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I'm Mike Arthur, I made a documentary about The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster called I, Pastafari. Ask Me Anything!

Hi Reddit, Mike Arthur here, today I'm here to talk to you about my documentary film I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story, so if you have questions about Pastafarianism, the film, or whatever, fire away. R'Amen. For more info about the project go to

July 12th 2020
interview date

What personal lesson did you take from doing this documentary ? Did your view about religions and sects change because of it ?


well at first I like many thought that Pastafarianism was against religion in some fashion. While yes, the Pastafarian community is diverse, and there are some with varying levels of regard towards religion, I found that that they in a way are fighting for religion, the sane version of religion. In the courts they are fighting for religious freedom, because once a state official says "youre religion is real, yours is not, therefore you get less rights" they are violating the human right that is religious freedom. Also, and I think Mienke in the film illustrates this the best when she says "I wear this colander on my head because a colander separates the important stuff (pasta) from the not so important stuff (cooking water)...this helps remind me how to live my live. You got to hold onto the good stuff, and let the bad stuff slip away". In a more meta view, I think the pastafarians are doing just that....they are asking other religions to "hold onto the good stuff", being community, culture, charity etc, and evolve past the bigotry, discrimination, and anti science non-sense.



Which laws haven been changed for Pastafarians benefits?


Well in many countries, like New Zealand for example, you can legally get married by a Pastafarian Minister (Ministrone). In other places you can wear your religious headwear in your ID photos (a battle captured in the film). But the Pastafarians are just getting started. With the recent Supreme Court ruling about tax funds for religious schools, I pray to the FSM for some motivated pastafarian to create a tax payer funded pastafarian school, so we can learn how the pirate population impacts climate change. Or, better yet, just uphold church state separation and dont use public tax payer dollars to teach ones particular religious agenda.


I understand the point of the religion, what they're trying to do, in what ways is this different or better at getting that point across than say, the Church of Satan or other non-traditional religions?


There are similarities for sure. They both (satanism) want religious freedom to be equivalent from freedom from religion, I basically your religious beliefs shouldn’t impact the lives of others who don’t share your beliefs. But I would argue the pastafarian approach is more friendly and entertaining, so possibly will reach others that shut down when “Satan” is invoked. In other words: Pasta is more digestible than Satan.


What are a few legal benefits that non-Christians in the USA would enjoy as a Pastafarian?


Well if the Pastafarians succeed in getting access to all the privileges in law that Christians enjoy, they would be able to not make wedding cakes for non-pastafarians, opt out of mandatory vaccines meant to protect public health, teach in schools that climate change is due to the reduction of the pirate population over the last 200 years (there's a chart that proves it), and receive buttloads of tax subsidies to convert the masses to follow our Noodly creator. However, all they really want, I think, is for everyone to be treated equally whether you believe in God, Allah, Thor, the FSM or no god at all.


What's your personal opinion about Pastafarians?
Are you an atheist?
What do you think about religion?


I’m a humanist, which basically means I “believe” humans can solve human issues without the need of some supernatural deity....but over the course of making the film I also consider myself a Pastafarian, since literally believing in the FSM isn’t a requirement for membership (not unlike many other religions), and I support the purpose of the Pastafarians, which is to bring about more critical thinking into society.


Why did you start this project and what’s your connection to Pastafarianism’s founder, Bobby Henderson?


I made the film because I grew tired of watching these unproductive debates around the impact of religion in todays modern society. They almost always end either with frustration and anger, or with someone saying “you just have to have faith”.

Meanwhile everyday we see headlines of religion being used as a justification to discriminate, for violence, or to spread anti-science nonsense to the masses, all the while getting tax deductions to do so. I think, the pastafarians are saying, “ok, if we’re not going to talk like rational adults about these issues, then let’s try another method.”

I have no connection with The Prophet Bobby Henderson. I tried for YEARS....ever since the concept for the film was bestowed upon me through divine revelation from the FSM himself (or herself). While he has been an ally in helping me spread the sauce about the film, unfortunately I was never able to convince him to be in the film. I'm still bummed about that to this day.


Wasn't this religion started as a joke to essentially make fun of organized religion? So are they blissfully unaware of the joke, or just full send in on it?


No, it was started to point out that religion is not science and science is not religion. When they’re combined, they both suffer. The “faith” has evolved over the years to also bring attention to issues around church state separation. So it isn’t whether the Pastafarians “believe” literally in a Flying Spaghetti Monster, they believe in the message that the FSM represents. Yes their means to share this message may be unique, but these days to cut through all the noise you have to be unique.


What kind of sauce is the one true sauce?

Like I’ve tried Lutheran, Adventist, Catholic and none of them pair well with wine - despite that being their greatest selling points!


ProvHerbs 3:1 Faith is to the soul what sauce is to pasta.


What are your thoughts on the recent supreme court ruling? And what sort of restrictions would you impose as an employer based on Pastafarianism?


it makes me sick to my stomach. Its a violation of the separation of church and state, and I hope it leads to Pastafarians schools where we can teach that climate change is caused by the reduction of the pirate population over the last 200 years (the correlation is undeniable). Seriously though, this ruling is why the Pastafarians do what they do.

In the very country that first included a separation of church and state in its constitution, the idea that a corporation has a "religion" is sickening in itself, but to suggest that any form of religion should be able to enforce their beliefs on other on the basis of an interpretation of some book from 2000 years ago is the anti-thesis of what I though "Law" was supposed to be. The sad reality today is that religion and religious groups have a distinct advantage politically due to exceptions and privileges in law. This gives them additional resources (tax subsidies) and more "freedoms" (exceptions for discrimination for example) that are not available to secular people. This is one of the things that Pastafarianism is going after when they try to get ID photos wearing their "religious headwear". Its a minute, relatively harmless privilege, but an inequality none the less. By going after this privilege its impossible not to talk about the other more harmful privileges (like opting out of otherwise mandatory vaccines based on religious grounds, for example).


I have Celiacs disease... can I still join the Pastafarian movement?

Maybe the son of the FSM could have a bodily composition of lentil noodles?


Yes. The FSM does not discriminate on your dietary needs.


Do Pastafarians get involved with politics at all? For example, The Satanic Temple has brought numerous lawsuits against governments making public displays favoring Christianity.


Yes. I mean there have been no Pastafarian political candidates that I know of (yet), but by challenging laws meant to favor religious groups over non-religious people, they are getting active in their local politics. That's much of what the film is about. Here is a clip from the film that captures one such effort:


Any idea what your next project will be?


No. Right now I just want this one to work. I'm not an experienced filmmaker, I'm a guy that basically said "I want to make a doc" and kinda figured it out along the way. I think that shows in the doc....its definitely not a polished studio-backed big budget film.

My hope first an foremost is to give people a reason to critically think about this idea of "belief", but it would also be great if I could break even on the film so I can justify to my wife to "allow" me to make another film. This film was financed by crowdfunding and my dwindling savings account during a time when I was able to work on it and raise my first child (which is definitely a full time job), but with a second kid on the way, there's no I can do another one without some help.

Making an indie film isn't really a rational investment, but I loved idea so much, and I felt like it was a story worth telling. Today more than ever it seems the world needs to understand Pastafarianism (this will make sense when you watch the film). Or, maybe it was divine intervention by the FSM.


How can you NOT have an apron in the merch section of your website? That seems dead obvious!


yeah youre totally right. I have failed you. Forgive me. I shall explore thoroughly to see if I can make that happen.


Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?


Indeed. I am wrapped in His noodly embrace. It was consensual.


How can I join this religion?


Welcome. ProvHerbs 3:17 He shall cover thee with his spaghetti, and under his marinara shall thou trust: his truth shall be thy parmesan and meatballs


Bow tie pasta? Is it elitist? Does it have a place in Pastafarianism?


Will address in the sequel.


Hello u/iPastafari, I see that you provided proof to us for verification. It would be good to include the picture in your post as well, to let people know it is really you.


Hi moderator....this is my first time on Reddit:) How do I do that?


I'm a big fan of FSM. Did you run into anyone who earnestly believed in it? Like without any sense of irony or satire?


Every Pastafarian I've met earnestly believes in the message behind the FSM....and when you think about it, thats the most important thing:)


Why did you not call it Aye, Pastafari?


yeah. I blew it.


What's the official Pastafari Sauce? Like Napoli? Carbonara or Bolognese?


there is none. Pastafarians embrace diversity in their people and their condiments.


What are the primary tenets of Pastafarianism?


Science, empathy, humor, and not taking your religion too seriously.


Can you describe your perfect salad?




What do you think about having The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a pantheon in D&D? I have a group of players that “founded” the religion and now spread the good word of his one true Noodle-iness, and its a lot of fun


I know nothing of D&D, but hey, I support that. Whatever gets the message of the great carbohydrate in the sky into more noodles here on earth.


Do u still answer these? U seem like a smart guy, so maybe u have some ideas on this:

Especially in recent years bigots have appropriated atheism to spread their hatred of minorities. I think a similar thing is happening or will happen to a lesser extent with pastafarinism since we're also advocating for science and reason, etc. They like to claim they're all about "facts and logic™" and "facts don't care about ur feelings" and obviously they don't actually have any facts on their side. And I think we need to get across that, while we genuinely care about facts and logic, a) the facts aren't in their favour and b) we also care about empathy and freedom.

How do u suggest we get that point across and effectively keep these people out?

Also I'm broke af so I haven't watched ur documentary....


I'm hoping the film will help, it paints a more complete picture than a headline. Its far from a complete depiction of the Pastafarian movement, and doesnt come near to capturing every aspect of Pastafarianism, but it is a story that presents an old idea in a new way...I think. Here's a clip from the film thats free:


The worlds first padtafarian wedding (as far as I know) took place on my dads boat. Are you planning on including any footage from that?


Dude. It’s in there. Toby gave me permission.


Hey! Would you like to speak at Oasis, a secular community in Kansas City via Zoom?


maybe, just send me an email. you can find my contact at


When will we have the first Pastafarian as POTUS and what would change?


First step I think would be a President that doesn't wh*re themselves out to the religious right, and instead treats religion as a personal and private matter. After all we do have a separation of church and state in the US. I'd love a president who promotes science based policy crafted by experts with the intent of improving society, and I think a Pastafarian president would do just that:)


It seems your point of the doc was to secretly make fun of people while making them think what you were doing was of real interest to you. How did you make them think that you actually cared about their “religion”?


that couldn't be further from the truth. I do care about Pastafarianism as it is (among other things) a statement to the unfortunate reality that logical fact-based debate around religions role in society is dead. We are two teams, and we dont listen to each other. Pastafarianism, perhaps, is a new way to break through this stalemate. After making the film I consider myself a Pastafarianism (I'm also a humanist), so I definitely think you should watch the film before jumping to this assumption.

But to answer your question, I approached each pastafarian, explained what I was trying to do, and they agreed to participate. Most of the Pastafarians do what they do with a purpose in mind, and I offered to amplify their purpose as it was mine. Documentary film is Religious propaganda at its finest:) Kidding Kidding. Watch the film, you'll understand.


How does the usa disentangle the relationship between politics and religion?


It first begins with taking money out of politics. Then we must dismantle the two party system. Then we must remove any privilege or exception in law that is granted on the base of religion, race, gender, etc. Then we must vote for leaders that use science, empathy, and rationality to guide their policy....not ones that pander to their base of radical fundamentalist to merely keep themselves in power.

I actually wrote an opinion piece for the daily beast that discusses this a bit here:


I’m a Christian and a lawyer, and I have a long question, because it’s quite specific:

I know that the first requirement of exercising a free-exercise right is that a religious belief must be “sincere.” You don’t have to live up to it perfectly, and you don’t even have to have your religious community completely support you for a belief to be “sincere,” but it does need to be something an individual ACTUALLY believes. This issue usually comes up in prison-rights cases, where there is doubt about if a prisoner’s sudden demand for certain accommodations is truly religious or a way to make trouble for the ones running the prison. (I had a religious liberty litigator once tell me that they call it the funny-hat test, because if your client comes to court wearing a funny hat, like a turban, yarmulke, or an Amish hat, nobody will even think of challenging their sincerity.)

I also know that the belief must be “religious” and not political in order to be covered.

Therefore, with this background, here’s my question: in your opinion, do you think that any Pastafarians have sincere religious beliefs? It doesn’t look like it to me. It seems to be a sarcastic political stunt based on (otherwise) reasonable political beliefs.


No worries. I like long questions, especially when they come from people who likely have different views than I. This is how we progress.

I first would encourage you to watch the film, as it was made to address in part your question. If you don't have the time (or just dont want to) then watch this clip from the film in a trial setting where they discuss a bit what you speak of:

I can say without trepidation that the Pastafarians are in fact incredibly sincere with their beliefs. Their methods of evangelizing these beliefs are quite eye catching....but thats kinda the point. In today, rational fact-based debate has failed us as we now play for two teams, and we don't listen to each other. So the Pastafarians are trying something else. Its why I made the film. Are some of their stories hard to believe? Of course...all religions have this in common (virgin birth, magic golden plates, etc). But the message behind the story is what is important. Since we cannot "prove" in a court of law whether someone truly "believes" something...or whether their god is "real", we must use other measures, and along that line of questioning it will eventually lead to a realization that perhaps government shouldn't be involved in matters of faith.

Now I'm not going to get into legal complexities as I am a filmmaker and not a lawyer, and these vary by region. But I will say that one point of pastafarianism is to bring this question more attention: "Why, in a democratic society with a separation of church and state embedded in their constitution, would whether or not an individual believes in God, Allah, Thor, The FSM, or no god at all, impact their rights?" So the example of funny hats....the Pastafarians, in a unique way, are basically asking for equality. So if the issue of headwear is safety and being able to identify someone....then religion has nothing to do with it. Let everyone where funny hats or no one at all. If its important for people dignity to represent their faith in a non-intrusive way...then who cares. But when you have the right discriminate in the name of "religious freedom", refuse others their pursuit of happiness because of your personal beliefs, or opt out of mandatory vaccines, putting other people in harms way because it doesn't align with a book written 1400 years ago...this is something else.

Now is it a political stunt? You could argue that, but then I would argue the religious right is one of the most harmful religious stunts in modern history...yet they still receive more rights and tax subsidies than secular people. Perhaps it is best to keep religious beliefs out of politics, out of government...keep church and state it says in the constitution. I actually wrote about this a bit more for the Daily Beast:

Reasonable has failed. It is a shame. It is a failure by all of us. The Pastafarians are a reaction to this....I think. And if they succeed, the politics should shift for the better as it will represent more people and more equitably. This should be something all reasonable religious people should get behind. Ironically, the Pastafarians are fighting for religious freedom for all....even for those without faith. Because the moment a judge or a state representative decides "your religion is real, you get more rights, yours is not, you get none"...they have violated the human right that is religious freedom. You can only have religious freedom when church and state are separate, and when one's religious freedom is equal to ones freedom from religion.

My religion says I can't eat that. Cool My religion says YOU can't eat that. Not Cool.


How does one find their way back when they get lost in the sauce?


grab hold of a noodle.


How successful was the original letter to the Kansas City school board and are there other pastafarian scriptures that you wouldn’t mind sharing?


its hard to say. I believe the school board over turned their decision to change the definition of science in their standards into something that permits the supernatural....many of the members who made this decision were voted out the following year. I doubt this was a result of the Open Letter, and more a result of the worldwide attention Kansas got....but it seems like every year this struggle pops up. I mean the current administration is bolstering religious privilege and denigrating science whenever things aren't going great. Perhaps this film will bring about a movement of critical the US things tend to snap back, often they overshoot their target.


I find this a hilarious demonstration of the absurdity of religions and always viewed it as a deeply satirical movement. Kind of like when Sacha Baron Cohen stirs up a hornets' nest while never leaving character. But sometimes it is almost too convincing, therefore my question: how serious are you (or the other pastafarians in that documentary), really?


Well the Pastafarians are as diverse as any community....some see it as a useful tool to trick society into critically thinking again....some see it as a bunch of funny pasta puns, some are literally creating the cultural traditions and teachings that are the basis of any religion. But for people unfamiliar with Pastafarianism all they see are brief headlines about people wearing colanders on their heads, laugh, and move on. I made the film because there is so much more to it. And fundamentally, all religions are a sort of satire or version of one that proceeded them, and satire in general is often about interpretation. I personally interpret many of the unbelievable stories in the Bible as metaphors meant to share a message with the reader....Pastafarianism is no different. The main difference is that the morality in the Bible is 1400 years old. Pastafarian morals evolve as society evolves. There are no rules chiseled in stone. There methods to spread these teachings are unique, but as Derk says in the film "Humor can be a very powerful tool to spread an important message". So in that aspect, I think the Pastafarian Faith is very serious....and today, when fact based respectful debate between opponents is almost non-existent, I think their methods may succeed where others have failed.


Any other groups or communities out there you are interested in participating with or observing more? Who else has really caught you eye?


I'm really intrigued by The Clergy Project. It was started by Daniel C. Dennett (amongst others I assume), who is actually in I, Pastafari btw....anyway its a group for people who were raised in extremely religious committees, or were preachers etc, that lost their faith. When they come out as "non-believers" they are sacrificing many of their friends and their community. I thought if this film could be a success, perhaps I'd explore this idea further.


How does it make you feel when you hear about someone being denighed their right to wear religious head gear in their ID photos?


I think if the point of an ID is to show your identity that should be the sole requirement of any ID photo. Either everyone can wear something or no one can. One's faith, or lack there of, shouldn't be a determining factor for this rule, or any law. We should all be treated equally and with dignity and respect as human beings.





ProvHerbs 3:11 Whoever tops with the cheese of the powder is a blasphemer, sayeth the Lord.


Are none spaghetti pastas considered as lesser pastas?


ProvHerbs 3:53 Judge not the shape of thy noodle, but by the form of thy cheese for any one among you.


What was your reaction when you found out the Church existed?


I chuckled, like most everyone else. Then I read The Open Letter ( and I was divinely inspired.


Will it be available for streaming worldwide? (I checked, it can be streamed only in handful of countries)


it should be available in most countries. Try the international Vimeo link at if you live in an area without iTunes/Amazon/Google etc.


I’m a middle aged man, and I live with my dad We like to hang out, we like to be bad He lets me have parties, and I let him hang out with the younger men.

Is your religion ok with this?


ProvHerbs 3:52 Avast! Give in to temptation daily, for the FSM is not vengeful god and wants you to have a little fun along the way.


Just watched your film last night, and appreciated it. Has the Church of the FSM been involved in any legal battles in the US? I mean real litigation, not an open letter to the Kansas School Board. And how did those turn out?


Thanks for watching. I'm glad its finally getting an audience after almost 4 years of work. I believe there have been some legal challenges in the US, but I'm not super well versed on them since when I made the film I was living in Europe. The Satanists have been more successful in challenging church state violation issues in the US. I hope the US pastafarians will start to rise up a bit after this film...the world needs days.


Aw, I'm too late, I'll ask it anyway: when you hear the song MacArthur Park, do you quietly to yourself say "Mike Arthur Park"?

edit: woo, not to late!


I didn’t. Now I will for eternity.


How did you get the idea to film the documentary and how did you discover Pastafari?


I made the film because I grew tired of watching these unproductive debates around the impact of religion in todays modern society. They almost always end either with frustration and anger, or with someone saying “you just have to have faith”.

Meanwhile everyday we see headlines of religion being used as a justification to discriminate, for violence, or to spread anti-science nonsense to the masses, all the while getting tax deductions. I think, the pastafarians are saying, “ok, if we’re not going to talk like rational adults about these issues, then let’s try another method.”

I had known about Pastafarian for years, but it wasn't until I was living in The Netherlands when I saw an article that basically the Chamber of Commerce, a government entity, in The Netherlands granted recognition to the Dutch Pastafarians as a "religious group". That led me to finding out about a Pastafarian trial coming up, which I filmed, and the rest is history.


Hopefully this won’t get buried and not answered. First off, I love the idea and will look forward to watching your doc! Secondly, did you meet anyone who truly believed that there was an actual FSM?


Truly believing that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe is not a requirement for being a Pastafarian....the argument is more that you cannot DISPROVE the existence of the how can anyone say their religion isn't "real"? It comes down to how you define a real religion. I actually posted a clip from the film recently that captured a bit of this dialogue in the film, you can watch here:

So like I said, you cannot prove or disprove the existence of a God, and all religions were man-made. Granted their genesis is due to a clever piece of satire, but is that any less credible than a burning bush, a virgin birth, or magic golden plates?

Do they have a bunch of followers? Yes. There are millions of Pastafarians worldwide.

Do these followers have rituals and ceremony’s practiced with like minded individuals? Yes. Pirate Weddings and Noodle Mass are featured in the film.

Do they have a book? Yes. The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster by The Prophet Bobby Henderson.

Does this book include stories carefully crafted to deliver lessons in morality? Yes.

Is it old? How old does it need to be? Scientology is only 70 years old, Mormonism about 200 years, while Pastafarianism is much newer, in most countries there is no age requirement for the establishment of religion. Some there are.

So the point kinda is whether they believe something is irrelevant, beliefs are personal, so instead make laws equal for everyone, regardless if they believe in God, Allah, Thor, The FSM, or no god at all.


Do people actually believe in this? Or is it just a joke.


Thats actually more complex than you think. You'll have to watch the film to truly get a reasonable response. But in short....both.


How viable do you think modern new religious movements like the FSM will prove to be in the long term growth of our civilization and culture? What would be required for a new religious movement to reach the level of some of the older, more established religions?


Well, I think, Pastafarianism is a way to talk to those who wont listen. So if by evangelizing their "beliefs" they succeed into tricking people into critically thinking about their own, then I think the world will be better for it. I, and I bet many Pastafarians, wish these methods weren't necessary, that we could just have fact-based rational debates about the woes of the world, but it seems clear those days are gone.

In a stark contrast to some other faiths, at the core of Pastafarianism is the idea that their ethics evolve as society evolves. So if other religions took the lead of Pastafarianism and adopted that same philosophy, instead of trying to fit the morality from 1400 years ago into todays society, then I think society will be better for it. This comment is of course aimed at the more fundamentalist religious groups/sects.

One of the aspects of the Pastafarian faith, I think at least, is to point out that so many conflicts are caused by "belief" being so treasured over "fact". This transcends religion, but religion is used as a vessel to illustrate this point because religion, or better yet this idea of "belief" causes much of this conflict. If only science were worshipped like we worshipped our holy books.

To get there the Pastafarians just need to be recognized equally alongside the other religions, which is the fight I captured on film. Or, better yet, it would be great if their efforts led to religious and non-religious people were treated equally by law so that everyone had the same rights regardless if they believe in the FSM or not.


Why do people care so much about making fun of religion? I’m atheist but I don’t make fun of other people’s beliefs if they don’t affect me.


That's not what the Pastafarians are least not in my opinion. Pastafarians are SPECIFICALLY going after the aspect of religion that inhibit others ability to live their life the way they want to. This is why they go after inequalities in law....why should your faith impact your rights? This is why they go after religion being taught as science. Science is not a system of belief. While their methods are unique and eye catching, that seems to be whats necessary to cut through the noise these days. And really, I mean, this is why I made the film. I think many people dont really know what the Pastafarians are all about....hoping the film will shed some light.


Do you feel that there was any bigotry in the Pastafarian community towards people on the Keto diet? If so, how do you think we should go about remedying this problem?


ProvHerbs 3:53 Judge not the shape of thy noodle, but by the form of thy cheese for any one among you.


I’m considering being ordained under the church of the fsm, if I do it, will legal abilities come along, such as the ability to marry and baptize?


depends where you live.


Do you know what they're origins were? I remember one of them did an AMA here and I was pretty confused.


I made a video about it:


How Proud Are Your Parents?


well my Dad died while I was attending the West Coast premier of my film at the Bend Film Festival last year, but I know he would have loved the film. He had a great sense of humor and never really got caught up in religion. My mom is a woman of faith, but for her, family is the most sacred thing, so literally I could do anything and she would treat it as the best thing ever....that's moms for ya. Feature film...macaroni makes no difference to her.


Do you think the beer volcano and stripper factory awaits you in the afterlife?


I hope so...I don't think...I don't believe....I hope.


I just happen to be wearing this T-shirt today.

To start from such a simple letter about one state’s backwards science policy to grow into a world-wide phenomenon, why do think Pastafarism/FSM took off like it did?


Because the world continued to teach science like it was another system of belief....and many governments continued to privilege the majority religion over the beliefs of everyone else.

I made the film because I grew tired of watching these unproductive debates around the impact of religion in todays modern society. They almost always end either with frustration and anger, or with someone saying “you just have to have faith”.

Meanwhile everyday we see headlines of religion being used as a justification to discriminate, for violence, or to spread anti-science nonsense to the masses, all the while getting tax deductions. I think, the pastafarians are saying, “ok, if we’re not going to talk like rational adults about these issues, then let’s try another method.”


Is FSM a tax exempt entity?


No...but maybe it should be. Or just get rid of religious tax exemptions completely, and instead subsidize organizations that provide community building, community service, subsidize charity. These are not "religious" ideas.


How long until our religion is tax exempt and we can start having paid Friday’s off?


start the movement. it starts with a single noodle.


Cheese or tomato sauce?


all of the above.


How did you get the funds to make this documentary?


Crowdfunding and self financed. I didn't pay myself for the 4 years of work because, well, there was no one to pay me. This is not an uncommon plight of an indie filmmaker....especially one like me with not much experience. Making an indie film, like many forms of art, is not a rational investment, but it can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. I do hope I can break even on the film so I can one day make another. My biggest fear is returning to the cubicle life.


Do you ever feel like a dick for de-legitimizing good spirituality? For example Sikhs are the most kind and inclusive communities in the world. Is it worth it?


You haven't watched the film. Clearly. But this is a good question as many people have this assumption that Pastafarianism is "anti-religion". I don't think it is. It's anti non-sense done in the name of religion. It says that science is not religion, and religion is not science, and when you combine the two, they both suffer. They think the law should be the same regardless of your religion, or if you have no religion at all.

I'll sum it up though...Mienke from the film, a Pastafarian from The Netherlands, says that she wears a colander on her head because a colander separates the important stuff (the pasta) from the not so important stuff (cooking water), it reminds her how to live her life. "You have to hold onto the good stuff, and let the bad stuff slip away". So I think...and this is my interpretation as a filmmaker... Pastafarianism is asking religion to do the same....hold onto the good aspects of faith (community, cultural heritage, charity) and let the bad stuff slip away (bigotry, hate, anti-science non-sense). You see the Pastafarians in a way are honoring the good parts of religion. They have created a community of like minded people working together to bring about positive change in their regions. They have created cultural traditions...the biggest difference is that the pastafarians don't take their own beliefs too seriously. If other religions did the same, the world may be a different place.


What is the best comparison or counter argument, you have shown to people who criticize what you have to say?


who thats a broad question. I can't think of the best, but one that always comes up, and that is a focus of the film is this idea that Pastafarianism isn't a "real" religion. I actually posted a clip from the film where they discuss this kinda in court in The Netherlands, you can watch here:

How does one define a “real” religion? You cannot prove or disprove the existence of a God, and all religions were man-made. Granted their genesis is due to a clever piece of satire, but is that any less credible than a burning bush, a virgin birth, or magic golden plates? So then how do we define a real religion?

Do they have a bunch of followers? Yes. There are millions, in not thousands, of Pastafarians worldwide;)

Do these followers have rituals and ceremony’s practiced with like minded individuals? Yes. Pirate Weddings and Noodle Mass are featured in the film.

Do they have a book? Yes. The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster by The Prophet Bobby Henderson.

Does this book include stories carefully crafted to deliver lessons in morality? Yes.

Is it old? How old does it need to be? Scientology is only 70 years old, Mormonism about 200 years, while Pastafarianism is much newer, in most countries there is no age requirement for the establishment of religion.


Do you think Italians and Chinese are the elected people because they meet the truth of the pasta before the rest of the world? What the rest of the world need to do to professionally play this match like them?


ProvHerbs 3:63 Ask not what your pasta can do for you, just eat it.


How can the church be a religion if it does not explain the origin of the universe or the way human beings were brought into creation?


we have science for that. Baruch Spinoza (google him) once said that God is Nature, and its Man's task to understand how God works. That's the process of science...understanding nature. If this were what led faith today, think of the progress we could have made together. When we simply accept an explanation given to us by authority...we stop looking. This is the greatest threat to humanity...losing our curiosity. Religion is better served to bring people together to celebrate their cultural heritage, to share stories teaching that help us learn from history, to work to make their communities a better place for EVERYONE that lives within them. This is what the Pastafarians do.

And, if that doesnt satisfy you, then the Pastafarians have an explanation. Its right in the Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster by the Prophet Bobby Henderson. The FSM got wasted and created the universe. He rested on Friday because he's faster at creating than other gods. And his hangover was killing him.




The Mike abides.


But how does it taste?




How do you feel and what do you think about the Church of FSM groups on Facebook that are filled with sexist, bigoted, anti-science(especially in regards to not believing or taking seriously Covid 19), and other derogatory posts and people?


The fundamental principles, I think, of Pastafarianism is to respect science, have empathy for others, and to not take your own beliefs too these people do not sound like Pastafarians to me....they are IMPASTAS!


This movement seems to single out religious practices that are more common in the Muslim and Sikh faith for mockery. What do you say to people who argue that the movement is more racist than anti-theological?

Atheist-leaning agnostic person asking.


That couldn’t be further from the truth. I would say that these people should watch the film and then make a judgement. Its part of the reason I made it, I felt like the pastafarians are misunderstood because all the attention they got was “dude wears colander on head” and then the internet kind of does it’s thing.


Ever met a Pastafarian that took the religion super seriously and was unaware of the true meanings of Pastafarianism?


No. The Pastafarians I've met have all been astute critical thinkers with a great sense of humor.


What is your favorite pasta?


cacio e pepe. My man Anthony Bourdain brought that into my life. Talk about one guy whose living it up at the beer volcano in the sky right now.


Why is Trump such a douche?


Because he only cares about himself, and isn’t intelligent enough to understand science.


How much money did you make from that documentary?


None at this point. Negative thousands. No one paid me to make it, I’m an indie filmmaker who financed the film with the help of crowdfunding and my savings. I’d like to turn a profit one day, then I feel like I earned the title “filmmaker”. Right now I’m a hobbyist that made a passion project for fun.


Did you ever take your drivers license picture wearing traditional Patafarian garb?


Haha, no. No time. Made a movie instead.


Can I eat pasta

can I eat your god?


Not only can you, you should.


1- is it a joke of like kind of a joke but some still practice it? 2- are you a pastafarian?


1- it started as a satire, sure, but I think over the last 15 years it has sort of become a religion. I mean, if we talk about genesis stories, the Open Letter to the Kansas School Board is more digestible than a burning bush or a virgin birth. Over the last 15 years the pastafarian faith has grown to millions, perhaps thousands of members worldwide, they have a book (the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by the prophet Bobby Henderson), in that book they tell far fetched stories meant to share lessons of morality, they've created cultural it meets all the general "criteria", I think, of what makes up a "religion". 2 - copy & past from above since I've answered this one a lot, but, I'm a humanist, which isn't really a religion, its basically a world view that says I "believe" humans can solve human issues without the need of some supernatural deity. But after making the film I also consider myself a Pastafarian, since literally believing that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe isn't a requirement for membership. I "believe" in what the Spaghetti Monster represents, just like other culturally religious people "believe" in the message behind the stories of their faith without believing the stories as literal historical events. I think the FSM is a reminder to be a critical thinker, to respect science not as a belief system, but as a process that separates fact from opinion, and it also represents this idea of not taking your "beliefs" too seriously. I think if the rest of the worlds religions had a better sense of humor, much of the conflict we see today would vanish.


Is there a scene you wished made it into the documentary and it had to be cut? What was that scene?


Yeah....I mean the court scenes I filmed were all like 3 hours long, so there was tons of great dialogue I couldn't fit. Honestly, the amount of court stuff I left in may be too much....but anyway, one of the lawyers made the argument in response to the judge who basically said Pastafarianism was just a satire, that "if we looked at Christianity in they eyes of a Jew in 1 AD, it would very much look like a Satire". I thought that was pretty profound.


Can you be a Christian and a Pastafari? Are any religions incompatible?


Yes, they exists. I actually interviewed an Unitarian Universalist (which is like a liberal branch of christianity) for the film. It didn't make the final cut tho. There are no rules, but I'd say in order to fit in with another faith and Pastafarianism, you just need to agree that the government shouldn't be involved in religious issues, and that science is not religion, religion is not science, and when they are combined they both suffer.


Who made the church originally?


The Prophet Bobby Henderson was visited by the FSM in 2005 after the Kansas Public School Board decided to teach creationism in science class. Here's a video that explains the genesis:


Okay, I have to ask. What their stance on meatballs? Does that represent anything?


they are a part of our noodly god..they represent masculinity and the bosom of a nurturing creator all at the same time.


I’m so glad someone’s doing this- I’d love to see the actual backbone of the “meme”. (I know it’s an actual “religion”.) Are you a Pastafarian?


yeah I was waiting for someone else to make the film, when no one else did I figured, hey, what the hell, why not me? I'm a humanist, which isn't really a religion, its basically a world view that says I "believe" humans can solve human issues without the need of some supernatural deity. But after making the film I also consider myself a Pastafarian, since literally believing that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe isn't a requirement for membership. I "believe" in what the Spaghetti Monster represents, just like other culturally religious people "believe" in the message behind the stories of their faith without believing the stories as literal historical events. I think the FSM is a reminder to be a critical thinker, to respect science not as a belief system, but as a process that separates fact from opinion, and it also represents this idea of not taking your "beliefs" too seriously. I think if the rest of the worlds religions had a better sense of humor, much of the conflict we see today would vanish.


I am trying to start a new religion! Universal Free Will. Look me helped make one religion noticeable, why not make it two!?


I need a nap after this one:)


Does the FSM have a gender? Can you be vegan and a pastafarian?


the genderless term for our creator is Quob. Quob does not discriminate based on dietary restrictions.


I think religion is a facsinating social and historical force, and your dedication to moving the conversation in a modern direction is awesome and complex.

sometimes religion can seem like a purely social, political, legal force, especially if you only see it in the news. so the personal development and growth that comes with regular practices of awe, submission, faith, love etc is left out of regular conversations, almost kept secret from the secular folks.

my question is, what practices do you have to keep faith alive, and where do they come from historically? I don't mean belief in supernatural forces or beings, but to faith in yourself as a good thing with the power to do good.

(copied from my original post on your AMA announcement.)


Yes, I think religion should be taught everywhere...all religions, and what religion IS, and what it is not. It is a reflection of our history, its led to many advancements societally, but also many atrocities. I think religion is a great way to carry on our history, our cultural heritage, to build communities to do good. But religion is also used as a tool to coerce, to hate, and to control. The Pastafarians, I think, are asking religion to evolve. To hold onto the good aspects of faith (community, culture, charity) and let the bad be a part of our history.

Awe, love, faith (or hope) are not religious ideas, they are human ideas. The sooner we can separate what is "human" and what is "religion" the better.

The term "Faith" I interpret as "Hope". I have "Hope" that humans can solve human issues without the need of the supernatural. This comes from a long human history of humans doing just that. A long examination of our history, of what made life better, and what made life worse, is in a way a scientific exploration.


How does it feel to know ye shall burn in hell for all eternity for this apostasy?


You kinda make my point. These are the types of belief systems that get tax subsidies!


Outside if spaghetti, is there like a system of religiously rated pastas?


ProvHerbs 3:63 Ask not what your pasta can do for you, just eat it.


Who is getting rich off of this religion?


no one. not that I know of. maybe thats why Pastafarians have a hard time being taken seriously.


I'm concerned about people actually taking This Church seriously.

Its like how the "flat-earth" theory was started as a debate prop, where people would practice debating using something that was so verifiably false that it helped people learned to communicate and convince others without introducing bias of the topic. But now it spawned a whole new group of people who steadfastly believe in it.

Will this happen with The Spaghetti Church? I mean didn't people start this church to showcase the stupidity of religion, right? Is there risk of this happening?


No the religion began to point out that science is not a system of belief. Watch this video about The Open Letter to The Kansas School Board to see learn about the Genesis of Pastafarianism.

Once you are touched by a noodly appendage, the foundation of the belief is not ridiculous at all. I mean the FSM himself says something to the extent "I don't know everything, when I say something stupid, I said something stupid".


Is there literally one thing about Pastafarianism that isn't bullshit? In my experience it's just a mean rhetorical tool created to mock other religions.


This doc is a great opportunity for you to understand more about pastafarianism. It’s not what you think


I can't wait to watch this documentary.

What can I do to become a better pastafarian? (I just needed a question to post.)



ProvHerbs 3:52 Avast! Give in to temptation daily, for the FSM is not vengeful god and wants you to have a little fun along the way.


how do you feel about the atheist movement pretty much going away and the remnants allying themselves with religious psychos and Trump? Your moment seems to have been The Daily Show circa 2008, why are you still doing this?


Fox News is on a different channel.

Kidding. Look, all recent studies show religion is in decline and the nones are becoming more prevalent in the US. If you drill down deeper you'll see a huge generational gap in the data...the younger you are, the less religious you are. So your inclination that critical thinkers are less prevalent today is not backed up by data or common sense. Seems hard to believe watching the headlines these days, which is frustrating, but this is part of the reason for Pastafarianism....unfortunately fact based debate where people with opposing views respect each other and listen isn't a thing anymore. I mean, just look at your question. And if it is, its definitely not grabbing anyones eyes on social media. So, the pastafarians use a unique approach to garner attention for their cause. Is it working? I dunno, but if no one has any better ideas, so be it.

The notion that critical thinkers support a man who attacks science on a daily basis and panders to religious fundamentalists is just too ridiculous to discuss.

The Daily Show was a great show btw, and still is.


Okay, what was the funniest interview you've done for your documentary?


Bruder Spaghettus was the best. Even though his English was a challenge at times, sense of humor transcends language.


What is the next big project that you want to work on?


I dunno. I’d love to do something with The Clergy Project, which is a non-profit that supports people who were raised in faith communities or worked in a religious organization, but then “lost” their faith. Typically when this happens you don’t only shed religious dogma, you lose the only community you know. More than often these people are ostracized and left lost in a new world of rationality. I think these people are incredibly brave and id like to try to tell their story.....but alas, gotta wait for a vaccine.


What is your favorite variety of noodle? Did FSM influence your noodle preference?


ProvHerbs 3:53 Judge not the shape of thy noodle, but by the form of thy cheese for any one among you.


Are there vegan options for the spaghetti condiments?


What he said.


Have you been touched by His Noodly Appendage?


I have. R’Amen.


I often get a feeling of panic when I see some people (and some countries) using religion to hurt others. Where do you feel our movement towards humanism is going and how do you quiet those worries within yourself?


Humanism in itself is about empathy and equality and not relying on a supernatural deity to solve the problems we its not a religion.

I think most reasonable religious people see their faith as a collection of rituals and stories that are metaphors teaching lessons about the human experience. This co-exists just fine within society. It's only those that think "religious freedom" means that they can force their beliefs on others who dont share their beliefs. Only when religious freedom is equivalent to freedom from religion, can religious freedom truly exist...for everyone.

The best example I can give is this: My religion says I can't eat that. Cool. My religion says YOU can't eat that. NOT Cool.

Yes there will be conflict along the way, but as we evolve we continually shed the aspects of our society that are detrimental to cohesion....sometimes it takes longer than we'd like....and some places take longer than others....and often we take two steps back in order to take one step forward (like now), but ultimately, the truth has a funny way of working itself out in the long run.


Never heard of it....but will check it out.


Yo we have the same name! How does it feel knowing your name is as iconic as your film?


pretty dammmm good


How did you find Pastafarianism and what made you choose it over more mainstream religion?


I am a humanist, which basically means I believe humans can solve human issues without the need of the supernatural. But I'm also a pastafarian, because literally believing in the existence of the FSM is not a requirement for membership. I empathize with what pastafarianism is all about, and I think their methods to be noticed are brilliant. I "choose" pastafarianism I guess because I align with what I interpret are their core values: science, empathy, humor, and not taking your beliefs too seriously.


Been reading the FSM bible for quite some time. What perks can a Pastafarian get from being ordained? Do you help the community?

Also, may His noodly appendage touch you forever.


You get a certificate. Which is cool. You can also conduct wedding ceremonies in some countries (New Zealand for example).


How do you feel about las Vegas?


It give me the heebie jeebies. But if you live cool.


As a fellow Pastafarian, R'Amen. Have you heard about England and the growing number of Jedi?


Yeah there was an article last year about the number of Jedi and Pastafarians outnumbering some Christian denomination in New Zealand. Didn’t know about England. The sauce is spreading.


Have you heard of our lord and savior Cthulu?


Yes, but he doesn’t have much of a following.




well some pastafarians express their faith by wearing colanders, some dress as pirates. The pirates take their cues from The Open Letter to The Kansas School Board...the sort of "Dead Sea scrolls" for pastafarianism (I made a video about it here: ). So in a way, Pirate Pastafarians are "Orthodox". But there is no real friction between the sects....well some...


Why not be agnostic? Agnostics have a sense of humor without insulting people’s religion! Atheists are about as fun as an anal-fissure!!!! Plus, I’m Italian and find the whole pasta thing insulting!!! Ramen on the other hand IS worth worshiping!!!!


Since you can’t prove or disprove the existence of any God, but definition everyone is agnostic. Pastafarians take a stand. So do humanists.


I get the whole Pastafarian thing, I really do but in your experience, are there some of these people who take this a little too seriously? I don't mean in a true religious sense but those who have lost the original intent and taken it to the next level, made it too much like a real religion with all the things that go along with that.


Yeah, a few...which further supports the notion that Pastafarianism is a religion like any other, and therefore should be treated equally.


Do you have a neck beard?


ProvHerbs 3:22 If you can't say anything nice, fill up your mouth with pasta.


How do rastafarians feel about you particularly picking on their identity? Do you think its appropriate to specifically single out for your purposes the identity of a largely black movement, particularly in the present climate?


I don't know, but the pastafarian faith takes from many different do all religions. I'm sure if you dug in to Rastafarianism you'll find references to belief systems that pre-date it. You could see it as an insult, or as a tribute. One could argue that by using Rasta and using it to be the basis of a belief system, the creator of Pasta would have a thing or two to say.


What's the Pastafarian equivalent of "I feel Mecca calling"? Any alternatives to "I feel His noodly appendages"?


I’ve been touched by a noodly appendage. Consensually of course.


What do I have to do to embrace the noodly appendage?


ProvHerbs 3:33 Let us love, not in word or speech, but in pasta and wine.


How do you get people to invest in a movie like this, but they’re closing schools and hospitals?


I'd say tax billionaire's and churches before going after the arts. Also, there are no investors in this film. It's a low budget indie financed by my savings account and some crowdfunding. The purpose of this art is to get people to critically think....which is necessary for bringing science back into the forefront of societies priorities...which will perhaps cause us to vote for politicians who value science over "belief"...which will open up schools & hospitals. So perhaps we attack the serious issues you discuss at all angles, not just one? Does that answer your question?


Never seen it... where can I find it?


iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, most regions. Go to the films website and click "Watch" for links.


Are you allowed to eat pasta?


only when its injected directly into my bloodstream.


Can my 13 year old get ordained and officiate my wedding to his step-dad?


generally religious indoctrination should only happen when ones brain is full developed....but there are no rules, only guidelines, in Pastafarianism, so it just depends on where you live. In New Zealand for example, Pastafarian Ministers (Ministrone) can marry people.


Penis size?




Why did you think this would be an interestingAMA?


I dunno, thought it would be fun.


Why isn't this dead yet? It wasn't all that amusing when it was first created and has become even less amusing with each passing year. Yes, we get it - you think organized religion sucks - how original.


Watch the film, see if you still think thats what its all about. Or dont.


In a fight between the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Thanos, who would win?


FSM is a peaceful all knowing being. He would make Thanos a plate of fettuccini and they would talk about their differences like civilized gods.


As a church, did you also grab some of that sweet PPP money?


I wish they would. Grrrrr.




I'm an indie filmmaker who spent the last 4 years of his life on a passion project that was financed by my savings account and crowdfunding. There are no studios, no corporate backing. I'm not presenting this as some polished masterpiece, but I'm proud of it, and would like it to be a success so maybe I can make a bigger film next. I made the trailer. I made the website on squarespace....I dont think its that bad? The trailer is on the website is via I think you may need to check your internet connection or something.


Would you want to make a film about Scientology?


nope. Alex Gibney already did, and he's a master documentarian. I'm a nobody who bought a cheap camera and figured it out along the way. Not trying to compete with that.



Are there certain colanders for certain practices and situations or can i just grab a steel colander, have it gold plated, and strut around like a king?


There are no Kings in Pastafarianism, no hierarchy what so ever, but they do appreciate a lovely colander. And no there are no specific colanders...but you will notice Pastafarians in different countries express their faith in different ways. In the US its mostly by wearing colanders. In Germany they dress as pirates (homage to the Open Letter) . In Italy they combine the Colander and Pirate thing, they often wear tri-tip pirate hats with colanders built in!


Does your church have to pay taxes?


Yep, more than other churches. That may need to change.


Do Pastafarians prefer Weeksauce or a hearty ragu?


They do not discriminate as long as the sauce is properly seasoned.


What’s your favourite type(s) of pasta?




What is your favorite type of pasta?


Cacio e pepe


My friend hates pasta. Can he join?


Anyone can be a Pastafarian. But he's gonna be hungry.


Harvey Dent, can we trust him?


50% of the time


Are you concerned Apple might sue you if they ever come up with a product named the iPastafari ?


I'll sue them first.


Are you ethnically Jewish per chance?


No but one thing I've noticed about many of my friends of the Jewish faith, is that many value deeply the cultural and community aspect of their faith and treat the fantastical stories of it as a metaphor. They also have great sense of they were kinda the OG Pastafarians.


What’s your favourite pasta?






Raphael was my favorite.


Lol, leave it to atheists and humanists to think they know everything when they arent even willing to critically consider their own existance. Do you have any perception of the the fact that your organization is just spitting in the face of others just to "prove" you are smarter when in reality you are missing a huge part of existance because of your egomania?


you seem great.


Do you see the same types of behaviours and attributes in the SJW movement? By that I mean being unable to question without being ostracized, having moral arbiters who demand to control what you think or say, people feeling threatened or ‘unsafe’ by those who don’t believe as they do, etc?




Why not?


Do you feel like these people are sane?


very much so. Watch the film and you'll understand.


Marinara or alfredo?




Hey, Professor! I'm a Flying Spaghetti Monster. You seriously believe I'm descended from some kind of flightless manicotti?




I have some questions about pastafarianism,

  1. Do you believe the flying spaghetti monster was behind the asteroid wiping out the dinosaurs?
  2. Where does the flying spaghetti monster come from? I was wondering if this was an inter-dimensional being or if it existed in a different dimension.
  3. I have heard that pastafarianism has a low track record of violence, does this still hold up even to this day?
  4. Is the flying sphaghetti monster behind climate change or is it a skeptic?
  5. Do you believe that the flying sphaghetti monster practices any form of religion?


Do I believe? Or do Pastafarians believe? 1. The FSM is responsible for all that is and all that ever will be. 2. The FSM created all dimensions. He is everything and exists everywhere. 3. No pedophiles, No holy wars to this day. 4. The reduction in the pirate population is the reason for the increase of the earths temperature....just look at the correlation over the last 200 years. The Pastafarians are trying to bring back more pirates to combat climate change. Arg. 5. He's God. He does what he wants.


How would ppl think about the pastafari movement in 500 years?


I see no reason why it wouldn't be seen in the same light as other religions. After all, all religions are based on fantastical and unbelievable stories...the only difference is that Pastafarianism is younger. That won't be an argument in 50 years even.


Which states will allow a minister of this church to perform a marriage? $30 for a plaque and this ability seems like a good deal.


I dont know off hand to be honest on a state by state basis. The pastafarians are not the most organized design


Did this all start because of the South Park episode, or were they parodying something that already existed?


The Open Letter was 2005, the South Park episode was 2006.


Do you wear a spaghetti colander on your head at services. And why does spaghetti need a H?


Occasionally, not sure about the H. That's too profound a question to answer in this format. Perhaps my next doc.


Did you at any point address the fact that ramen isn't pasta yet is used by the religion?


Ramen is a noodle, so perhaps a first cousin to pasta?


Hey Mike Arthur, is it true that you have aspergers syndrome?

Thank you for the AMA!


Nope. But if I did I’d probably be a better filmmaker. Look at all Greta has done.


Ramrod on 16th was an awesome place to party; remember the hot tub party in 03?


haha...they had like an alligator or snake or something, right?




nope. just straight dope. and 2005.


Only question: Is this 'religion' tax exempt in the United States?


Not yet


Why haven't you not overtake the world already? Such an easy pick!


Working on it.


How high were you when you created the documentary?


Not as high as I should have been.


My last name is also Arthur. Are we related?


Prolly not




You seem great.


No one actually believes this nonsense?


It depends what you mean by “believe”. For example, I don’t believe in the existence of the FSM or any god. But I do believe in the message of the FSM and of Pastafarianism. Many Christians don’t literally believe Jesus turned water into wine or made the blind see but they believe in the message behind the story (taking care of each other, sharing your booze, etc)


Can I watch it with my 12 year old?


Honestly I think Pastafarianism is a great way to have a discussion about this thing called religion...but there are a few parts that may be not so kid friendly. I would STRONGLY recommend Small Foot though for anyone who wants to talk about these things with kids.


Does it come with meatballs?


2 big meaty, saucy, orbs



Card image cap