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I'm a religious orthodox jew from Israel AMA

Title is self explanatory.

AMA on anything.

Born 2001 and lived most of my life in Tel-Aviv suburbs. Was born into a jewish family. Went to jewish orthodox schools all my life and I'm currently studying in a Yeshiva in north Israel.

I was outside israel a couple of times and visited England, Scotland, Germany, France, Nederland, Austria and Switzerland.

I will join the IDF next year and serve for about 3 years.

Proof: I don't really know how to prove it so i will just post a link to my synagogue

December 30th 2019
interview date

Given what seems to be your complete immersion from the beginning do you worry about indoctrination and do you question ideas that are regarded as inviolate by your community?
I truly do not understand the acceptance of a strict orthodoxy and dogma as the 'right' or 'true' way based on things that are fundamentally unknowable.


Great question. I'm definitely religious now because i was born to a religious family, I can say with confidence that if I wasn't then I wouldn't be religious.(because I wouldn't have been exposed to it)

In some cases I do worry about indoctrination but not in my case because I consoder myself as very critical about everything regarding religion. I question almost everything about our traditions and rules and religion. More often than not I get a satisfying and logical answer and when i don't i keep digging till I will get one.

There is an assumption that we are anedjucatde and go after our faith blindly. This couldn't be further from the truth. My dad works in high tech and my mom is a lawyer. my grandpas are a journalist and chemistrey professor. My grandmas are chemistry doctor and a high level excutive in a pharma company. The Rabai at my synagogue is a physics professor.

I have to say that i completely agree with you, i also can't understand people that go blindly after their faith. But i don't agree with you that it's fundemently unkwonable.


Do you ever wonder about what you miss out on food wise?


Yeah I reacently went to a kosher resturant that serves cheese burger with vegan cheese and it was amazing. Makes you wonder how good are bacon and peperoni pizza but that's about it. Nothing else looks good enough for me to think about.


Have you ever dabbled in other religions?


Well I never tried other religions but I did read about Islam and christianity to see what they are all about. I can say with confident that if one of the three religions is the true one it's judaism.


I will a personal question: do you feel at peace with who you are? Or are you trying to escape it?

And a general one about life in Israel: do people treat each other well or is it a selfish/ individualist society?


Good one. I do feel at peace with my decisions in life so far and about my future. Now I'm not in the place I want to be at personality wise. A big part in a yeshiva is working on your charcter and shaping you to be the person you want to be. I do feel I have improved a lot but I still have some way to go. I never escape. From any thing. My response are fight or fight.

People here are considered really warm and welcoming. We went through a lot as a nation and there is a sense of collective responsibility.


As a jew living in America, I do not personally know what life is like under the Iron Dome. From what I read online and videos I see it seems to work ish, but if I were to make the pilgrimage, I fear something happening. Have you seen it in action? And if so how likely or unlikely is it that it would be unsafe for me to come? It is one of my dreams to have Israeli citizenship. My family fled the 2nd Reich and to be able to return to make the pilgrimage and return the family tradition would be such an honor. Unfortunately on the side of getting citizenship the records were destroyed so that will be difficult.


First almost all rockets target settlements near the gaza strip so there is no real reason to be worried if you go lets say to jerusalm or tel aviv or just anywhere else but the gaza strip borders.

There is a way higher chances of you dying in a car accident then being hit by a rocket.

The iron dome has great statistics. It's so good that the USA bought the tech from Israel.

Now I never it in live action cause the few times they were rockets launched towards Tel Aviv i was in shelter.(almost every home in Israel has a shelter room in the house)

I can say with 100% certainty that it's safe to go to Israel and I'm more worried about the noises my car makes than the conflict and it's dangers.

About citizenship, it looks like you are in a bit of a problem cause your records have been destroyed. There is a law in Israel that if you even have just one jewish grandparent you can get a citizenship. I recommend going to the jewishagency website and cotacting them ( If you are religious it would be even easier.

If and when come to Israel let me know I would be glad to help you.


Any opinions on Ben Shapiro?


I love him. I watch all of his lectures and videos and i agree with pretty much everything he says.


How much money do you have in your pocket?


Right now 0. Im wearing pyjamas ;)


What are your feelings on the issue of using fava beans to produce falafel?



Probably the toughest question to answer so far.

Falafel is great. I eat it every friday and the only issue I see is that they gave 5 balls instead of six last week. :(


What do you think of the various branches of Jewish mysticism?


I personally don't like mysticism so I don't feel qualified to answer the question , but to my understanding there aren't a wide range of different mysticism branches.

But in case your meaning is the various branches of judaism in general my stand is that they have the right to be wrong :) (Jk, all of them have logic behaind them but like everything else in judaism there are disagreements, somtimes big and somtimes small)


What do you think would be the explaining factors for a relatively substantial rise of anti-semitism across the globe?


I think that a lot of it is because muslim immigration to western countries + it is and always was to go to scapegoat for any failed goverment (as you can clearly see that arab countries are turning their people against Israel so they won't revolt against them)

You can't ignore the fact that in some cases it is justified like when some of jewish community in New York refuses to vaccinate and puts the rest of population in danger.

In one scentece I can say that there is one main factor which never changes - ignorance.


Are you still a virgin?




"I will join the IDF next year and serve for about 3 years."

So I presume you will be a part of the ongoing oppression of Palestine.

Are you volunteering to join idf, or are you forced, and how do you feel about being an active participant (trained in violence, and actively violent) of an oppressing regime ?

Second question. Are there anyone in Israel that recognizes that many of the things Israel currently does, are similar to what the Nazi's did towards Jews, or are people closing their eyes for their own atrocities ? (helped by right-wing government propaganda perhaps ?)


Rule No.2 of social networks: Don't answer trolls.

In case you trully belive what you have just said let me ask you this: what bad did the jews do in germany or anywhere else in europe? Nothing.(not as a group at least) What bad did the "palestine" people do as group in Israel? They suicide bombed civilian buses, they shoot rockets towards civilian cities, they stab civilians and soldiers inside our border, they dig tunnels to some near by settelments to do a terror attacks, they set on fire forests all around Israel.

Now to two more personal stories: 1. When I was 13 i stayed at home alone cause I was sick. Then there was a missile alarm and i rushed to the shelter room and locked the heavy door first, then I ran to close the armored window and becuase I panicked so hard I slamed it shut and broke blinds.

  1. Almost to years ago my brother's teacher was murderd by a palestinien dude while waiting for the bus home. The video of the stabbing: Skip to 1:10.

Do you believe that if you had been raised differently, you'd see any appeal in your current lifestyle?


Tbh if was was raised as secular jew I probably wouldn't become religious like I'm am now, most likely i would have stayed secular, but I can definetly say that I would see some appeal about my life style but not enough to draw me in. I got a similiar answer from real secular jews in my life.


Why do you think your god is the right one?


Well my god is the one who created the univers and did all the stuff the bible says it did. That god is also the one the muslims and most of christians belive in. So most of the world that belives in a god belives in my god.


Do you wonder what bacon or cheeseburgers taste like?


I went recently to a resturant that serves cheeseburgers with vegan cheese and it was amazing. Next on my list is bacon made of turkey.


I wonder are there many Jews who are against the zionist regime in control?? If not, why is it that Jews don't care what their government does worldwide?


I dont think i understand your question. Being a jew doesn't have to mean you are an Israeli. Now the Israeli people do care about what the goverment does worldwide just like in any other country.

About the zionist regime. Zionism is a movment with the goal of establishing a jewish state in Israel. So in that context every jew who supports the existance of the country is a Ziony. Other than that he jewish state is a democracy so calling it the zionist regime is incorrect.


Is it truth that the Jewish see themselves as the chosen ones by god (Thora)?


Yeah but probably not how you are imagining it.

We belive that god chose us to bring to the world moral values to the rest of the nations. (Btw god gave us the Thora so the Thora is god's word).


My understanding is that Israel was the name given to Jacob after he wrestled the angel. My question is this: Does "Israel" translate as "One who has strength with Gd and man" or "Striven with Gd" or something else, similar? How would you translate it to English?


I didn't really know how to translate this so I opened a copy of the bible for english speakers and it says : "And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel, for thou hast contended with god and with men, and hast prevailed"

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