in commercial law, not in criminal so the odds of having a narco as client are low. I have friends that have had a couple of fishy clients but everything went well.

If you tell a narco you have his problem solved,he pays and you fail you are pretty much fucked..




Mm not sure what you are talking about.


Have you ever bought drugs from the cartel?


I think you haven't read the other answers: yes, i have, i smoke weed from time to time and that is the only way to get weed in mexico.

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