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When I graduated college, I had interviews at Google, Dropbox, Goldman Sachs, and others because of my resume, despite a 2.2 GPA. Now we've build a software to make the same resume for free. AMA!

Hey guys, I'll keep this short and sweet, and hopefully many of you find this useful. I'd like to spend some time to answer any questions you may have about your resume.

Google receives more than two million job applications each year. Based on the number of applicants compared to hires, landing a job at Google is more competitive than getting into Harvard. If you want to stand a chance at a company like Google, your resume must pass their hiring systems (Applicant Tracking System aka ATS).

That was the secret to my success. I am Jacob Jacquet, CEO at Rezi, and I've spent the last 4 years building a free resume software to recreate that exact resume.

Here's a preview of the resume.

Proof of interview offer at Google

Proof of interview offer at Goldman Sachs

Actually, making a perfect resume to pass an ATS is easy when you have relevant accomplishments and experiences to the job description you're applying to. Yet, it is difficult to explain these experiences and recognize your achievements.

Here was an actual bullet point from my resume:

"Organized and implemented Google Analytics data tracking campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of email remarking initiatives that were deployed using Salesforce's marketing cloud software."

Most job seekers would end the bullet at "Organized and implemented Google Analytics data tracking campaigns". However, this leaves out hirable information which gives the hiring manager a complete picture - the key to writing winning resume content is simply adding detail.

If you're struggling to add detail to your resume content - try to answer these questions.

  • What did you do?
  • Why did you do it?
  • How did you do it?

Proof of me speaking at a Rezi Global Career Seminar in Seoul, South Korea

An article about making a resume

**Edit: The resume linked to the wrong resume image - that has been fixed. There were many comments about poor grammar and spelling that were not in the original resume. This is an image of the wrong image for those curious - this image is an example of the resume created on the software based on the original resume (so ignore the content).

** Edit 2: Here is an example of a better resume than mine -

November 14th 2019
interview date

If it's free, whats your business model? Are you selling user data?

EDIT: Looks like they charge for having lots of resumes in their system, and have a way to pay people to review your resume for you, etc. Still curious about the second question though.


Hey yea I don't believe in cost as a barrier to employment for the unemployed - it just doesn't make sense. So, a free account allows each user to have one resume on their account. If the user likes Rezi, they can upgrade to Rezi Pro for a few bucks every month to have unlimited resumes. Also there is a review service built into the dashboard too.

In the future, we will work towards a marketplace similar to Vettery where we can leverage our connections with cool companies to get our users hired with less friction.


What steps led you from LaCrosse, WI to Seoul?


Here is a great article on this topic

Essentially I moved back to La Crosse after graduating from UW-Madison and I was quite bored. My dad immigrated to the USA from France so he encouraged me to travel and South Korea is the perfect market in terms of English saturation, innovation, and education.


At arm's length, how does this compare to Jobscan?


Jobscan ( ) is the coolest resume tech company that exists. They do a perfect job helping you improve your content for a specific job posting. We are different since we help you create a resume with perfect formatting. Together Rezi and Jobscan work very well!


I’ve interviewed and hired a lot of people in my career and I’m honestly not very impressed by any of this. Your sample resume is decent but nothing that would grab my attention or make you stand out. It’s very high level with some heavily used words like implemented and executed. I don’t really know what you actually did on a day to day basis in any of these roles.

You’ve got spelling errors in this post, unprofessional responses and comments about sleeping through interviews. If this was an interview you would not get the job. Maybe your software is more impressive then this post but I’m not going to look any further to find out.

My resume advice is don’t approach a resume like you are trying to impress someone with how you can build a sentence. A wordy resume is distracting and I’m spending my time deconstructing these over the top sentences trying to understand what you can actually do. Cut the crap and tell me exactly what you can do in an appropriate amount of words. What did you specifically accomplish? What makes you someone I want to learn more about? Help me understand your applicable skills that you can demonstrate on day one. If you are a stand out employee it means you have made an impact in previous roles, tell me about that.


We are making resumes to pass hiring systems. After than content makes applicants stand out. So I am not sure about your experience interviewing and hiring people. As a CEO, I have also interviewed and hired many people, and I make decisions based off of content. I would be happy if you clarify what “stands out” to you. For spelling errors - it is currently 2:32am in Seoul, this post comes after a full day of work. Please understand.


Hi! What is the success rate with this resume? And what careers would benefit the most with this said Resume?


Hey there! We were able to track the success with this resume after concluding a pilot test at the University of Utah for a graduate-level business school course of approximately 90 people. We saw three interesting results, first, the resumes created on Rezi got about double the amount of interviews - a 124% increase. Also, the students spent dramatically less time building a resume, and built more resumes tailored to each job description as a result.

Here is the result of the pilot

Rezi would be most useful for anyone who would like to work at a large company that uses hiring systems which select the applicants to interview.

Thanks for the thoughtful question




No this wasn't planned or paid for at all. We just had to pull an all nighter so consequently I was awake during the USA daytime which is rare. I love doing IAMA so I figured I'd do one as we supported our Product Hunt launch. I never expected this - I just wanted to chat about our new software and resumes. Some people are understandably super bitter.


You want to rewrite my resume for me? Haha


Absolutely. Make a free account, make your resume to the best of your ability and I will review it personally for free. Just email or chat me when you are ready for my review. It will take me a few minutes to create it.


You said in one of the comments that your business model is the pro version we're you can store more resumes. If your software is so good that you can more easily get into the interview stage and therefore have a good chance of getting a job, does this not contradict your business model? Why do I need more resumes, or at least for a longer time, if you increase my chance to get hired?


You should tailor your resume for each job description - resulting in the need for multiple resumes.


Living in Seoul, are you worried about annihilation, nuclear or conventional?


with your in-house counsel to make sure that offer/discussions around a possible offer wasn’t under a confidentiality obligation

In March of 2017(?) when NK shot the two missiles over Japan, I was considering moving back to the USA.


How's no nut November going for you?


Ask your mom

  • edit - with all due respect

Damn. I have a 4.0 double major with a masters in cyber, and I still can't interview well enough to land a job.


Can you relax in the interview?


You gotta be kidding me. I've been lecturing job-seekers on building tailored resumes and using the "What, How, and Why" model for the better part of the last 20 years!


It works well!


Did you mean built?


he got a 2.2 gpa, be easy on him


When everyone's resume passes ATS, doesn't nobody's resume pass ATS?


We help qualified job seekers make sure their resumes do not inhibit them from getting the interviews they deserve.


What's your family background? I suspect that your secret was being well connected.


I am the first person in my family to go to university and the first to graduate. Neither of my parents had professional jobs.


Why does your service make people sign up to use it? Last thing I want to do is create an account for a service that just makes me fill out a few dozen inputs, that I won’t ever use after getting a job.

I’ve used several resume builders that don’t require sign up I.e


you can make an account as a guest :)


Did you get actual job offers at these companies? That's the difficult part, tons of people get interviews at these major companies. Google basically talks to anyone on linkedin who graduates with a CS degree.

The hard part is passing the interview, not so much the resune.


No job offers.


I just got a marketing email from you and there is no unsubscribe link. I deleted my account from your service so why do you still have my email address? Are user accounts kept indefinitely after deleted?


We've sorted this issue out. Thanks for the heads up


Not to be a Debbie downer but- You have a typo on the title

The resume preview is atrocious maybe the 2.2gpa showing lmao- it shows someone as a marketing intern 2018-2019 while simultaneously being a CEO. The order of the jobs at Kaplan should be switched. You didn’t get any of the jobs you interviewed at.

Your dad said to just move to South Korea, and you magically became fluent? Executed globalization of Rezi from USA to Korea- meaning you bought a plane ticket and moved? I’m guessing your family lives in Korea and is pretty high up at hanwei where you got “corporate backing” aka money from your dad to do a startup?

Cut the bullshit- i hope people who are looking for a job don’t fall for your bullshit and get real help and don’t waste time and money with Your company.

If your GPA sucks you leave it off your resume. Most companies don’t ask for transcripts anymore.

The school you went to has more of an impact on getting interviews straight out of college- going to a top public school is what opened that door. Getting an interview at google isn’t that difficult seeing as it’s a customer service role that is entry lvl lol.

What’s this software you “build”? I mean the fire of your business is just writing resumes for people- where does the software kick in?


That and he was in two unrelated intern positions, but 5 years apart?? and somehow also the CEO of his own company while also being an intern. Suuuuuure thing.


So, what does this app actually do? Because all you've said so far is vague things like ATS optimization which makes me think it only messes with the formatting.

There's a LOT of FUD about how ATS works spread by professional resume writing companies; they even run fake "ATS checkers" programmed to always flunk your content unless you pay them to redesign it. Nine times out of ten people who complain an ATS rejects them it's due to the content of the resume. Does your software address the process of actually writing the resume?


Does your software address the process of actually writing the resume?

Jobscan is best for that at this point. We are developing a feature to have that ability too.


This is such bullshit.

As someone who heads up a lot of professional development programs at my school and has interviewed countless times, your resume is the least of your worries in getting an interview with a company like Goldman/Google/etc. There is no magic bullet format where you can fool anyone into letting you interview because these companies aren't stupid.

The way you get interviews with companies that don't recruit at your school is networking, plain and simple. The best way of making it past a resume screen (both automated and human, by the way) is by finding a referrer willing to endorse you at your company at choice. There is no shortcut, and to imply so would be ridiculous.

So my question for you is, how many different contacts did your mommy and daddy have to reach out to for you to get your interviews - that you failed! And then at what point did you decide to milk your interviews for all they were worth so you could be the world's trendiest snake oil salesman?


Mommy and Daddy didn't have to do a thing for him to get those interviews because if you look into the positions he's swinging around as if they're impressive, they're just entry level analyst and customer service positions that don't pay more than about 50k. Not to mention, these aren't even in person interviews, just basic phone interviews which isn't impressive at all.


So, you never actually did any work with these companies?? And you thought that was enough “experience” to start your own company?

Shit, I should do an AMA, I’ve worked for several Fortune 100 companies, some in the top 50.

OP stole most of his advice from this 2007 article:

He admitted to it here:

Idk, seems to be like any other type of resume writing service that charges money to help you write a resume.


It's literally nothing new. This kind of resume advice has been going around for decades.

I can't even tell what this company really adds. if you start with a template, it's really hard to make your resume look bad, and then all you need is good bullet points, which is something you just kinda gotta sit and do. if you have someone else do your bullet points, you then need more time to prepare for your interview.


Lol. Did you actually go interview at Google? That proof of interview offer is pretty weak. Recruiters will often get your information and then ghost you if they don't think you'll pass.



i cant believe 12k people upvoted a thread that has linkedin spam as proof.


Do the resumes your app designs also have typos in their headers?


Yes, however it is a premium feature


You got a 2.2 gpa as an Econ major? Did you just never study at all?


I straight up am infuriated at all the people that glorify getting bad GPAs. If you have a bad GPA, you don't know the material. The exceptions are those people who know the material so well, they drop out to create their own companies. The norm is that we need education to gain the knowledge to do whatever it is we are trying to do. Imagine a doctor (I'm working on my MD) being like "yeah I only got a 2.2 but I'm the best doc ever! (While inserting a rectal thermometer into your mouth)". I know that medicine is super knowledge driven, but I was an engineer before this and yeah, the expectations were similar. Every time I hear these low GPA stories now I can't help but think that they are just another liar out there trying to glorify their product or existence (which, to be fair, is something humans do).


Now we've build a software to make the same resume for free.

But do we really want it?


That is up to you.


How are you legally living in Seoul? Don’t you need a work visa to live there long term?




Oh all the resume examples you can give you give us a glorified Kim jong un resume? Are you sure you’re in SoKor


This post is North Korea propaganda


Why would I use a resume building tool that has a typo in the second bullet of the resume?

"To drove" should be "to drive" but to be honest I stopped reading it right there.

Yes we get that using buzzwords are important and some words should be avoided altogether. Personally with the hiring I have done a typo automatically puts you in the "probably will not hire" category because you're showing poor attention to detail, especially on an important document. Resumes should be personalized and the creator should take pride in them.


Take another look - I had linked to the wrong image


What bot service did you use to push this to the front page?

Edit: One of my guilders recommended I post this link, and I agree. It's one of the top all-time posts from r/jobs, and it includes a resume template along with other resume/cover letter advice:


For real. This is a very very basic resume format. I used the same exact format, until realizing I should reformat to actually stand out.

And the bullet points, resume 101....


How long and how much did it take to make?


We started Rezi with a Microsoft Word doc - that took a day to make a year to perfect. Then we made a simple browser based resume generator that we had for about 3 years. About 3 months ago, we developed the Rezi you see now after an angel investment.


I've always been told by career advisors/others that are "professionals" to keep the bullet points short, particularly short enough that they don't carry over to a second line. Your example seems to disregard that--would you say it's more important to go into depth in the bullets regardless of how long it takes (unless it's like half the page, of course)?

Also, do you think a key difference between today and back when those same career advisors went to school (usually 10+ years ago) may be the automation? i.e. some program going through resumes looking for keywords, and with your example "maximize the effectiveness of email remarking initiatives that were deployed using Salesforce's marketing cloud software..." it has quite a few things that might be considered keywords, e.g. "effectiveness" and "initiatives."




Why would anyone want to make their CV look like yours? It's completely bland and generic. Certainly nothing worth starting a company over.


It's completely bland and generic.

This is what a resumes should be for a large company.


Why don't you wear socks?


Little socks - and it was about 95 and totally humid out


How did you even graduate with such a low gpa?


A miracle


How much would you say was your experience and your actual resume that landed you the interviews?


Well it was totally my experience and how I talked about my experience - the resume is good because it was not a problem. It allowed me to communicate my professional experiences in a way that these companies found attractive.


Just looks like a standard resume, I don't get it. This resume is designed to get passed some automated system they have?


The problem is most job seekers don't know how to make a standard resume - Rezi makes making a bad resume impossible.


That looks like a classic LaTeX template, why makes it so out of the ordinary?


It makes a perfectly formatted resume without any prior knowledge of how to make a resume before hand. It makes it impossible to incorrectly format a resume. The actual software looks like this


Your google interview was almost 6 Years ago, Whos to say that your resume format still works and they haven't changed what they're looking for?


I'm an unemployed executive assistant, I've been on and off work for 2 years now due to redundancies. The layout of this guys resume is good (I hate the thick horizontal lines but that's personal preference) but writing shit like "cool projects" is cringe af. Call it projects or achievements. The whole thing needs to be updated.

The text needs to be sans serif which is the font your see when reading on screen, not serif, which is the font you find in books and print media. No one prints resumes anymore and most offices are paperless.

Resumes are meant to be quick to read and highlight what you did in your previous role so the long paragraphs are useless and a waste of time. Ideally you don't want to go over one line per bullet point unless it's absolutely necessary.

If it was me and my boss (back in the day) I'd flag it as the guy potentially being incompetent and trying to mask it with shitty writing, it looks really off to me.

Tldr - this guys doc makes him look like a dinosaur due to the font, heavy lines and wording he's used. The algorithm might pick it up with the amount of buzzwords in it but it's ultimately up to the hiring manager who has to read it.

I don't even know if that answers your question but I was scrolling through the comments and was like oh my god I need to reply to this person maybe they'll understand my frustration haha


Notice that you didn't say you actually got jobs at any of those places. I can get not hired at places on my own thank you very much.


The hardest part of any job search is landing the interview which is why the resume is key. Unless you know someone at the company that can fast track your resume, you need to have a stellar resume to be able to land that interview.


You got interviews, but didn't work at any of those companies?


Because they realized in the interview that op is incompetent for their position.


As an HR manager, are you serious?

The resume looks...decent. Nothing amazing, and you tell people what, why, how. And you charge?



Isn't being an HR manager kind of boring?


How in the hell did this get 20,000 upvotes and bumped to the front page, while Brendan Eich, creator of Java Script has an AMA right now with 200 upvotes and below this one on the AMA sub? Is the world officially upside down? Your thoughts on the disproportional "popularity" of this AMA?


Well.. I am shocked. I didn't plan this and this isn't a part of a marketing trick we planned out. We had to pull an all nighter for our Product Hunt since we are in a different time zone, so I figured I'd make this post to chat with users as we supported the launch on Product Hunt.

Shout out to Brendan Eich 🙌🏼


How can you tell which companies use bots and which do not?


Here is an article I wrote yesterday that explains exactly how (look at the URL of the application)


Why are you doing this in Korea?


Korea is such an interesting country

Positive reasons:

• The highest educated country in the world

• The third largest english market

• the government is supporting startups like crazy

negative reasons:

• The youth unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been.

As a result very highly educated, and english speaking job seekers are flooding the crowded market. Many of which are starting to turn to global companies and we are now the leading english resume company to support their global careers.


What was your process for organising this “friendly” pr act?


To preface, I am in Seoul, and the time zone is a bit extreme. We launched on ProductHunt this morning and I figured since I'll be awake all night, I can do an AMA at the same time. I like to do these to share and talk with people about what we are doing. I had no Idea it would blow up this big.


How did you get a 2.2 GPA?


I was a first generation college student and I wasn't able to handle the independence or responsibility of my course load. Instead, I spent my time starting a different company and it turned out to be a good result


Why the need for software to build the resume as opposed to just... a template?


It makes a perfectly formatted resume without any prior knowledge of how to make a resume before hand. It makes it impossible to incorrectly format a resume. In the past, we sold word file templates that people would continuously fuck up and say "It looks the same". People's tolerance for "close" varies so much.


How is this resume better than all the others out there? Am I missing something?


We focus on creating one standardized resume that is perfectly formatted rather than giving the options which often time result in a resume that is not actually hirable.

We also offer very personalized support so you'll always be have help from Rezi :)


How'd you find investors for your business? Did you develop the platform independently, or did you bring in friends/strangers/other coders? Did you use an incubator?

I want to build a startup, but it's all a bit mysterious to me right this moment.


This is a huge question and it is a bit late so please forgive any typos.

I stared Rezi without investment for 2 years. 6 months in, I moved to Korea.

A year and a half later, I won a competition in Seoul for global startups that resulted in a stipend for 4 months which allowed me to work full time on Rezi and hire an employee. At the end of those four months, I made enough progress to place well in the competition and get invited back for an additional 6 months.

During those 10 months, we've made enough progress to get a grant from a university in Seoul. This allowed us to survive for 10 months. At the end of the 10 months, we got angel investment (in Korea). Our first equity investment through a connection in my professional network.

About two months ago, we received our first investment from a large cooperation in Seoul.

We are now raising our seed round in the global VC market. I was just in London last week to meet with VCs.

Build the startup yourself without investment. Get investment when you have a real product that has users. Otherwise you are wasting money.




If someone makes multiple accounts - it's not the end of the world. our profits come from service-based products like reviewing and writing the resumes :)


From where did you get the motivation?


• I like to start companies - so Rezi was a natural result of being interested in the resume.

• The resume was interesting because I think it can be solved.

• The benefit of solving the resume can mean helping an incredible amount of people




I'll do my best to help, can you PM me your resume as a PDF?


This looks identical to one of the Microsoft Word templates. And actually, the one I have been using for 10 years.

What does your software actually do?


It makes a perfectly formatted resume without any prior knowledge of how to make a resume before hand.


How do you pronounce your last name?


Similar to Croquet - Jah-kay :)


Looks good. Please can I ask though, if the product is free, what's your business model? Your privacy policy doesn't make it sound like you're selling data either.


We offer resume reviews within the app! Also an upgraded account with multiple resumes :)


Why do you use such wordy language in your CV?


Relevant keywords are really important when applying for a job so having more content should usually increase your shot at the interview :)


How can we take you seriously with grammatical errors in your post?


This post was made really late at night without any expectation of something more than a casual conversation - It is up to you to judge this post.


How much does it cost to buy off the mods to allow you to advertise on r/IAmA?


No this wasn't planned or paid for at all. We just had to pull an all nighter so consequently I was awake during the USA daytime which is rare. I love doing IAMA so I figured I'd do one as we supported our Product Hunt launch. I never expected this - I just wanted to chat about our new software and resumes. Some people are understandably super bitter.


Perhaps a silly question; is your service beneficial to any and all applicants, regardless of what industry they focus on applying for, or is it most beneficial to those looking for a job in say, tech and programming jobs?


I think any job seeker outside of a specialized field such as medicine can benefit from Rezi.




You are correct - this is a fact: content gets interviews. So with this goal we can think about how we format the resume - better formatting allows for more content. More content allows you more keywords. Keywords get you hired.


Did you have much prior experience going into any of the aforementioned companies, that would have made up for the gpa difference? Also, in building the application, I notice you mentioned Salesforce. Does this mean Rezi uses Salesforce to hold the data?


I only did poorly in school if my performance was measured by my GPA.

I also started and sold a company which taught me an incredible amount of technical skills across design, marketing, and development.

Was the president of my scholarship class.

Had three very competitive internships.


Is this a troll post? Nothing about this makes any sense whatsoever


It’s an ad for


Why on Earth would someone need a program to spit out a cookie cutter resumé? Like they’ll literally be typing in the information anyways. Add some bullet points and a few separator lines and it’s the same thing.

Can you sell me why I need this as opposed to googling “good looking resumé” and copying that?


copying that?

It makes a perfectly formatted resume without any prior knowledge of how to make a resume before hand. It makes it impossible to incorrectly format a resume. In the past, we sold word file templates that people would continuously fuck up and say "It looks the same". People's tolerance for "close" varies so much.

I don't know why would would want to do more work to make a worse resume

Plus there is a ton of content to help educate to the job seeker on how to use the software


Did you ever go to any shows at the Warehouse in La Crosse, and if so, what was your favorite?


No - i was never interested in that type of music


Why the fuck is this post at 9.4k upvotes? Lol


30,750 now - absolutely nuts.


This...this is just Rezi marketing? How has this become a 15k, most chosen post?


No this wasn't planned or paid for at all. We just had to pull an all nighter so consequently I was awake during the USA daytime which is rare. I love doing IAMA so I figured I'd do one as we supported our Product Hunt launch. I never expected this - I just wanted to chat about our new software and resumes. Some people are understandably super bitter.


This is pretty interesting, definitely going to look in to this, see how it holds up and if it can help me get a job on my very secluded island in the North of Scotland.

I guess my question is this, although you've made a cool website for CV's or whatever they're called in America, do you belive in them? Do you belive that a bit of paper can define if I, you, or anyone else here should get a job? Even more so the higher up the food chain you go, resumes, CV's.. All of them, why should a bit of paper define someone's future?


why should a bit of paper define someone's future?

I think calling it a "bit of paper" frames it in an unfair light. If you think of it an economic and standardized way to communicate years of experience efficiently you may think of the resume in a different way. But I do agree with you, they are not the best, but from a company perspective, cost is likely the rationale of their behavior.


Okay but you still built your own site, had internships, and had multiple certifications... doesn't seem so surprising that you got an interview, does it? I don't know many people in their early 20s with a resume like that. I am in industry and don't even have a resume like that.


Okay but you still built your own site, had internships, and had multiple certifications... doesn't seem so surprising that you got an interview, does it?

I was qualified in every aspect except my GPA - I think people tend to put too much weight on the GPA, so that is why I pointed it out like that in the title of this post.


Great idea! One of my "hobbies" is helping friends and family members with resumes - and they look surprisingly similar to yours. I'll definitely be checking out your software.

Some questions:

Where do you stand on the pdf/word format debate?


How do you go about making sure your resumes are machine-readable?


One of my "hobbies" is helping friends and family members with resumes

This is awesome! I am personally interested in the resume because a great resume can change someone's entire life, yet so many people struggle to create a hirable resume. After 4.5 years with Rezi, I feel like we are quickly working towards a solution to "solve" the resume. I believe if a job seeker is qualified for a job, not knowing how to make a resume should not be a blocker to getting the interview.

PDF always. I don't know what it is even a question when submitting the resume. Head scratcher.

 How do you go about making sure your resumes are machine-readable?

We have licenses with a leading ATS software so we are able to test how our resumes interaction with hiring systems ourselves :)


So you had a brilliant resume that was unlike any other. Now you made it possible for others to make the same kind of resume easily and without costs. You know that you just destroyed what made your resume special, right?


just destroyed what made your resume special

I don't see Rezi as something reduces the value of a well made resume




Yes there is - you can delete everything in your profile's settings tab


I’m currently a freshman at UW-Madison! How would you rate your experience there?


I loved my time at UW and wish I had more. Make sure not to be complacent once you graduate and always remember the Wisconsin Idea


This is great! But, I want to know what was the inspiration behind naming the company Rezi. Does it mean something in any specific language?


I think it is a cute name. A lot of resume companies have the word "resume" in the company name which is a sign of a lack of creativity for me (inability to brand well). It's also just 4 letters so easy to remember too!


That's really awesome! But why did you build a program the makes that resume instead of just making the one you actually used available to download?


This is a solution that can help job seekers in ways that a doc file couldn't. :)


Why did you do so poorly in school? I have a 4.0 GPA and I find this software is just okay, following a resume building guide can help you build a resume just as well as this. I wouldn't go out of my way to use Rezi


I only did poorly in school if my performance was measured by my GPA.

I also started and sold a company. Was the president of my scholarship class. Had three very competitive internships.


Hey, I have this exact same resume layout and it has done me well! I got it from my mother who completed a resume workshop at a trade school for a couple hundred dollars. Always great to see a reduction of barriers for those in need.

So what’s revolutionary about your software? Do you enter the info and it just spits out this format? Are there multiple formats?


Do you enter the info and it just spits out this format?

Yes exactly. It makes it impossible to incorrectly format a resume. And there is a ton of education built into the app which helps explain how to create each section of the resume.


Does it spellcheck?


Not yet but if you have a grammarly extension it will pick up the spelling.


If you can spare a minute, what code you used to build your website I would really appreciate it? The UI is so simple and clean.

I really like your idea and the website you built. This AMA is innovative marketing; create a free and useful service then discuss. Lots for me to learn here.

If I don't hear back from you, best of luck on your business. I'll be forwarding the AMA and website to my friends. It's fantastic!

rezi_io was developed with Designmodo's StartupFramework -

The application was built in React



I have a 5 month gap in employment, and having a very hard time finding the right job for my skill set. No interview invitations to this day (I've been actively looking for the past couple of weeks). Does the gap in employment matter? I'll probably use your services, but I also feel like I'm not applying for the right positions. Need carrier advice!


Make sure you are applying for jobs you are qualified for. If you are qualified for the position, make sure you are explaining the relevant experience.


Is this free?


Yes, cookies_n_milf


Can confirm. I have a 2.8 in my major, and I've got interviews with 2 big companies in a different major, because I taught myself some stuff and put a few details in my resume.

When I compared mine to my roommate, the difference was night and day.

If the OP sees this, any chance you want to check mine out and give some pro tips? Ill see the site when I'm done with my exam.

Edit: the job I wanted just denied me, but another reached out with an interview next week. So take what I say with a grain of salt.


any chance you want to check mine out and give some pro tips

Sure - if you make a resume on Rezi - just send me a chat and I can take a look


You don’t sell data...?

“Third Party Vendors: We may share information about you with third party vendors who need to know information about you in order to provide their services to us. This group includes vendors that help us provide our Services to you (like payment providers that process your credit and debit card information (Stripe), email delivery services that help us stay in touch with you, customer chat and email support services that help us communicate with you, those that assist us with our marketing efforts (e.g. by providing tools for identifying a specific marketing target group or improving our marketing campaigns), those that help us understand and enhance our Services (like analytics providers), and companies that make products available on our websites (such as suggested jobs - if you explicitly agree to disclose your information to them), who may need information about you in order to, for example, connect with you to discuss a job. Legal Requests: We may disclose information about you in response to a subpoena, court order, or other governmental request. Business Transfers: In connection with any merger, sale of company assets, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by another company, or in the unlikely event that Rezi goes out of business or enters bankruptcy, user information would likely be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by a third party. If any of these events were to happen, this Privacy Policy would continue to apply to your information and the party receiving your information may continue to use your information, but only consistent with this Privacy Policy. To communicate with you, for example through an email, about offers or promotions related to Rezi, to solicit your feedback, or keep you up to date on Rezi and our products; and With Your Consent: We may share and disclose information with your consent or at your direction. For example, we may show you a suggested job, and if you consent, we can share your information with a contact at that job so you can discuss interest.”


We do not sell data.


What made you choose English teaching over pursuing a career at one of the tech companies?

I'm in tech now and a few of my friends are English teachers in Korea and Japan.


I used teaching English is a first step into South Korea where I inspired to launch Rezi as a first step into the rest of Asia.




We've done a lot of pitches in the past - these days we are focusing on developing new features to make a better software. Personally, I do love making pitches.


Does your software only really apply for tech jobs? How do you see this expanding for other industries such as healthcare etc?

For example, how would I, as a registered nurse be able to use this software?


It works across all industries :)


Do you think other people could does this aswell despite their gpa?


Perhaps - I think my experiences where unusually unique and impressive. I started a company as a freshman that was quite popular in a niche community online. I was able to leverage experience and being the class president of my scholarship to get competitive summer internships. The sum of these experiences allowed my shitty GPA to be a non-factor


On top of having a great resume(I will probably use this later today while updating my own) what would you recommend for someone who lands the interview? I'm having quite the trouble finding a new job.

Being honest I don't have much in terms of school and finding something new is difficult.


It is difficult to say without a better understanding of your background and skills!


Question, do you check resume key words based on industry or professional area of focus?

rezi_io is the tool I recommend for checking keywords that are in the job posting you are applying to


I am shocked at the amount of hate I've seen in the comments. Obviously, there's always need for critical thinking and room for critique, but I feel like lots of people just go straight into accusation mode for no other reason than to shield their own fears and cling onto the frameworks they are used to — that this post somehow managed to challenge.

I do agree that a more convincing proof of an interview at Google would do the original post good. But to all those criticizing the templates for not being too different from MS Word — who cares, that's not the point of this tool! The goal is to bring in the content that matches the job description and allows the applicant to pass the automatic systems. And I guarantee that if you were to manually create a resume in MS Word from scratch, it would take you way longer than 10 min, so it is worth using automatic software just to save time, IMO.

To u/rezi_io — kudos to what you do, man, and huge respect for even finding courage to step out there and try to build something you truly believe in, while also dealing with all the haters. Good luck with all your endeavors!


Absolutely, thanks for the comment.

As an update, since this post, we've managed to sign a huge marketing partnership that just went live on Jan 1st.

As a result of that partnership, and this post, we've managed to hit profitability just 10 days into the month.

So, I think, let negative people hate as they do. And we will always listen to positive comments like this. So thanks again


Great work you guys are doing! I’m working on a CV for applying to masters programs and work in Spain, any support for foreign language/resume formats of other countries?


Not yet - but it is something we have in the product roadmap. Is there anything you'd like to see?


I guess it's a good sign that my resume looks remarkably similar to this after a couple years of tweaking it. I have had a pretty high success rate in getting interviews with it.


Congrats! Often times people have great resumes!


Without haven read any comments I could tell this was an ad. I could tell this wasn't worth reading, I could tell the software was gonna be bad, the topic itself doesn't warrant the overtly obviously inflated upvote count.

Why the fuck do these sad sad companies keep doing that shit and not see it as obvious? Great, your names out there! Now I know to avoid it because of scummy doings.

Oh and the avoidance of the point blank question "do you sell user's data" that had to be made even more blunt and obvious makes it clear as day you have no qualms with doing so in the future if need want be. You don't just ignore that question these days, because its a question for EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU.


Thanks Jeremy


Doubt I’ll get a response but can I use this to apply to colleges? Or is it for jobs only.


Yes this is great for high school students as well


Is there any reason ever to go with a 2 page resume?


I personally do not think so unless every experience was relevant to the position


Your conpany sounds interesting and seems to have a solid understanding of the demands of the hiring industry. Upon searching on google I see you have an office in Seoul. After reading this post i was hoping to use your service to bolster my resume to search for jobs in Seoul this coming year. Is your start up based in seoul as well?


Yes we are in Seoul


I am in the beginning to update my resume... so you are saying i can DL and use for free?




This is awesome. I made an account and filled in my information and got my resume finished. When I press "download PDF" it just grays out for a second and nothing happens? Do I have to be a paying member to download the PDF?

Edit: Works on Google Chrome. The issue I was having was on Firefox.


We'll flag this as a bug. Thank you!


What do you think about the free online CV builder "Euro Pass" from the European Union ? I use it in Canada and I think it's much better then most Canadian resumes


I am too educated on it but I think a standardized resume benefits everyone.


My friend just got out college with 100k of debt (film related degree). He's amazing at what he does and because of that, employers won't hire because he's "over qualified". His student loans hit him next month and he hasn't found a job yet - what would you recommend for him to do to be more hireable?


Maybe he can exclude some experiences so he seems less qualified?


Wait so you just applied at Google and posted a screenshot of them asking for your resume and transcript? So they didn’t have them...

I’ve interviewed plenty of people that I never hired. Getting an interview doesn’t mean you’re marketable.

There’s already an established company called Renzi.


Google was one amongst others that offered an interview after submitting my resume. In the case for Google, I submitted, and they asked for me to resubmit a little time later. I am not entirely sure why but the point is not that. The point was the resume was effective at getting interviews at large companies more than anything else I've ever seen.


what are some things (apart from the obvious stuff like study, stay i. school, get good grades, etc) what are some things a highschooler can do to get opportunities like you?


Now is a great time to start learning how to develop things.


Thanks for providing this service. I'm on the summary section and I was curious if you could provide sample text in the blank area below the text box? I could always Google examples for help but it'd be nice to have it available on the site for the sake of being expeditious.


This is mine:

Experienced global early-stage executive with economics and mathematics degree from the University of Wisconsin. Passion for building inspiring companies people love through industry-leading design, development, branding, and making big bets.

Yours can follow the same structure with your own details. Here is another example:

English Language & Literature student at Seoul National University with years of leadership experience in various university-related organizations. Hoping to apply management skills to take the next step in my career as __________________________.


A lot of veterans have a hard time translating their military accomplishments and skills into something civilian employers can relate to and find attractive. Have you worked with many clients that have had this issue and what sort of solutions have you found?


Unfortunately, we do not have enough experience helping veterans to give you a confident answer.


"Easy when you have relevant accomplishments and experiences relevant to the job"

Paraphrasing bc of moble, but this is kind of the catch right? I'm confused as to why this is taking off. It is a resume builder, what is different from others? Formatting?


It is the catch unless you mess up with terrible formatting i.e pictures or graphics, columns, etc.

It is unique since we've stripped away distracting formatting options until it only made a perfectly formatted resume for large companies.


If you make this process available to thousands of people, then won't it just become normal and predictable and cease to offer any advantage?


Hey thanks for the comment - I would tend to think Rezi is great at making sure qualified people aren't kept from interviews as a result of not understanding correct resume practices. I'd like to emphasis the word qualified since Rezi wouldn't benefit the unqualified job seeker more than any other resume.




I enjoy life in Seoul - I suggest it as a future-thinking country.

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