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I'm an Iraqi undergraduate born in 1997, living through the current Iraqi revolution against Iran influence in Iraq and I've been to the US before for a little while Ask me anything!

We've been protesting peacefully against our government which is controlled by Iran proxies for more than 100 days and getting killed by them in every way possible until now we have about 700 hundred dead, more than 20,000 injured with at least 3,000 of them got permanent disability from their injuries. I'm really interested to hear about your opinions and answer whatever questions you guys have!

Edit 1 : Guys can you please stop the controversy about The US politics! I really didn't want to answer that question because I knew this will happen :/ It really reminded me of an AMA I've read by Andrew Bustamante a former CIA officer he said "the more immediate threat to the US is our own infighting. When we kick and scratch at each other, we are doing the enemy's job for them!" I can now see what he meant..

January 22nd 2020
interview date

What are the goals of your protest?


Well our protests is summarized my one phrase we say " We want a country" 1. A fair election process that is based on individuals not political parties which is controlled by Iran proxies. 2. An early elections based on the new election process. 3. An end to corruption, and to put the killers behind bars.

Nothing fancy we just want basic human rights!


What is a common misconception about Iraqi people and their respective ideals?


Well I can give you a lot but there is a big misconception I saw when I was in the US, people were shocked to see how much our youth are educated and well informed about the world and how living in a third world country did not effect them or made them monsters or "dumb creatures"


Do you think some portion of the security forces is sympathetic to protesters? Or are they too under the thumb of Iraqi influencers?


We've been protesting peacefully and we will keep protecting peacefully until we achieve victory. The men who are on the other side (The security forces) are Iraqis too and they too want a better future for their families, some of them are just loyal to Iran and brain washed, but there are people who just do what they have to do.. We don't want to cut their heads or something. We are requesting a fair trial to each and every one how got his brothers and sisters blood on their hands. justices will be served under the law and only the law we don't want to go down to their level and assassinations..


How do the Iraqi people see the US, both troops and the current administration. Do they also want them out permanently or are they seen as helpful? I hope you can achieve victory over the Iranian grip. The corrupt must go! The Iraqi people have been through so much but the revolt is so important. Wishing you peace.


Thank you so much! Well for the US troops they are here with the coalition and they helped us fight ISIS I don't think we would have got back our lands and free our people without the AIR cover and backup by the US and the coalition

As for the Trump administration I'm not an American citizen so I think it'll get some of you guys angry because of my opinion.. But I will speak from IRAQI perspective he's doing a great job in (foreign affairs) especially Iraqi affairs.

The Obama administration was a black page in Iraq he literally handed over the keys of Iraq to Irani proxies..

I really don't want the battle about US politics to start because of this reply :))


What is your opinion on the us drone strike that assassinated Soleimani?


Well it made a severe impact and damaged Iran proxies in a BIG WAY! No one of them ever expected this to happen so they are trying to adapt with the situation but that criminal cannot be replaced. The day when the strike got conformed it felt like we won the world cup or something each and every protester was full with joy knowing that one of the biggest Irani killing machines was put away for good.

But still.. The Irani proxies are too strong and well rooted in the government After more than 100 hundred days protesting peacefully against them and getting killed in each and every way possible and the government doesn't want to even consider them they say that we didn't kill anyone we gave orders not to shot live ammunition but as you walk in the streets you always see empty bullet shells sometimes parts of protestors brains or skills..

We are still long way from achieving a victory especially by Friday there is a huge protest by Iran proxies wanting to kick the US from the country and there is a great chance that they will try to kill some of us The situation is still blurry and we don't know what will happen next but one thing we know for sure that we will not get back until we achieve victory against them it's a life or death situation No one of our current generation the 90s and 2000s will get back until we end IRAN influence in Iraq.


Are you scared of dying from the government?


Each and every day! But freedom doesn't come for free and I'm not really afraid to die more than I'm afraid of living in a country run by lesser men with a loyalty to Iran not to there people, and those people control my life and destiny! either we live in dignity or we die trying.


Where did you come to in the US and what did you think of us?

What is your favorite Iraqi food, and what is your favorite food overall?

Edit: What is your favorite video game?


Well I can't give you a lot of details about my vist, because I'm currently in Iraq and it'll endanger me.. but it was in obama second term, I love the Americans you guys are friendly and easygoing, you can start a conversation with everyone without a problem and it's always interesting to hear you guys.

My favourite Iraqi meal is "chicken Maqluba" it consists of rice, chicken and vegetables My favourite meal overall as in a meal I can eat every day Is pizza :)

And for me favourite game I really liked the Witcher3 and red dead redemption II


What can regular working class people do to help? What influence from the US do you think is most impactful on this situation?


Well you can spread the word it's always helpful to let people know that we are trying to get a better country and end Iran influence and we are geting killed for that. And always keep in mind your decision of who you elect will effect not only the US.

As for the influence I don't really know :/ but for now I think the current administration is doing a great job Iran need to behave like a normal country and leave us to live like a normal one too! we don't want their proxies and we don't want them to keep living on our wealth while Iraq keeps getting destroyed..


Why do some cars in Iraq have orange fenders? Saw that a lot while there.


Well if you mean a car is a certain colour like black and it has one orange fender or more orange parts it's because the car was in an accident and orange parts are cheaper because of the colour :)) so they will buy them and then paint them to the vehicle colour.


How do you see things playing out (economy/geopolitics) for Irap this decade? Hopefully the Irapi protest gets noticed as the one in HK. Its good seeing the newer generation not stand for the old system of country running.


I wish it'll end well and we achieve victory and I wish the same for HK <3


Compared to the US, how do you guys respond to a death of a revolutionary? Do you honor them like we honor our soldiers?


Let me tell you a story about a young teenager called Omar he was shot dead by the security forces in Nasiriyah Omar

He wrote in his Facebook bio before he dies "My memory lives in each and every broken heart" ... And more if I tell you about all the stories I'll need months. So how can I repay him? what kind of honor I can give that suits his sacrifice? I can only give him my life just like he gave us his life, so that what drives us to keep pushing and protesting we will achieve victory to honor each and every one who died trying and that is the least thing we can do.


Do you want to move away to North America? If so why, if not also why?


Well I might complete my postgraduate degree in the US, but I don't think I'll move forever I love my country and I want to help build it.


Do you think it is better for Iraq to split into multiple country? Different ethnics in your country do not get along well, am I right?


We the people don't want that! No one of us ever think that splitting is the solution and no one of us the people have a problem with the other literally the protests are full with each and every iraqi ethnicity available! and no one of us even know what is the ethnicity or religion or sect of the other because It doesn't matter!

it's just a political game irani proxies play every time they are in a trouble or in danger and they try to show the world that we have bigger problems than the protests :/ to shift the attention while they kill and kidnap and threaten the protesters

The decision of the iraqi parliament to kick the Us troops out was made by iran proxies only! no other ethnic or even people were asked for their opinions! and they even were about 140 representative and the Council cannot be held with less than 160 representative the decision was literally Unconstitutional but they own the guns and most of the other representatives are too afraid to say something :/ they just said that they don't agree with that decision.


What's Iraqi food like??


It's a mix of Turkish and Arabian food with an Iraqi touch mostly vegetables, rice, meat and surely after every meal we drink cardamom tea, you should try it you can surely find an Iraqi restaurant in your country.


what is the local opinion of Iran’s attack of the Iraqi airbase housing US Troops? Does it breed fear?


Dude it's not the first They always try to fire rockets at the US embassy and Iraq bases housing US and coalition troops but they use their proxies and they keep firing missiles from the World war II so they always miss! one of the proxies missiles fall on an Iraqi house and killed a family a brother and his sister the missile was targeted at us embassy but that what will happen when you use a missile invented in 1930 :/

We really condemn these attacks we want to live normally we only want peace and a country that is controlled by us not by iran proxies..


1.Are the Iraqi people have a strong national identity? I heard that the only ones who call themselves "Iraqis" are iraqi jews. 2.What does the avarage protester thinks of the Iran regime? 3. What was Iraq like before Saddam?


Interesting questions 1. We love our country for real we are literally giving our lives to see it free! we go to protests caring our flag and most of the times our flag gets filled with the protesters blood after they get killed Pic I never met or talked to an Iraqi jew it's sad :/ I would really like to talk with one and hear about their opinions and stories.

  1. Killers, thieves, the ones who run our own government.

  2. Iraq before Saddam, hmm interesting... well obviously I wasn't born at that time :)) Saddam was a president for about 24 years I think, but before like in before 1979 I don't really know :/ , some people say it was the gold times some say it were terrible times It really depends on who you ask.


What path could lead to peace for all in the Midfle East?


Each and every war and tension in the middle east and Afghanistan is caused by Irani proxies believe me.


I'm not sure if you're still answering questions or not but I have one more question that's been on my mind for a while now. How are veterans treated in Iraq? Do they get get some sort of a pension like in the US? I don't just mean recent ones who were/are fighting against ISIS but ones from other wars like '91, '93, or the Iran Iraq war (I don't know what the Gulf war and Iraq war is called in Iraq so I just went with the dates, I hope that's okay). Are there any veterans groups that help take care of other vets like in America and plenty of other western countries or no? How does the Iraqi public view these men (I'm not sure if there's women in the Iraqi military)? Do they feel some sort of pride for them, hatred, shame, or pity?

I apologize if this is a loaded question. I'm sure there's many different views of them across the country and I'm sure the recent incidents involving the shooting of protesters may impact public opinion in Iraq as well as your opinion but this question has been bugging me for a while and I haven't been able to find someone or a context where I can ask this question without making things awkward. The only things I could find online were about American/Coalition vets, nothing about Iraqi ones.

P.S I mean the Iraqi Army/Republican Guard, fuck the malitias.


Well hi I'll keep answering whenever I have time no problem :) All of our veterans get a pension and it amount vary depends on their rank but they are well paid for their services. People who got enrolled in the Iran war got their military service added to their civilian job. There might be exceptional cases that I'm not aware of I'm only talking about the people Who I know..

and For the people and veterans who sacrificed their lives "Al-Shaheed Monument" was built it is situated in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. And it was dedicated to the Iraqi soldiers who died in the Iran–Iraq War. However, now it is generally considered by Iraqis to be a commemoration of all of Iraq's martyrs. Al-Shaheed Monument

And for the current situation and the shootings we never hated our military or our security forces after all.. they are our brothers, neighbours, relatives and most importantly they are Iraqis just like us. many of them even take the Military salute when our protest pass beside them or when whey see the coffin of a dead protester, many times they get shot by tear gas when they are with us and they simply say we really don't know who is shooting :/ (they can't say that the proxies are dressed in their uniform) Our problem is with their commanders and with the people who got our blood on their hands, some were not actually security forces sometimes they were proxies dressed in our security forces uniform. No matter what happens we can't accuse the whole army and security forces in killing our protesters. We still have trust in our courts and judges and they are the ones who will put the true killers behind bars.


Been to any camel races? Saw a documentary on how they now have robots controlling the camels, got very intersting.


Well we don't have these things in Iraq :( I don't even remember when was the last time I even saw a camel :)) You find these stuff in the UAE, QATAR etc.. I never been there.


I read another question about fenders and I remembered this one thing that I noticed in numerous videos being filmed in Iraq. Why do some cars have different colored lisence plates? I've seen yellow, white and red ones.


White = normal citizen vehicle. Yellow = Tracks or any vehicle that transports goods or carriers loads، agricultural, construction etc.. Red = two kinds one kind of Red is for Taxis, public transportation, and the other red is for embassies and foreign missions. Blue = Government owned vehicles. There used to be black lisence in the early 2000s = it meant temporarily lisence or something I was too young then.

And about the fenders I got confused there used to be orange fender cars in the 80s and 90s which indicates that they were Taxis old taxi But it's quite common for people to buy the cheap colour part and then paint it thus I got confused about that.


Who do you think did 9/11?


Dude! It's a tragedy each and every death of a human being is a tragedy I was 4 years old at that time and I'm really sad for what happened. After every thing we saw and been through, We know more than anyone how much a human life is precious, and we know very well what it means to lose a loved one or even knowing that someone was killed.


Did you forget that the US caused chaos in Iraq in the first place on false evidence? Why the Iranis gets hate for killing your people while USA gets a 'Thank you' forgiven for the past?

I see in many of your answers pointing each time to Iran and its proxies, what about the Saudis? The US? None of these countries are saints, each have agendas and are willing to kill more people.

How did you manage to go to the US?


Well first of all let's cut the left crap for a moment for God's sake 🤦‍♂️ I don't want to get into the politics of why Saddam was executed as the US officials used to say (He's a son of b#$ch but he's our son of B#$ch) I literally DON'T CARE, WR LITERALLY DON'T CARE. we had enough!! we want to live a normal life like normal people, I was born in the middle of sanctions, then the US war, then Al-Qaeda, then the sectarian war then ISIS THEN THEN THEN We just want to live like a normal country. Saying okay the US which is the strongest nation in the world had killed us and we don't want to deal with them we will even resist them do you think that it'll help us to live in a normal country?! Most of us don't care we just want to put an end to all of this and live normally, we can't live normally while we are being controlled by a country that is hated by the US and Saudi Arabia the biggest powers in the middle east. Sometimes taking a stand in front of a running stream of water and there is a water fall behind you Is the most stupid thing you can ever do.


If small arms are provided to everyday Iraqi protestors getting shot by Hash Al Shaabi, could they hold their own and fight back effectively?


Guns don't solve problems. We are not gunmen most of us are college students or graduate Engineers, teachers, lawyers and we never held a gun in our life. We are protesting peacefully our gun is our voice and we only carry the iraqi flag. We are being killed each and every day only yesterday the proxies attacked the US embassy in Baghdad and they attacked us in same time while we were asleep in the streets.. they burnt our tents and killed and injured many of our good people. Death is inevitable but we went to the streets for a cause a cause of getting back our homeland our country from the irani proxies and we will get it back with our peaceful protest. We will show the world that Iraqis are not killers and violent people we love life and we love peace. What you see in the news from 2003 until now are people trained and equipped by Iran to be killing machines for their regime.


Are Iraqis violent as they are? Or are those just the extremists?


Only extremists! and they are Iran proxies.. We are peaceful people we just want to live normally and get our basic human rights.

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