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What the heck is happening with this net neutrality court decision? We'll be joined by public interest lawyers, activists, experts, and Senator Ed Markey to answer your questions about the federal court decision regarding Ajit Pai's repeal of open Internet protections.

A federal court just issued a major decision on the Federal Communications Commission's resoundingly unpopular repeal of net neutrality protections. The court partially upheld Ajit Pai's order, but struck down key provisions, including the FCC's attempt to prevent states from passing their own net neutrality laws, like California already did. There's a lot to unpack, but one thing is for sure: the fight for Internet freedom is back on and we need everyone to be paying attention, asking questions, and speaking out. Ask us questions below, and go to to contact your legislators right now.


Senator Ed Markey, Senator from Massachusetts, /u/SenatorEdMarkey

Representative Mike Doyle, Representative from Pennsylvania, /u/usrepmikedoyle

Stan Adams, Center for Democracy and Technology, /u/stancdt

John Bergmayer, Public Knowledge, /u/PublicKnowledgeDC

Kevin Erickson, Future of Music Coalition, /u/future_of_music

Gaurav Laroia, Free Press, /u/FPGauravLaroia

Matt Wood, Free Press, /u/mattfwood

Eric Null, Open Technology Institute, /u/NullOTI

Evan Greer, Fight for the Future, /u/evanfftf

Joe Thornton, Fight for the future, /u/fightforthefuture

Erin Shields, Media Justice, /u/erinshields_CMJ

Ernesto Falcon, EFF, /u/EFFFalcon

Mark Stanley, Demand Progress, /u/MarkStanley


October 2nd 2019
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