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I'm Sid Fischer, a student who was in the third room shot into by a murderer in the recent school shooting, AMA

My short bio: I am a Junior that goes to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, I was in my 4th period class, Holocaust History, my teacher is Mrs. Schamis.

My Proof: I wish I could provide concrete proof, but my phone is still in the classroom so this is a screenshot of my schedule on my Virtual Counselor

EDIT New Proof: My student ID -

Hi everyone, my name is Sid, I'm a Junior at Stoneman Douglas and I'd like to share my story of what went on in room 1214, the third room that was shot into by the shooter, and where two victims, Nick Dworet and Helena Ramsey were killed.

2:20 PM - We are working on the laptops doing an online activity when we hear about 10-15 gunshots outside of our door. Everyone scatters and from about 25 kids, two groups were split in different corners. I was in the corner that is immediately to the right of the entrance, Nick was in the back right corner that could be immediately seen from the entrance. The group with Nick and Helena were trying to form a barricade with a cabinet and a computer cart (one that holds laptops and charges them) but without even 20 seconds to react, the shooter comes to our door and starts shooting through the window of the door. He was shooting at the corner that Nick and Helena were in as well as about 12 other students with them in that corner. Nick got caught in the fire and died immediately, Helena also got caught and died within seconds. I was in the opposite corner so I couldn't see his body because a cabinet was in the way, and I'm thankful that I didn't witness his body because it probably would have affected me much more. My classmate Aalayah told me she had to use Nick's body as a shield once she saw he was dead immediately :(

Here is an edited version of the map to show the corner where I was hiding (blue), where Nick and Helena were (orange) and where the shooter was shooting from (red). Thank you for the support you have been giving. And if any of you came out to the vigil yesterday, I have no words for how happy I am that you came to support.

If you have any questions about what went on on Wednesday, let me know, I'm here to fulfill your interest.

The AMA is now over but that doesn't mean I won't reply to you if you message me, thank you all!

February 16th 2018
interview date

Alright guys I think I'm just about done here. I am blessed to be apart of such a wonderful community on this website, your curiosity alone is something I cherish. Please, don't EVER distance yourself from a loved one. Keep in touch with your friends and family every moment you possibly can, because shit like this can go down whether you like it or not.

To anyone who thinks I did this for karma, attention, or just to brag about being apart of a situation like this, I just want to direct you to a comment I was directed to by /u/iamspencershaw on a different forum that just about describes why I did this AMA:

Rocko's: Reading this, showing the event from his perspective/his eyes makes this just... It gets to you really bad. I don't see this as him trying to get attention, moreso giving us insight of how it went down, and it puts it into reality of just how devastating this shit is and that this can't keep happening every year. These are teenagers losing their lives to senseless violence, something needs to happen and this shit needs to stop.

Love y'all, like I said, if you genuinely have/had a question that I didn't answer, message me in the next few days and I will try to get to it. #DouglasStrong


Thank you for doing this. I hope it helped you to get it all out, and hopefully opens people’s eyes to the reality of these situations.

Please take care of yourself and surround yourself with loved ones, and see a therapist ASAP, as people here have already said many times.

Be well kiddo <3


Hey guys, /u/Shaine_Memes private messaged me a question that I thought should be answered to the public.

Did the fire alarm really go off? The news has said that the fire alarm went off right before this happened but from what I’ve seen you say, there’s no mention of it.

Yes, the fire alarm did go off. Despite beliefs, the fire alarm went off about 10-15 seconds AFTER he started shooting, I remember clearly. People across the school couldn't tell however, so they were treating it like a regular fire drill until word got around within a minute and everyone rushed back into their classrooms.


Hi, teacher here who is getting to the point of being terrified to go to work. I know I would step in front of my students if I had to, and the chances of that happening increase by the day. Anyways, they teach us in our lock down trainings that it is EXTREMELY common for shooters to pull the fire alarm to 1. Create a sense of panic and 2. Pull people from hiding. So, if you're in an active shooter situation they say you should never leave your hiding place because of a fire alarm.

Im so sorry for what happened to you. School should be sacred and safe. I hope you can heal and find peace.






Shaking right now. All this support is unreal. One thing I noticed when I start to go into detail about my experience (I've done this almost 100+ times at this point) is that I start shaking uncontrollably like im freezing... is there some way I can stop this? /r/LPT I'm calling for your advice.


Hey I saw this comment in a thread when the shooting was announced from a survivor from another incident that sounds very helpful. Sorry I'm on my phone but here it is.

After I got shot, I kept hoping someone would just tell me what to expect. On the very slim chance you, person who is reading this right now, was at Parkland or knows someone who was:

Whoever you are, I remember what today feels like, and how alone and overwhelmed you must feel. You are not alone. There are thousands of us shooting survivors around, and we are all rooting for you to get through this. I'm going to lay out the advice I wish someone had given me, but the key pieces of advice are that it is okay for this to be big and scary and messy and overwhelming right now, and that it will get better.


  • Do not drink or do drugs to cope with this. Go to therapy. You frankly can stop reading here. Everything else I am going to tell you derives from these two points.
  • The state government will pay for you to go to whatever therapist you want, even if you move out of state. They will do this until you are better. Pick the best therapist you can find and be greedy with how often you go.
  • There is no set timeline for getting over this. Some people get over this stuff in a month. Some people take years. However long it takes you is okay as long as you are actively engaging in your recovery.
  • Your parents will need to take keep track of a lot of paperwork. If that is not something they are going to be able to do a good job with, that's okay. Ask the hospital social worker if you can get a victim's advocate's card and make the victim's advocate handle the paperwork.
  • It's okay if your world shrinks for a while. It's okay if your mom drives you around for a few weeks because you don't feel safe driving yourself around. It's not okay if you develop a drinking or drug habit. You will need to pick your emotional battles. Pick the ones that are going to matter five years from now.
  • Fourth of July and New Year's Eve are going to be unexpectedly hard for you because fireworks sound like gunshots. This completely blindsided me while I was out on NYE--I don't want it to blindside you.

Please also be watchful for signs of PTSD. Here's a non-exhaustive list of symptoms to watch out for:

  • Having bad dreams at night or have trouble sleeping
  • Being afraid or nervous
  • Feeling very sad or angry or without hope
  • Being forgetful or not able to pay attention
  • Feeling as if you cannot control your thoughts and memories
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • Having headaches, stomach aches or problems eating
  • Feeling like no one understands you or that your life was stolen from you
  • Avoiding places with crowds
  • Drinking or doing drugs
  • Avoiding talking about the shooting

You might experience a few of these for a while, and then they'll dissipate on their own. Great! But if they persist or are interfering with your daily life, you might need to seek professional counseling. Please hear this: counseling is not anything to be ashamed of. If you need it, get it. Seriously. Like I said above, Florida will pay for it, and society wants you to take advantage of it.


I did prolonged exposure therapy (PET). I have gotten PMs from folks who did EMDR and liked it. At any rate, the most important thing is to find a good therapist. Someone at the school will develop a list of folks who are qualified to treat you. If you don't get the list directly given to you, contact your school counselor. If you don't have access to a list, or if you end up needing a therapist after you go to college, look for a level one trauma hospital in your area. See if the hospital has an affiliated "traumatic stress center" or "post-traumatic stress center." Very often, a hospital that receives GSW patients (like a level one trauma center) has a baked-in PTSD clinic. If they don't, they can probably refer you to wherever they refer their PTSD patients.


Yes. The standard Florida Victims' Compensation Program should apply, and I am confident there will be other financial and medical resources made available to you. I am also confident that your parents or a social worker will handle all of the paperwork--you should not worry about this today. If you ever need help figuring out what forms of compensation are available to you, you can contact the Florida Attorney General.


This guide from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology might help guide your conversation.


Yes. You're not the first person to go through this, as awful as it is. I'm about three years out from being shot, and life is fairly normal these days. I sleep fine. I can go to places that look like where I got shot. I promise you, it will get easier--and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about what to expect.

ETA: A school shooting survivor reached out to tell me that one of the challenges she faced in the wake of her shooting is that some people judged other people’s grief and trauma if they weren’t in the “right” area of the school or something. She asked me to mention that you may feel the urge to discount or judge someone else’s story by comparing it to yours or to discount or judge your own story by comparing it someone else’s. That urge is super normal, and you should talk about those thoughts. (My therapist called it the process of “right-sizing the tragedy”). Talking about it with friends might make them less likely to get the help they need, though, so to the extent you can save that topic for therapy and your parents, you will probably be doing your friends a favor.

If you are a shooting survivor and would like to help me refine the above text, please PM me, and I will add it. I was not a victim of a school shooting, so I am particularly interested in hearing from school shooting survivors, as the issues facing teenagers are different than those facing adults. If you are a licensed therapist or psychologist, please reach out--I would really value your input.

This is an edited repost of a previously posted comment.


Hey guys sorry if I miss any of your questions! Please feel free to message me in the following days if I missed your question as it will be easier to answer them individually.


I can't thank you enough for doing this. It really puts a personal take to the events that happened. If there's anything I can do, please let me know.


Taking a small break to go get some fresh air at the pool with my bro, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I will answer more questions later :)


Gonna leave this here in case it gets lost in all the messages you’re probably receiving: One, I’m glad you’re safe! Two, I want to apologize. I’m a broward county resident and I work at a local news station. Our reporters covered the story for hours from the very beginning. I want to apologize because I do not approve of how insensitive the people in my industry can be at a time like this. Some may argue that they are just doing their jobs but in some situations being a good human being is more important than being a good reporter. I hope that if you encountered anyone from my station that they treated you with respect, if not, I’m sorry.


Me and my friend Daniella met for lunch at the restaurant she works at today :)




I am so sorry that you went through this and were firsthand witness to such senseless violence and tragedy. As I’m sure you’ve been told a thousand times, my thoughts, my family’s thoughts, and those of our nation are with you. Please let us know if there is a way someone in the Midwest can help your community starting right now.

Now on to my question:

How did first responders on the scene handle the throng of innocent victims in the immediate aftermath? I read that the shooter tried to “blend in” with kids in an attempt to escape. Did the police seem to know quickly who was and was not a threat?


Well after we stopped hearing shots, we all stayed as quiet as we could and I was trying my hardest to stay contained and made sure people around me in the corner that I was in were safe. I can't tell how long it was waiting for police to come, but we started hearing yelling outside of the room and down the hall and we heard "police! police!", after a minute of everyone rejoicing, they finally got to our door and said "police! is anyone in there?!" in which everyone responded "yes! help us!". They then said "is anyone injured, how many of you are in there?!", before anyone could say anything I screamed "4 injured, there are about 25 of us in here, please help!". They said "we are coming in! hands up!" When they came in they got the injured out of the room immediately.

After the injured got out of the room, they made us get up and walk out in a single file line, and when I was out of the room I had to walk over a dead body right outside of the door just to get across the hall.

I heard that the shooter went out toward the middle school next to us and tried to blend in with people running away from the school and went to the walmart down the street, but I don't know a lot about exactly what he did after. What I can tell you is that it took about an hour or two after the shooting to find out who he was.




I never really talked to Helena and didn't know much about her. But I spent the whole school year with her so far and I can tell you that she would always be smiling while talking to her friends and she was a very positive person.

Nick (NICHOLAS DWORET, not the ruthless murderer who's full name I don't even want to say) was not necessarily a friend of mine, but I have had MANY conversations with him over the course of this school year. In particular, I remember our first conversation earlier in the year we were talking about what concerts we had went to during the summer. I told him I went to the Playboi Carti concert and the XXXTentacion concert, and he told me he went to the Lil Pump concert. He also told me stories about how he got caught doing bad things with his friends and how when Junior year started (he's a senior at this point) he made a resolution to focus on his schoolwork and make sure he stayed obedient to his parents because his swimming career was thriving at that point. Nick was one of the most pure individuals I have ever met, he always had a smile on his face. I remember specifically a few weeks ago he announced to the class that he committed to University of Indianapolis for swimming and everyone was applauding him and he did one of this gestures where you lower your head and scratch your head because you are embarrassed but happy (if you get what im saying). Every time I scroll down my instagram feed and see his face, I break down and its just all around rough to think about his family and his girlfriend and anyone else who was closer to him than I was.


Sid, Firstly I am glad you're OK, and I am sorry for what you had to experience. What was the tone of the situation like when you heard the first couple of shots? Were people trying to convince themselves it was a firework or a car back fire? Or did you know immediately it was gun fire and how did the students in your classroom react? Thanks!


Well no one even hesitated at all, we all got up and ran to a corner, but a few of us were muttering "Is this one of those school shooter drills?" A few seconds after that, the shots started going off into our room and I saw dust flying around the room and knew that this was serious. About a minute after the shooting stopped in our room, I look over to my right and in the opposite corner, a girl named Samantha had blood all over her face and her eye was swolen (I believe a bullet grazed her face), but she is luckily ok. I couldn't see Nick or Helena's body because a cabinet was in the way. All I can tell you is that I remember the first 10 or so shots going off right outside of our door and the memory of the sound hasn't faded whatsoever.


Could you describe your reunion with your family?


Well considering my phone was on my desk still (it still is right now), I couldn't get to my parents or anyone I knew immediately while it was actually happening, but once the police escorted our room out of the building I found my friend RJ, who was in the FIRST room he shot into. RJ gave me his phone and I called my Mom first, she didn't answer because it was a Massachusetts number. I called my brother and he answered quickly and I broke down as soon as I heard him say "hello?", I explained to him that a school shooting just happened and I told him that I'm ok. He said he was going to come pick me up immediately but I told him to tell my mom, which he did. She eventually came to pick me up a mile down the road at the local park (where the vigil took place yesterday). We drove over to the local Wawa where my dad and brother were waiting for me, and I broke down into tears immediately.


What do think about the people putting the shooting on Snapchat, Instagram, etc?


Well what I can tell you is that one of the viral videos that is circulating the world right now, is a video by my classmate Matt Walker. This is the video (WARNING, no blood but very horrifying sounds go on during this video), I was 4 feet to the left of him as he was taking this, I was hiding behind my teachers desk. People have asked me what I think about him taking the video during a time like that, but to be honest, there really is no dissecting what was going through his head in that moment. Some people take in situations like that differently, and react differently, and that's perfectly normal. I wish he hadn't taken that video and focused on his safety first, but what can you do.

For anyone asking if Matt is ok, yes he is. He's also in my Algebra class and he was also in my English class last year.


What was going through your mind? Anything, nothing, praying, please not me? I can't imagine being in a horrible situation like this, and I have no idea what I would be thinking while it was going on.


Well as you can see in the post, in this edited map, I was in the corner where the blue dot was. I was with my teacher Mrs. Schamis and about 10 other kids hiding behind and next to her desk. As soon as I got into my spot, I started to ask my teacher "Are we geniuinely going to die right now?" as soon as that last word came out of my mouth (now), the shots started ringing into our classroom. I had my head down and I was behind her desk so I couldn't see if the shooter had came into the class or not (he didn't), so I thought within seconds he would turn to me and shoot me, but thankfully he was only outside of the classroom shooting into it from the door window.


From reading some of your comments, you seemed to be so poised and collected in the situation. Would you consider yourself to have always been that way, or do you think the situation brought something new out of you? Glad you're okay!


I always thought about situations like this and how I would act. I always thought that I would freak out, but surprisingly, I was very calm but shaken while it was going on. I tried my absolute hardest to make sure everyone surrounding me was ok and made sure they stayed quiet so we could have a better chance of surviving, and made sure the girl next to me (Kelly) was saying the right things to 911 as she was talking to an operator. She was crying HYSTERICALLY and couldn't even get words out of her mouth so I was calming her down and telling her what to tell the operator because her thought process must have been in thousands of pieces just by the look of her face.


I read that he pulled the fire alarm to shoot in the hallways, but your map suggests he shot into rooms, not the hallways. Did he start shooting before he pulled the alarm?


your map suggests he shot into rooms, not the hallways. Did he start shooting before he pulled the alarm?

Yes, the fire alarm did go off. But, despite beliefs, the fire alarm went off about 10-15 seconds AFTER he started shooting, I remember clearly. Everyone in the Freshman Building (the building my room was in, its a 3 story building with mainly freshman based classes) knew that there was a shooter outside so no one left their rooms.

People across the school couldn't tell however, so they were treating it like a regular fire drill until word got around within a minute and everyone rushed back into their classrooms.


Strong kid. I hope you manage to cope well and get through the tough times ahead, and help the others too. Thanks for giving us your insight, it's very valuable and appreciated.

How is your teacher, Mrs. Schamis, holding up? To be in a position of responsibility during an event like this, I can't even imagine.

Thanks for doing this, and keep well.


I saw her yesterday during the vigil. She was talking to two of my current teachers and some of my old teachers from freshman year, and as soon as she saw me she said "everyone, this child right here is a hero!" and I was astounded because I never thought that I could be looked at as a hero. I didn't save any lives, I didn't jump in front of a bullet; the only thing I did was try to calm and quiet people around me. That is no hero, that is just what you should do as someone in that situation.


Hi Sid, very sorry about this tragic ordeal. I don't understand, if the boy that did the shooting wasn't a student why was he allowed on the property at all? I may have misinterpreted this, but I saw on the news he wasn't allowed there with a backpack, but why would he be allowed there at all?


Well there's a gate in the fence to our senior parking lot near the bike rack that they open up in the morning and the last 30 minutes before school ends. The gate is about 150-200 feet away from one of the entrances of the freshman building. I believe he got dropped off by an Uber and just walked right in and went straight into the freshman building from there. What's crazy to me is that the same gate that he came in from, is the same gate I was running out of once I got escorted by police out of the freshman building.


Sid, i'm glad that you're ok, and my thoughts are for you from Canada.

As everyone has asked good questions about the shooting, I noticed that your time table has 8 classes, and in my area we only have 5 classes (one of which is study hall). How do you manage 8 classes?

I hope you are doing well, and I hope you reach out to a professional to talk about what happened


They recently made a change to the schedule this year. In my freshman and sophomore years you would have 7 classes that were all 50 minutes long in one school day.

Now we have 8 classes, but 4 classes on Silver (A) day, 4 classes on Burgundy (B) day. The days are called Silver and Burgundy because that is the colors of our school. Each class is about an hour and a half long, every student is given a study hour class on one of their days that takes up a whole period. My study hour is my third period as you can see.


Hey Sid, I went to JPT (class of 2010) and had lots of friends at Douglas. This whole thing is so surreal being how nice and family oriented our town is. Sending you a big hug. You might not get to this Q because you have so many but I always thought those slits of windows in the doors were super thick with metal wiring to reinforce them so did he literally just shoot that out then stick the gun through the hole or how did he actually manage to shoot into the room? Sorry for your losses and pain, you're not alone.


I don't know exactly I had my head down behind a desk. But, what I can tell you is that he most likely shot the window out then started shooting in the direction of the corner where Nick and Helena were.. I don't remember him even trying to open the door.


Hi Sid. Thanks so much for sharing this.

This is a throwaway but I knew beigel and wondered if you could tell me more about what happened ? I believe he was locking a door when he was murdered. It doesn’t surprise me if it’s true that he was trying to save others. He was a hero.

I worked with him for 3 years at camp starlight where he is a complete legend. Maybe the funniest guy I have ever met. I remember at the end of camp when all the counsellors got a small gift from their adl. Beigel bought us all a fucking key ring with his own face on. The man was a genius haha.

God bless Scott. You’ll be so sorely missed my so many.


I don't know much about what happened to him but I believe I heard he was on the third floor.


**Deleting my comments and throwaway account now for privacy. Just needed to express my condolences to OP and relay my advice on coping with the grief. Also, don't want to detract too much from the OP's AMA or prevent him from sharing his experiences.

TLDR; I was there. Glad you're safe. Talk about it. We're always here for you.


Sir, I REMEMBER YOU. I'm fucking crying right now I can't believe that you have seen this. You are a hero sir, I am SO thankful for your service. I was in a white/light gray sweatshirt if that helps you remember which individual I was. Man... this is crazy.

I am a Parkland resident, I moved here right before freshman year. I used to live in Boca Raton for 14 years of my life.


I went to elementary with one of the girls that was injured during the shooting. Do you know *******? Is she holding up well? I never had a strong friendship with her and it’s likely she does not remember me but personally I would like to know if you know her and if she’s holding up ok.

Edited to remove her name since he replied.


Yes! I'm going to lunch with her tomorrow, she was in my class she is ok. I've been becoming very great friends with her in the past month or so. She's in my Holocaust History class (current discussion) and my Chemistry class, probably one of the nicest individuals I ever met in my life. This is absolutely crazy how ironic some of these questions are getting, the internet is nuts (in a good way).


What is the school doing to help you and other students struggling with this event? I'm assuming you have days off, but are there counselors and resources for you?


Yes, yesterday the whole day they had counselors at the local park in the auditorium inside. I believe they are still there today, I haven't went yet but I am going to go later this weekend once I'm done seeing all the people that want to see me. At this same park, there was a vigil that was streamed live to the world yesterday that I was at. During the main event, I was standing with 4 of my classmates who were there with me in the classroom as it was happening.


Was your classroom door already locked when the shooting started or did someone lock it upon hearing shots? What did the teacher in the room do and did they have time/ or attempt to give to any instructions to you and your classmates?


To be honest with you, I was next to my teacher as soon as we got to our corner. She was bewildered, she didn't know what was going on. Me and her were actively trying to make sure people next to us in that corner were doing ok and were safe, we couldn't necessarily get up and go help people in the other corner if you get what I mean.


My wife and I have been alternating between learning more about the shooting and having to avoid coverage because of conspiracy nonsense about false flags and crisis response actors.

I teach high school on the West Coast. What were active shooter drills like at your school?

Thank you for doing the AMA.


We have never had an active shooter drill at our school, we have just went over what to do if a shooter was there (hide in corners not visible by the door, hide behind solid objects, go into closet).


Was there a moment where everyone collectively realized that something was wrong?

I was in a school shooting in 2012 and I remember hearing a loud noise and scream and for the first split second thinking it mustve been someone dropping something and scaring someone and then realizing that no something is super wrong.


As soon as we all heard about 7-12 loud shots outside of our classroom, we all looked at each other and DARTED toward corners.


Heartbreaking story. Hope everything turns out well for you and your classmates. Just curious about the AMA. Did someone reach out to you to do an AMA or did you reach out to them?


I chose to do the AMA, thought I'd just share my story considering a lot of people don't get to see/hear personal accounts of people that were actually in the shooting on the news; but rather see shots of our school from a helicopter up in the sky.


What are your thoughts on the memes that circulate that make light of school shootings? How have your views on them changed since?


Well so far I have heard (not seen) that someone made a meme related to Fortnite (the popular game) where they showed one of the dead bodies with loot on top of it like you would see when you kill someone in the game.. When my friend told me this I just broke down, I couldn't believe that someone would be so heartless and immature to even go through the time of making a meme like that.


Did you know the perpetrator at all? What was the general opinion of him/was he in school days previous to this?


I didn't know him, but I remember seeing him around the halls freshman year. He was a very "different" individual. He would wear military boots, wear a hat and always kept his head low and was just all-around "janky", if thats a good word to describe him.




No, but my great friend Daniella was one of the victims. She got shrapnel in her leg and was in the opposite corner of me. She went to the hospital but is perfectly fine doing better now, I told her how much I valued our friendship and we are meeting for lunch tomorrow!


Did the police respond very quickly? How was he only able to fire into 4 rooms? Is the rumor that he ditched his gun and tried to escape true? If so how did they catch him a mile away and know it was him? Where were the smoke grenades thrown?


He fired into many more, the map I have in the post is a screenshot from a video off of the Associated Press' website but I took the screenshot earlier in the video so it's not fully developed.

Also on that link you can find a video where my teacher Mrs. Schamis was interviewed AS WELL as my old teacher Mr. Levine who was my Holocaust History teacher last semester, who we switched out of into Mrs. Schamis' class this semester.


I saw a few interviews of your classmates claiming multiple shooters. Did you see or hear anything to make you think there could of been a second shooter?


Actually yes, I do remember hearing some sort of "spraying" like a machine gun down the hall but it sounded very faint. But my memory of that has somewhat faded, it's very possible it was a separate sound that had nothing to do with the shooting.


My biggest question is...

Y’all actually have a whole class dedicated to Holocaust History in high school?


Yep! But it isn't only focused on the Holocaust, it also dives into the history of anti-semitism and other historical anti-semitic acts. We just did a test on Monday on a powerpoint we went over in class, it went over the roots of the Holocaust and other interesting facts about some topics like the 1936 Olympics, Hitler's years before the holocaust, etc..

I got a 92 :)


What we're the most comforting things that people have said to you. What word have actually helped you get through this?


I saw a comment in the thread honoring Nick Dworet on /r/sports, I probably can't find it anymore but it said something along the lines of:

"This won't get easier over time, but it will become more tolerable"

Really hit me.

edit: found it! Thank you for this /u/novelliant


Why did you decide to do this AMA? Will it help you process?

edit: you


Well considering I'm home alone right now with no phone (It's still on my desk in the classroom), I thought I'd pass time by sharing my story with the people of Reddit as this is a website that is pretty much a home to me as I'm on it almost half of the day, everyday.


what was the last thought you had before the shooting and the first thought when the shooting happened?


My first thought before the shooting was: Nice I'm about to finish this activity and put my computer away, lit.

My first thought when the shooting happened: Am I about to die? Is this real?


I hope you’re pushing through this the best you can, and that they are providing you the resources to cope and help with any PTSD and trauma that comes with first hand experience of a tragedy like this.

My question is why did a group of the kids go to a visible corner and not line the wall to the left of the door?

During my school drills they would put paper over the door window but I knew that wouldn’t stop bullets, I would always think anything out of view of the window would be the safest :/


My question is why did a group of the kids go to a visible corner and not line the wall to the left of the door?

What you need to realize is that we had virtually NO time to react to the shots. As soon as we heard the shots, we all bolted toward two separate corners and luckily I was in the corner not visible by the door. I'm sure in the (very few) seconds they had to get to their corner, everyone in the opposite corner of mine realized they were in perfect view of the door, but it was too late to do anything. Luckily, my friend Cameron was very smart and got a cabinet in the way of some of them but Nick and Helena still got caught by the gunfire.


One of your peers said in an interview that she at one point was with the shooter and spoke to him. From that experience, she believes there was a second shooter. Did you see or experience anything to indicate that?

Link to interview:


Some of my friends were calling her story bullshit, I have no comment though.


Was it ever a thought to take the teachers desk and barracade the door so the window was covered? Do you think this should be a standard everey school teaches?


I wish. There was virtually no time for our class to react, once the first shots went off he was at our door within 20-30 seconds.


If you had one free wish about what politicians should do, what would that wish be?


To stop letting the NRA control how our government handles gun laws. My friend who is a senior told me he learned in AP Gov class that the NRA is the main reason for some elected officials even being in office, and that was crazy to me. I'm 17 years old turning 18 this November and I can't even explain how immature I am man.. I don't think 18 years old is a proper age whatsoever for gun ownership.


Do you know this girl? Sounds like she was in your class.


Yup, I've had Hannah in my World History class last year and she's now in my Holocaust History class (current discussion) as well as my US History class right now. She's such a nice person, I always have small conversations with her from time to time. When we're in Holocaust History (our 4th period), stuff that we learned in US History (our 2nd period) ALWAYS comes up when we are learning stuff and she always raises her hand to let Mrs. Schamis know that her and I learned that already and she throws a little fun fact in there as well. She was in the same corner as me during the shooting gladly.


Hey Sid, thank you for doing this AMA and thank you for being a hero, we do get constant lockdowns here in Australia but very rarely by someone with a gun and even rarer does it end as tragic as this but there is always those few brave souls that stand up with poise and heart in a time where it really shouldn’t exist, you’re a hero the world over and thank you for that.

I do have a question though, if you could go back in the moment, would you do something differently?


I would have made sure EVERYONE came into the corner I was in as soon as we heard the first shots. If they did that, it's possible not a single person would have been hurt or killed.


What's your opinion about the second gunman statement from the eyewitness who said they were walking with the accused gunman when shots started?

Also what is the deal about the "planned drill" that day. You claim your school never had one, but was there one planned for that day?

In that case, was she referring to the "fake drill" starting (were students aware of that) or was she referring to the actual incident?


There was a planned fire drill that happens monthly and it had already happened in my 2nd period earlier in the day, I assume other students across campus were maybe confused that a second drill was happening.


so there is this jerkoff Alex Jones who is saying that the shooting was a false flag operation crated by the government to inflict fear and to push gun control. he also states that there were multiple shooters. what do you make of his statements?




Off topic but do you listen to dsavage?



"bitch im a dog with no leash!"


What’s your favourite TV Show ?


I'm trying to stray away from questions like these, but... fuck it, Game of Thrones is the greatest show ever. Fuck Olly.


Do you know Emma Gonzales? Is she as cool as she seems? I was blown away by her speech today. I’ve honestly been amazed by how you and your classmates are being so strong and vocal about this. You all inspire me.


Nope but I've seen her around the school countless times! (I'm VERY observant) Thank you for your kind words.


You said you were working on your laptops and this video ( shows a laptop with bullet holes at 0:14, was that video in the classroom?


Yes, I have made a comment on this. I was 4-5 feet to the left of the person taking the video. The deceased were in the corner 7-10 feet to the right of the person taking the video.


If you could say one thing to President Trump right now what would it be?


Please, step down and let a real leader take your place.


Do you know how Joaquin ended up being killed?


I heard a story, unsure if its 100% correct but:

Apparently he was running to his classroom, got to the door and right before the girl could open it for him, he was shot in the head right in front of her on the other side of the door.


Yeah another survivor did a AMA on r/casualiama do you know him?


Do you think you can link me it? I can't find it for some reason.


I’ve always wondered if you are sent back to the same school.., like how much time do they give you off to cope with what happened? It must be rough having to go back to the same building where this tragedy took place. I also wonder if you ever got your phone back.


The building in which it took place is called the Freshman Building (it contains mainly freshman based classes) and it stands on it's own, its a three story building. They are going to be taking it down in the near future and putting a memorial in it's place. When we go back to school on Wednesday we will be restricted from going in it.

I'm going on Sunday (the school is opening back up) to get my valuables but I'm unsure if my phone will even be in good condition because my desk is literally in the middle of the class and my phone was on top of it so it's possible it got shot.


Sid, did you ever find out who the kid was outside your classroom and if he made it? The one that you said looked like a fish and you thought was a freshman. I ask because often when people are shot it looks terrible but they may still be alive.

If he didn't make it, was he the JROTC student who tried holding the door open so others could make it in?


if he made it?

I don't believe he made it. I only had a second or two glancing at the body until I looked away but if I was to compare what I saw to any of the victims, it would either be Martin Duque or Peter Wang.

If he didn't make it, was he the JROTC student who tried holding the door open so others could make it in?

He wasn't necessarily near the door of our room or the room right next door but rather about 5 feet in front of them so I don't think he was the JROTC student you are talking about.

The one that you said looked like a fish and you thought was a freshman.

I hate the way I said that, I wish I could go back and re-word my sentence.


I just saw you in a video that came up in my Facebook feed. Gray hoodie right? Please get some professional help. You are strong for doing this AMA.


I mean I had a gray shirt on, possible that it wasn't me. But, thank you for your support it means alot. Any way you can link it to me? I'm curious.




Yeah the fact that when I go on twitter and see all of these alt-right accounts and trump supporters immediately calling people "liberals" and "libtards" left, right, and center while talking about the situation is fucking ABSURD. Our country is not in a good spot right now, and if you think it is, you are out of your mind.


Didn’t you mention a girl named Samantha that got shot in the face passing? I haven’t seen her on any of the lists of victims so I was wondering if she actually passed or if you’d confused her with someone else.


I had heard rumors that she passed away but they were false. My story from the day it happened is almost completely false at this point, I learned a lot of stuff the day after. A bullet did graze her face though that's why her face was bleeding and she had a swolen eye.


Do you regret using your regular reddit account to do this? I'm sure you have posted something for someone to dig up similar to the Ken Bone situation.


Not necessarily, I'm sure someone will find something to use against me but I can care less.


This is heartbreaking. I'm sorry to anyone who has been affected by this. I can't sop thinking about the girl on the floor in the video that was shown all over. Some people are saying that was Helena Ramsey, but Sid's description of events are making me think otherwise. Does anyone know who the girl was?


The video of the girl on the ground is not in our class.


M8, may God help you and your family. Question: Is the girl in this video the one who's face was bleeding in your class? Her name is Samantha Fuentes.


Yes it is.




How do you not realize that this is at least a little bit insensitive?

I completely realize that it is insensitive, that is WHY I'm sharing my personal story. I wanted to get straight to the point and explain how situations like this REALLY are from a first person POV, bullshit aside. I hope that if any parents or relatives to the victims read this they understand that I am trying to make people understand how serious situations like this are and to not let this continue.

And thanks for calling me out on "whoring them out for karma", proves how ignorant you are to this whole situation and the very reason I made this thread.


Sid, why do you think schools are teaching students to cower in corners waiting to be killed as opposed to fighting back? The door could be barricaded by desks and such don't you think? maybe one could pop a fire extinguisher into the hall way and ambush the aggressor. One can either cower and die or fight back don't you think? Was there windows that could have used for escape?


As you can see in the original post and many other comments I've made, we had less than 20-25 seconds to even react to this, we were the THIRD classroom he shot into.




Combine those together and that's what you get, but add an echo in there.




Yes of course! Look at all these useless internet points I have now. Might go cop a new phone with them because I don't know if I'm going to be getting the one back in my classroom!

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